25 Year Old, 1 Kid, Looking to Obtain the Butt of my Dreams! - Beverly Hills, CA

I just set up my consultation appointment with Dr...

I just set up my consultation appointment with Dr.Dass for June 3rd! I'm really excited i'm totally looking forward to this year and getting my bbl by the end of October. I desire a small waist with a big butt and an amazing figure! The staff at Dr.Dass office were great, they answered all my questions and were very nice!

Before pics

So I have no figure, I have a square shape. This is why I want my bbl so I can look and feel beautiful.

26 Years Old, 1 Kid and Ready for my BBL

Well its set i just paid off all the cost for my surgery, and i have a set date. I will doing this by the end of the month. I am really excited I wish time would go by sooner i just want to do this already. I will be getting the BBL with fat removed from my full ab area, back and bra rolls. I'll keep you guys posted!

Surgery Date!!

Well i am days away from my surgery, 4 days. I'm excited but also a little nervous. Nervous because i wont know how i'm going to look till my 6 weeks of healing are over i want to take it easy and care for myself the best i can so my result can be great.
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