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I'm scheduled to get a bbl on the 14th of Jan 14...

I'm scheduled to get a bbl on the 14th of Jan 14 2016
although I am nervous about the procedure after all the research I've done and also speaking with Dr.Hazani I know I made the right decision.
Gary one of the assistants has been staying in contact with me answering all my questions (very helpful).

Shopping list... Am I missing anything ?

So I have a couple before my surg
I went out and bought most things if not everything
if I'm missing something please let me know

female urinal, hibiclens soap(anti bacterial soap), vitamins, protein shakes, chux pads, neosporin, rear lift shaper and compression sleeves (from leonisa), arnica cream and pills, baby wipes and cetaphil wipes, and laxatives

3 week update

Sorry for the late update
Everything went great !
I love my results although I wish dr.hazani would have took out more back fat but I'm not complaining I love what he's done !!!
Small waist hips and a big butt :)
He put 1320 cc in each cheek I'm pretty sure after the swelling goes down it won't be as big but hopefully all the fat stays
I'm moving around better, a whole lot better
Still swollen from the lipo in my arms
And my bruising is gone (thanks to arnicare gel and arnica pills )

2 weeks after surgery pics

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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