25 Year Old, 1 Kid, Looking to Obtain the Butt of my Dreams! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I just set up my consultation appointment with Dr...

I just set up my consultation appointment with Dr.Dass for June 3rd! I'm really excited i'm totally looking forward to this year and getting my bbl by the end of October. I desire a small waist with a big butt and an amazing figure! The staff at Dr.Dass office were great, they answered all my questions and were very nice!

Before pics

So I have no figure, I have a square shape. This is why I want my bbl so I can look and feel beautiful.

26 Years Old, 1 Kid and Ready for my BBL

Well its set i just paid off all the cost for my surgery, and i have a set date. I will doing this by the end of the month. I am really excited I wish time would go by sooner i just want to do this already. I will be getting the BBL with fat removed from my full ab area, back and bra rolls. I'll keep you guys posted!

Surgery Date!!

Well i am days away from my surgery, 4 days. I'm excited but also a little nervous. Nervous because i wont know how i'm going to look till my 6 weeks of healing are over i want to take it easy and care for myself the best i can so my result can be great.

I did it! My BBL

So I had my surgery yesterday morning, I'm staying about an hour away from doctor Dass office. The ride back wasn't too bad I had my pain meds right away with some crackers and sprite. At this point it looks like a guetto buttie hahha but I can't wait till shower tomorrow to take a better look. I'll keep you guys posted.

2 weeks post op

It's been a difficult journey, recovery has been difficult for me. I had to go back to work at 9 days post op with pain and nausea. I could not take all my pain killers because after a while they messed my stomach up. So I had to deal with transfer pain and just take Tylenol. I love the way my body looks, Dr.Dass gave me more than I thought it looks amazing. I'm till a little swollen and I have occasional pain in my lipo areas but at this point I can say it's worth it. I hope the next few weeks go by smoothly I can't wait to take the garment off and rock my new body.

Feeling better today

I'm starting to feel a little better as days go by, I enjoy taking showers it makes me relax from the garment for a while. Can't wait to take it offf!!!! I'm still a little swollen. My feet hurt I guess from standing all day however I do get to sit down for short periods of time now with the towel rolled up. I love my butt! I get so many compliments I can't wait to shop for jeans!

My new jeans

So I decided to go out and buy a pair of jeans yesterday because I was getting tiered of wearing leggings and sweats also they don't look nice with every outfit. So I sized at a 7, prior to the surgery I was size 3. I love my new jeans I have guys breaking their neck to look all the time I get compliments from random people and Co workers everyone is in love with this bootie hahah. I'm feeling better than last week I'm more than half way though recovery really happy and thankful. My mom has helped me alot with my daughter and keeping me healthy can't wait to wear all my new clothes ????


Feeling better everyday, my ass is perfect. Less than 2 weeks to go and I can remove the garment. I'm still going to wear it occasionally.

Love it

I love my body it feels right I'm so happy!
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