Asian girl with One Baby Getting BBL. Beverly Hills, CA

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Had a decent butt before I had a kid but it all...

Had a decent butt before I had a kid but it all changed after pregnancy and giving birth. Back in hs it was really perky and round (from sports) after hs stopped playing sports but went to gym on occasion) Trying to get my butt back! BBL will be my first surgery ever! I got my surgery on May 2 2016 and I have got to say it is the most painful thing I've ever experienced. Worse than child birth. I feel like I literally got hit by a bus! Sleeping is uncomfortable and I'm hoping my neck feels better soon. Can't seem to get into a comfortable position. Also only took pain meds once since I've gotten them and first night I tried to ride it out. Not into taking pills bad experience.

Post op day 2/day3

Day 2: By far the worst day of my life. Had to take half of a pain med today to deal. Felt like I got ran over by a truck. It's hard To breathe in this garment. Not eating much because of it. Headache and fever also on and off
Day 3: (48 hours) after surgery finally took my first shower today with the help of my hubby. Took forever to take the garment off because it's really stiff and that was probably the longest part out of it. I've been extremely itchy on my back from the foam pads. Got lightheaded taking garment off almost passed out from it. Shower felt good. Putting the garment back on with the foam pads was a pain in the ass and was very tender around the lipo areas. My incision closest to
My vaginal area had a pouch of blood build up so I pushed around it and blood shot out I guess it needed to be drained. Hubby almost passed out watching lol. Make sure u have someone helping you in the shower. Felt good to take those stupid compression socks off.

Post up day 4

Went out today to take my daughter to day care and stopped by the office. Kind of got a panic attack from not being able to breathe in this damn garment so I took it off for a little and put it back on. Hot and cold sweats still. So so so much better today then yesterday! Hubby helped changed my padding today which was pain in the ass again but it was needed. Forgot to mention that i didn't really drain much the first two days so I didn't have to buy as much pads as I thought! Still can't breathe in the garment and it's extremely itchy

Post op day 5

Butt is uncomfortable. Really really stiff and hard but I know this is how it's supposed to be until the fat settles. Still can't breathe from this garment so I take it off for 5 min and put back on during the day. Back was so itchy that I took out the foam padding I think my skin is sensitive and so far it hasn't been itchy. Took my compression socks off also because my legs were feeling numb. Feels good to feel free for a little. Will be putting the compression socks back on . By the way I only took a total of two and a half pain meds since my recovery. Took some Tylenol the first two days. Helped a lot. I haven't gotten any constipation so don't need to take stool softener

Almost 3 weeks post op

Wow my swelling has gone down a lot. I am so sad my butt isn't as big as it was because it was nice and juicy. I wish I took a before pic to see how my butt looked like before so I could compare but I def got used to my big butt . I feel like it's gone down so much and almost want another round of bbl... Anyways there's no pain and no stiffness it's back to normal. Still sleeping on my stomach and still stiff in my back and front area I can't fully bend over to do anything. I'm back to driving and I sit using my booty buddy chair when we go out to eat lol. God I can't wait until I can sit again and lay on my back!

3 Weeks post op

Looking good in dresses... Feel like my butt shrank a lot but others say it hasn't. Idk

5 weeks post op

Butt has def shrank and I am not fully happy with my results. My waist is not as small as I had wanted and am thinking of going to Miami to get another bbl or perhaps sculptra. It is def different then before but I feel like it was expensive with not the results I wanted lol

Almost 6 weeks butt def shrank so I am getting filler or another possible bbl for sure but from a diff Doctor. No pain still stiff a little on my back but it doesn't hurt. He sculpted my right side more than my left I'm like not happy with that lol

Post op week 6/7

Past Monday was post op week 6. This coming Monday will be 7 weeks. Finally sat a little without my booty buddy. Didn't notice any difference. My butt is still "fluffing" I guess. I notice when I swim it gets bigger lol well that's what my hubby said.

8/9 weeks?

Not much has changed besides the fact that my husband trips out and gets mad that people take pics of my ass lol... Guess that means it's not as small as I thought? Still itchy occasionally on back but my lipo area is so smooth and flat. I keep forgetting to get measurements will do that soon.

6 months post op..

It's been 6 months. Haven't noticed much of a difference.. it's finally fluffed out or whatever they call it. Looks amazing in pants! I want to go back for a second round but I don't have enough fat right now as I've lost weight from working out. Stomach is as flat as ever! Should've lipo my arms but that was my only regret. After my amazing results my friends mom went and got her butt done two weeks after!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dass is honest. He will tell you what he can do but will not guarantee you will look like the pictures you show him. He will try his best but his honesty got to me and I liked that.

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