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I emailed Dr. Hazani on Friday about a...

I emailed Dr. Hazani on Friday about a consultation he called me today and I am a good candidate for BBl. He was nice, kind of funny, and very interested in what I had to say. He told me that my wish pic was not ideal for me which I like, he was honest and didn't want to promise me anything that the cannot delivered. I will be talking to Deb tomorrow about pricing and scheduling but I am so excited! :)

They need more staff or something!!

I haven't had time to update but here it goes..

I got my virtual consultation everything was fine, I told the doctor I was going to get the surgery. Dr. Hazani mentioned I would get a call the next day with more info and they would email me everything I need. Two days and I didn't received anything from them so I called and told her to send me the forms, she got my name and said she would send it to me. She didn't send it so I remembered I had Gary's email from Dr. Hazani so I told him if he could email me the forms. I filled them out and paid my deposit and I was supposed to get a call to set a surgery date and of course no call! I called again three days after to see if the date I wanted was available. She said yes and that she would put me in. Three weeks later I emailed Gary because I wanted to make sure she did put me on the schedule and of course she didn't! He added me to the calendar( thank god it was available!! ) and to be honest has been the only person who has helped me through this journey. I emailed him several times to ask questions and he always gets back to me the same day or the next. He's the accounting/financial planner so am surprised he's been there for me but I do feel like If you want your surgery you have to chase them and try to find ways to get in. I know they are busy but because they are busy they should hire more people or be a little more organized. I am a very patient person so I kept insisting but after reading certain reviews I've seen it does discourage people. Advice to anyone looking to get a surgery just keep insisting or email Gary he's helpful! Hope the results are worth all the trouble! :)

what to wear after BBL?

So no one knows that I am getting a BBL, I want to be discreet specially at work. what can I wear? and why can't you wear pants after a BBL, I see a lot of reviews and girls always say not to wear pants but why? I was thinking leggings with long shirts but doesn't the garment show? HELP!!! I can't wear long maxi dresses because am already thick so I know that will show off my figure even more.. I know I can't hide it forever but at least the first month I want to fully recover first before telling everyone.

Wish Pic

Wish picture!


36, 30, 43
I gained about 12-15 pounds since my consultation. Last time I weighed myself (about two weeks ago) I was 152 lbs.

Question for Hazani dolls

Does Dr Hazani use a syringe to transfer the fat or with a long silver tube? Does any one know? I seen Dr Miami use the silver long tube and Dr Sej a syringe. Let me know!

Should I add my arms?

Thinking about adding my arms but it does cost an extra 600-800$ is it worth it? Is there a big difference?

Made it to the other side!!

So I made it! I gained about 17 pounds, my last weight was 155, measurements before my surgery were 32 (smallest part of my waist) 36 the bottom part of my waist around my love handles and 44 the biggest part of my butt. I haven't measured yet but I am already discourage that I only got 750cc in each cheek! Not happy at all but my boyfriend said it looks really big and I shouldn't worry! :(

Before surgery pic

Here is my before pictures, I had a tummy tuck in 2011 and one in 2014. During preop Dr Hazani did mentioned that I didn't have a lot of space to fill in, I have a lot of muscle in my butt so not to expect a lot of fat to be transferred. Kind of bummed out but trying to be positive! It doesn't look as small but I am scared that my fat will die! Am 3 days post op and my measurements are 30( smallest part of my waist) 34 (love handles) and 46 the biggest part of my butt.

7 days post op

I've been feeling better, I stopped pain med on the second day. The only thing that's annoying is sleeping on your tummy, your whole body starts to hurt and face. Rather than that, the pain is tolerable not As bad as I thought. The worst pain you will feel is hours after you surgery and probably the next morning but you will be fine! Am 7 days post op and i feel okay! Better each day! The swelling is still the same, the only thing bothering me is my inner thighs! It's supper swollen! Here is my current picture!

30 (smallest part of the waist) 34(love handles) and 46 biggest part of my butt, Am hoping I will stay the same but I know it has to shrink :(

Forgot the front

Hard as a rock

So my butt looks like I got butt implants! When does it start so soften up? Or does it stay hard like that?


Does anyone know where to get lymphatic massages in the Bay Area? And when can I stay massaging?

8 months post op

Final measurements 36, 30, 45. I like my butt it looks rounder and it fits my body perfectly. Sometimes I do think I need a round 2 but other times I think it's perfect. But Dr Hazani did an amazing job I have no complains
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