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I had a virtual consultation with Dr. Hazani. He...

I had a virtual consultation with Dr. Hazani. He pretty much answered all my questions without me having to ask. I received the proposal from Gary and stated surgery had to be within 6 months. My husband will be the one going with me and taking care of me unfortunately we won't be able to go any time sooner than November. So I asked Gary if that was possible he said they usually don't do anything over 6 mths.. so then he asked if I was willing to give 1000 non refundable deposit then he would ask the Dr if he approved it. After talking to my husband we agreed. I'm positive I want this procedure and I want Dr Hazani to perform it. So now I'm just waiting on Gary to fu with me and see if Dr approved it or if we'd be able to do it. I am excited. After my third child I have dents on my side and it looks as if I have two butts... I hate it. I'm ready to feel and look how I used to look. I want to wear a dress without having to cover up my sides. I'm really looking forward to hearing from them and to get this done if my husband could take time off sooner I would do it.. the only thing that really scares me Is the recovery process. I'm a big baby!! Lol

It was approved!!

I did it!!! I paid my $1000 non refundable deposit!! I'm booked for November 1st. I'm excited but scared of the recovery process. I know I'm a long ways to go but I keep telling myself it will all be worth it! Lol I need to convince myself every so often since I'm a big baby (wussy) lol. Well I can't wait, hope everything continues and goes as planned. I would like to see Dr hazani for an in person consultation though hopefully I can take the time and go out there a month before the surgery.


So I was looking at other reviews of hazani dolls talking about dents on their butts.. and now it has me wondering if that's something I should worry about especially because I have cellulite, so is that what the dents are from or would he work somehow with the cellulite.. idk I've just had this on my mind for a couple days now

Question!!!! How much time off??

How much time off work did the majority of you request after surgery! I will be having my surgery in November and I want to request the time off with decent amount of time, but I don't know how much time to request off. I sit all day so I wouldn't want to affect or be in pain. TIA!!


Have any of you changed the dates? I am scheduled for the first of November but I can't take the time off work that month and I have to reschedule for the 1st of December? Also did any of you use care credit as a payment method? If so how does that work?

I gained A LOT of weight !!??

so when I first had my virtual consultation I was weighing 146 now I weigh 165. I am 5.4 should I try to lose at least 10 lbs. I am scared that it would be too much fat and I will reach the 5 liter limit and won't get everything I want liposuctioned . or won't get the results I want! did I go way overboard? should I check with Dr hazani? I'm freaking out a Lil bit!!

I had to reschedule once again

But now it is weeks away I am scheduled for March 13th. I have my hotel booked already and will start buying some supplies this week as well. I am thinking I should start taking vitamins for a faster healing process. I am still debating if I should pay half the procedure with care credit, I was approved for it. But I'd rather just pay cash. I just don't want the debt. I am just hoping my sides go away and now I have a lot more back fat which I want removed. I'm excited yet scared to not get the results I want. But I am mentally ready! Been waiting for a long time. Will have another virtual consultation as my first one was so long ago and I've gained weight. I had elected for thigh liposuction and now I want to opt out of that. So we'll see how the virtual consultation goes.. I'm on a countdown now.

Getting everything ready

So today I finally got approval for my days off. I was going to put in my 2 week notice if my time was not approved. I'm very glad they did. I like my job, but I have been planning this surgery for so long and I am financially, emotionally and physically ready for it that I would not have let that stop me or make me change the date, again. I'm set for March 13th I have my hotel booked received some supplies. I am thinking about buying a garment/faja any recommendations on which one I should purchase? My husband will be going with me and taking care of me. :D I'm super excited. Still waiting to have another virtual consultation with Dr. Hazani before the preop. I already let him now I want to opt out of thigh lipo... Just waiting for a reply . I'm actually doing this!!

Surgery is less than a week away :) help!!

I will be out in ca Sunday for my pre op, Monday will be the day. I think I have everything I need. Hotel is booked i will stay out there 5 nights. My husband and one year old daughter will be coming with. My other kids will stay back home. But I need help so If somebody will be kind enough to tell me if they think I'm missing something that they used or they feel is a must have please lmk. Are compression socks necessary or is that only when you have thigh lipo. I opted out of the thigh lipo. Should I buy a clear plastic shower curtain just in case or will the chux pads Do? What should i wear the day of the surgery I've read where ppl mention it's cold but also recommend the girls to wear those easy put on summer dresses or can I wear tank top and loose bottoms/sweats? I packed tank tops and spaghetti straps which ones are best to wear under the garment? Does one work better than the other? I didn't buy an extra garment but I think I read somewhere that Dr hazani had extra ones for sale $25? I think or is there a better one I can buy elsewhere? Another thing is I only have one week off work should I have asked for more time off? I sit all 8 hours I am going to have my husband make a chair for me (take the seat/bottom off) should I buy booty pillow, Dr Miami sells them, has anybody purchased one. Do they work/are they beneficial? Help a rookie out vets! Tia!! Sorry so many questions!
I uploaded pics of items I have so far, i also have arnica cream, tablets, baby wipes, Neosporin, antibacterial soap I have some diapers I will be taking just in case I've read they are good, but I just want to clarify ppl use them only for the drainage right? Lol dumb question but seriously!

I am here! In a couple of hours I will be hazanified

So I am here surgery is in a couple of hours. I need to be at the surgery center 7am. I am scared well just a little. I think the whole aftermath is starting to scare me. The pain the soreness all that. I got everything ready yesterday so I'm just going to brush my teeth and go. I have a summer type dress to wear afterwards some slippers I already told my husband how to put the chux pads for me for the drive home. God, I'm getting anxious! Wish me luck girls!!

Made it to the other side

Made it to the other side, but this pain is no joke!! I kept rell8ng my husband that I regretted it. It's more like a lot of discomfort. My butt hurt so much right when I woke up I had to pay on my tummy. The pain on my butt feels like when you get one of those injections that hurt and burn for a moment, excepr this doesny go away and ours all over the butt!! I am super swollen. Haven't taken off the binder get. I'm scared. Ended up seating diapers because the drsoming is intense. Left the bathroom looking like a crime scene!! God bless my wonderful husband he's been so helpful, wiping me down cleaning picking up after me helping me change and the whole diaper stuff (So not sexy) he says the shape is beautiful. Well Dr, hazani he's super nice and knowledgeable in so happy I picked him. Bedside manner is great and he's real honest! My legs keep tingling as if wanting to go to sleep. I get up ever so often too use the rr. My face is super swollen though eyes node everything, nurses said because i laid on my stomach right away. Oh well my butt was in pain. We'll see how tomorrow goes

Day 3 post op

It's been getting better every day. I tried to get off the Norco today, starting taking extra strength Tylenol but I am getting really bad migraines. I was taking the pain medication like clock work. Im a big baby when it comes to pain. Swelling in my face went away day 2. I showered today that felt good. I was scared to shower. I have my post op scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and I go back home Friday. I feel like the drive will not be the greatest. I think I'll probably ask my husband if we can stay a little longer. I want to sit and can't figure out how just yet. I have a maternity body pillow and regular pillows I'm not finding it hard to sleep on my stomach. The thing I'm finding really hard is laying down and getting up. I am so scared to do all that it pulls my stomach and it feels like it rips from the inside. I've been walking, trying to walk a lot. I love my figure my stomach looks a little deformed maybe my binder is not on tight enough. Or maybe it's just swelling. I don't really want to focus on the shape right now just the healing and recovery process. I am still leaking fluid not as much as day 1 and 2 so still wearing diapers. I am super happy i bought the pe ez! Life saver!!! If you have any suggestions on how i can sit please let me know.

5th day

Why am I still so uncomfortable? I just got back home this morning, but I am still super sore. This recovery is kicking my ass! I cry almost everyday wanting to take it back. I already had an ass just needed to work it out a bit. But my main concern were my sides the dents I had. My stomach and hips look deformed super swollen. How does the swelling go away? With time? Does your body really naturally absorb it? I will go back to see Dr hazani at 2 weeks for now he just said to have the garment and the binder on.. is that what every body else did? So the board and lipo foams I bought are not needed? He did take some liquid I had at post op visit it wasn't much but now I think I have a lot. I am applying Arnica any chance I get usually after a shower when my garment is off. Oh and to top it all off I fukin started my period day 4 and I'm that girl that gets killer cramps and has to curl up in a dam ball with a heating pad on her stomach so not a good combo!! I'm just tired! :(

Day 7

So I'm still in pain, sore mostly. My butt is sore. My stomach still looks deformed. I was supposed to go back to work today but I'm just not feeling good I still need assistance to take my garment off wouldn't want to be at work needing to use the rr and be f***** Lol I can barely walk still too I walk like a grandma. I think I should just give it a couple more days. I hope I don't get fired:( but here are pics day 7. I am going to email the Dr of pic of my stomach just to make sure that's okay or if I should go in sooner. Have you guys had any of that? Is it swelling? It's squishy! I'm going to get a lymphatic massage but I want to wait a little bit to do it Dr said two weeks but I've seen ppl that get them days after surgery. I'm going to start with 30 minutes. I'm scared! Any suggestions on what to do with the lower part of my abdomen? I rub arnica, when I take my garment off to use the rr or to shower still taking Tylenol at times and still on my antibiotics. I also take Arnica tablets when I remember.

10 days post op

It really does get better everyday, thank god! I'm able to walk a lol more and faster I get shooting pains on my butt, Dr hazani said it was normal. Did anybody experience this too? I drove to ca yesterday to see him. He drained a whole bunch of fluid from my lower abdomen about 1.5 tubes from each side. My stomach looks somewhat back to normal now. He mentioned how important the massages were at least once for 10 15 minutes. He massages me to teach me how it should be done. Then I got pale and was near close to fainting they had to pay me down even gave me chocolates and water. I turned white as a ghost. My anxiety gets the best of me sometimes. I feel much better now after the draining I had my sister massage me today for a good 20 min and I've given myself massages here and there for 5 min or so. Tomorrow I will go get my first professional lymphatic massage. I only scheduled for 30 min I want to see how it'll be and to start it off for a short time then later we can do an hour. I'm hoping to be able to do 2 a week minimum. So we'll see how the massage goes. I will see hazani again at about 3 weeks if everything goes normal. I go back to work Monday. So they ended giving me the 2 weeks off afterall. I'm so blessed and thankful everything seems to be working out and I'm starting to feel like myself again. Slowly but surely.

13 days post up

I had my first lymphatic massage I think it really worked wonders. I got up to pee every 2-3 hours that night so that's a good thing. I will be getting 2 professional ones a week. I also bought a shower brush with massage bristles and I use that when I shower or over my garment everyday. I am still using the garment and the binder Dr provided all day. I sleep with the ab foam and board. When can I change to a waist trainer? What other garment do you guys recommend? I still have some swelling and bruising. I don't get any more pain besides my neck and lower back due to sleeping on my stomach and the sitting. I came back to work yesterday and it was a pain! I hated it! My back hurts so much it still does. I sit all day so i am really scared that will affect my results. I have my bbl pillow that Dr. Hazani provided I use that to drive to and from work. I also use it at work but I feel like it doesn't help. I still feel like I'm killing the fat cells and putting pressure on my butt. I dont feel like the pressure is on my thighs. Should I just buy a bbl pillow or would it be the same as this? I had to take some Tylenol yesterday after work and today during work because I am so uncomfortable my lower back hurts a lot! I get up and wiggle around every 15 20 minutes sometimes I kneel or sit with my butt in the air. I just can find the perfect sitting down position that doesn't hurt my back or compromises my fat cells. I go back to Dr hazani next week on the 6th I believe. I think he'll probably have to drain some more fluid from my lower abdomen again, I can feel it building up again. I compress and massage bit I still get the extra build up. I stopped draining at day 3. A lot of girls drain up to day 5 so that's possibly why i keep getting fluid build up. And because of my excess skin like Dr hazani mentioned. So far I am loving my figure. He really is an artist. My husband loves it as well. I can't wait to be 100% again. The recovery is so slow unfortunately but definitely worth it.. now lol.

Update one month post op

Day 36- I still get sore at times in the liposuction areas and my butt my left side seems to be more sore than the other that is also the side that I would get shooting pains right after surgery which is also the one that has a small dent and the bottom feels hard like a bump I try to massage up idk why I feel that by doing that I can get fat spreaded into the dent (idk probably won't work) but I do it. My butt still feels hard in some places. Some days I'm more swollen than others. My stomach still doesn't look even, I feel like I still have fluid build up in my lower abdomen. I massage myself and get professional lymphatic drainage massage once a week. I don't think it's fat on my mid stomach because I can't pull it, it's hard so I'm hoping it'll heal with time. I've never been a fast healer so I was kind of expecting a long recovery process. I have not gone back to Dr. Hazani since my last appt where he had to drain me but I do have a follow up appt scheduled next week so we'll see what he says. So far I love my results I do see minor things like the dent on my left buttcheek but overall the results are great I can finally wear summer dresses without worrying about covering my sides/flanks which is what I hated! Sometimes I feel like my butt is too big and i want it to go down then there's times it seems smaller and I would like it bigger. My lower back also seems to have a lil bit of fluid so I massage that too it feels squishy not like my lower and mid stomach that feels hard. I need to put something on my scars but idk what to use. Any recommendations? I can still see the bra rolls at times. I think it's just swollen my garment doesn't compress up there or maybe it was fat left over he did take the allowed amount out 5liters of fat so I wouldn't be mad or upset if it was fat he didn't get to take off. I'm thinking it's just swollen though because right after surgery I didn't have them. I still sit on my pillow he gave me while I'm at work and when I drive I just started sleeping on my back last week I change positions through the night so I'm not always laying on my back. Will update again after Dr visit :)
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