25, Officially a Patel Doll!

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I have been to several different consultations...

I have been to several different consultations with doctors before deciding on Dr. Patel. My first consultation was with Dr.Hughes back in November. Then I had a consultation with Dr.Dass, whom I still love! I was so set on booking with Dr.Dass for months until I stumbled upon Dr.Patel recently and saw his results on Instagram. They're amazing! I also researched Dr.J in Beverly Hills and thought his results were great, too. However, I ended up sticking with Dr.Patel, who I will meet face-to-face on the date of my surgery. I had a phone consult with him today and I immediately knew that he was the right one and worth the $14,000. Paying my deposit asap tomorrow! Will keep you ladies updated!

FYI: Dr.Hughes quoted me at $10,800, Dr.J at $11,000 and Dr.Dass at $12,000.

Thoughts & Rants

Hi Dolls,

So the $14,000 that Dr. Patel quoted me was for lipo of the upper & lower back, flanks, and abdomen. I asked if he would be able to do lipo of the inner thighs and was told that he usually doesn't do it unless you REALLY want to get it done. The reason being is that in order to prevent ripples on your thighs, Dr.Patel would have to dig deep under the skin and lipo fat beneath the surface. It makes sense, and as much as I want to get my inner thighs liposuctioned, I'm not sure it's worth the extra cost (and risk of rippling). I known that if I work out and lift diligently (squats, deadlifts, sprints) my thighs will get smaller on their own. I've decided to see Dr.Patel in person this coming Monday so I can talk to him in more detail, and ask questions my hubby wants answers to. I am very excited.

I got approved last night for Alphaeon credit (Dr.Patel accepts both Care Credit and Alphaeon) so I'll be using Alphaeon and Care Credit (applied for my previous surgery 2 yrs ago) to finance my BBL. I was so surprised at how fast and easy it was to apply for Alphaeon! It literally just took me a minute lol.

Stats as of today:
5'4" 145lbs

My wish stats:

Definitely want to see a dramatic change in my waist to hip ratio. :)

Until next time,

More before photos

All I do everyday is research about BBL's and read reviews. I'm so impatient I want my sx date to come already!

It's official! Submitted deposit. Booked for May 12!

Hey dolls,

So today my hubby and I officially met Dr. Patel and boy were we glad we did. First off, he is just plain awesome. the way that he carries himself and is so confident in his work made my hubby and I confident in him. He answered all of our questions and concerns, providing more detail than warranted.

My hubby actually was the one who asked him if he would be able to do my inner thighs, since I told him about how I wanted to get them done too. Dr.Patel's answer to him was brutally honest: he could do it but he would be VERY conservative with the lipo. Actually showed us how much difference lipo on the inner thighs would make if he did it by showing us in the mirror...and the difference wasn't much at all, considering that it would be an extra $3,000!

Hubby and I looked at each other and agreed to not go forth with lipo of the inner thigh. He absolutely loved that Dr.Patel was straight-forward and honest instead of trying to upsell us. I know I have said this several times but I am so excited to become a "Patel doll" and I am so fortunate to have my hubby by my side supporting me.

I truly believe that Patel will give me results that I will be proud of. He stressed many times how I reminded him of some of his success patients and that my results will look close to theirs (yay!). Hubby asked how much fat may be harvested from me and Dr. Patel said approximately 3.5 liters of fat. I was surprised that he wouldn't have to harvest the max of 5 liters lol.

We found out that the surgery is going to take approximately 5-6 hours, and that it will start at 6:30am. He is going to take his sweet time on me since I will be his only patient that day, which is a HUGE plus. And another plus is that the operating room is in the office!

After we chatted with Dr.Patel I immediately handed my credit card over to the receptionist, and got my labs done on Bedford Drive (just one block away). Heads up: the only thing that the cost of surgery doesn't cover is lab fees, which is $35.

Dr. Patel said that he will provide me with the most expensive garment ($350) which I will be wearing for 2 weeks and all my meds (~$200). After two weeks I will be wearing a steel boned post-operative corset, which I will have to provide myself since he doesn't know what size I will need.

A good thing to note is that if I feel pain in my but 8-12 days after surgery I should go back to him because something might be off. He said my lipo'ed areas should still feel a little sore but NOT my ass.

I also asked him if I should try to lose or gain weight and right away he said NO! That I am perfect for him right now to do the surgery lol. So that means I just got to maintain my weight (145lb) until sx day. I'm still going to work out and eat healthy - he actually said that it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep lifting and squatting up until 3 days prior to sx (to avoid being sore the day of)... So I'll be doing exactly just that!!

... I think that's all I have for now, will let you all know once I get my lab results!

Xoxo Cammie

SX date changed

I decided to reschedule my sx date to Friday, May 15 so that hubby doesn't have to request work off for a few extra days. Emailed the office last night and was able to reschedule it easily. A little bummed that I have to push it back a few more days but at least he's taking care of me! So blessed.


Hi dolls,

Sorry I haven't updated in a whole but I just wanted you all know that my surgery is still on, and is in exactly 2 weeks! I cannot wait. I already have my hotel booked and started making a list of things to pack. I am also planning on paying for the rest of my surgery on Monday with Care Credit and Alphaeon.

Earlier this week I contacted the receptionists to ask whether Dr. Patel would recommend me purchasing the BBL Pillow or just the regular boppy pillow. After not hearing back for a day I decided to go directly to the master himself and DMed him on his instagram, and he responded a few hours later! He recommended the Booty Buddy instead, which was $30 cheaper than the BBL pillow but, in his opinion, is the better option. He also said that it's usually sold out but I was able to purchase it on the Booty Buddy's website with no problem at all. I also like it better because it doesn't say "BBL Pillow" or anything on it.

In addition, I bought the Nutri Minja Auto IQ to help kee me nourished throughout my recovery process. For these past few days I've been making delicious and healthy smoothies with protein powder, some fruit, and green veggies. The Nutri Ninja is amazing and blends all the ingredients into smooth perfection. I also bought bee pollen, cacao nibs, and goji berries to add some extra nutrition and antioxidants into the mix.

Well I think that's all for now!

Until next time,


It's official!

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to let you all know that I officially paid off the rest of my sx cost!

To finance the remaining 13,000 of my sx, I put down:

$4500 on CareCredit ($107/monthly for 60 months)
$8500 on Alphaeon (~$200 for 60 months)

I chose the 5 year plan because there is no prepayment penalty, and I know I will be able to pay off my entire balance on these two cards in less than a year once I am fully recovered!

I also received my Booty Buddy in the mail yesterday. I tried it out and it is so comfortable and easy to carry around. Gosh, this whole process is starting to feel real to me!


Hi ladies! For privacy reasons I decided to remove my personal photos, but will upload progress photos showing before/after, after my surgery!

Also, I impulsively got non-surgical rhinoplasty today! I just submitted my review for Dr.Nima in Beverly Hills, so stay tuned for that review on my profile :)

...and I also impulsively scheduled an appointment for lip fillers with him on Tuesday, May 12. Lol

3 day countdown!

As excited as I am, I am now starting to get nervous..haha. I can't believe my procedure is in 3 days! This time next week I will have a bigger (swollen) booty! :D

It's (almost) showtime!

I received a phone call from my anesthesiologist today, and that's when it finally hit me...tomorrow morning is the big day! Since I will be coming in at 6:30am he advised that I do not eat or drink anything after 10pm. Oh ladies, I cannot wait to finally be an official Patel doll :)

Today is the day!

We are on our way to Dr.Patel's office!!! I obviously didn't sleep well last night because all I was thinking about was the procedure. I had a crazy dream that Dr.Patel was gonna give me a tattoo of Brie cheese after my BBL...guess that's what you get for eating Brie while watching Miami Ink! Thank you girls for all your support, and see you on the other side!!!

Cue the cliche line

"I made it to the other side!" holy bajeeebus ladies, I have a donk! (a cute but "hot damn" kind of donk) Im still wearing my pjs and a very loose sweater it I didn't want to leave you all with nothing to see, so here are photos taken by my hubby. if I decide to get out of bed (because Im too comfortable right now haha) I will post more!! let me know what you think, and thank you all for your support!

More pics -night 1

Ain't she a beauty? Haha.

If I had to describe the "pain" I am feeling, it really would be just like I worked out my abs like crazy. my butt doesn't hurt as much as the lipo'ed areas. I'm still feeling a little nauseous but overall I am fine. I took my first round of arnica, pain killer, and nausea medicine around 5pm. Hubby keeps making me try to finish my
naked juice but, as good as it is, I am taking my sweet time drinking it haha. I'm also trying to drink a lot of water. I've had to go pee twice and each time I dreadedgetting out of bed because I'm comfortable and don't want to feel the soreness of sliding out of bed.

I am soo excited to see how my butt will transform throughout the healing process. Dr. Patel and his staff were so sweet and calmed by nerves prior to surgery. He really took his time with me. I was in the operating room for 5 hours. The anesthesiologist was also awesome giving me the "happy juice" haha. My nurse was such a doll and said that I took the surgery like a champ. I was only in the recovery room for less than an hour before I felt good enough to be discharged.

Before pics

Day 2

This morning I stik felt nauseous and light headed when I tried walking around the hotel. I still dressed having to slide out of bed to pee but I'm definitely feeling better. I just got out of bed and started walking around for 3 minutes without feeling nauseous at all. My hubby has been amazing thus far and is keeping track of all my meds. I do not need him to be with me at all times but I always make sure that if I need to pee he is with me just in case anything happens. I am able to get out of hes by myself but he's always behind me making sure I don't slip. He is been able to go to the gym and the store, leaving me for about an hour at a time. all I've been doing all day is laying down and going in and out of sleep. I need to figure out a more comfortable way of laying down because the way that I am laying down either my neck hurts or my lower back.

I can't stop taking photos lol

What day is it today?!

SHOWER DAY! This day could not come any slower. Even though I can walk around just fine 4 days post op, I am here laying in bed because I can no longer bear my smell, and I apologize if this is TMI but path is surgery should have come with a warning lol. Patiently waiting for hubby to come home from work so we can do this thing. I'm thinking that instead of standing underneath the shower I will use a bucket to pour water on me to help me transition into showering again. I've read that some ladies get nauseous or lightheaded during their first shower because it feels very weird on the lipoed areas.

wish me luck ladies! And I'll try to post some photos without my garment on!

After 1st shower

I ended up just using the shower head to showe and it was not bad at all!! it felt so good I actually yelled out "oh thank god" haha. Here are some photos of me without the garment on. I am loving it!!! My skin definitely feels weird but I know when the swelling goes down my figure is gonn be bangin'.

The only tough thing about this shower process is not even the shower itself but, rather, washing and drying the garment. We're having trouble getting some of the smell out from you know where and drying it. But it's definitely not as bad as it was before I showered..

side by side comparisons 4th day post op

Hi Ladies,

I'll try to post progress photos every week or so but here are side by side comparisons of me last night.

Day 5 - I can now walk around or stand for at least an hour at a time. I'm still not used to sleeping on my stomach the way that I have to because my lower body feels heavy when I'm laying down. When I go to the bathroom I take off my compression garment because it is much for comfortable for me. I tried on some clothes that I purchased prior to so and hubby and I were cracking up because my butt looked so huge haha, but I'm not worried. my overall shape in the clothing is 10x better than before! I finished all of my antibiotics yesterday and my last dose of arnica today. I still have some arnica pellets from my no surgical nose job two weeks ago so I might continue to use it. I've also started taking a stool softener so it is WAY easier to go than a couple days ago when I tried and boy was it painful then. however I only take half the maximum dose and I feel it's a perfect dose for me. As far as diet goes, I started eating real food day 2 post op but felt nauseous right after (mostly because I was laying on my stomach while eating). Day 3 & 4 I had Mexican food but was only able to eat


remember the cramps I was talking about earlier? I have a feeling it might be Aunt Flo. gahhhh. well at least it's not something else serious. Gonna have to buy Midol... stat!!!

Day 6 Post Op

Yup... Aunt Flo arrived during the wee hours of this morning. I Was having bad cramps until aroun 1pm this afternoon. I have been trying to drink lots of water especially today. so far I have consumed 68oz of water. However, I have also been getting headaches that come and go throughout the day on my right side. I'm not sure whether it's because o am on my period, the way I have been sleeping every night, or a delayed side effect of taking the pain killers which I stopped taking a while ago. luckily I have my 1 week Skype follow up tomorrow with Dr. Patel! I can't believe tomorrow marks my one week PO!


I know it is waaaaaay too early to tell what my final results are but while I was packing I found a tape measure and decided to measure myself for the heck of it.

Waist: 30.5" inches (2.5" over my pre-op, definitely swelling so I'm not worried)
Hips: 42.5" at the widest part! Whoah momma! :) definitely some swelling for sure. My pre-op was 39"


Hi Ladies!

Yesterday was my 1 week PO follow up Skype meeting with Dr.Patel and so far so good! He said that my waist is going to shrink considerably and that my shape looks great. He was really happy :) I have another Skype follow up with him next week, where I will have to show him my corset, which he told me to purchase on the smaller side (yay!)

Recovery is so much easier now. I'm feeling a little soreness in my butt muscles, I think because I am still squatting while going to the bathroom and since it is still a little sore on my lipo areas, I cannot bend all the way down so when I put on pants I have to distribute all my weight on one slightly bent leg (which I feel on my cheek). However, it is not painful at all! I did have a little anxiety last night because Dr.Patel said that it is around this time when an infection can start developing, but I neither have pain nor a fever of any kind.... So I think I'm good haha. But last night I vented to my hubby saying how scared I was and reassured me that I was fine.

Swelling is going down! I see myself becoming more hourglassy everyday. I will post photos tomorrow morning :)

I am continually trying to drink lots of fluids because I feel that is helping with the swelling, and avoiding sodium.

My period is done! It was really bad the first day but after that it was no biggie. It was very light, thank goodness.


Hi Ladies,

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've decided to hold off on posting progress photos until next week because I've been eating really crappy lately so if I post progress photos, you wouldn't see much of a difference. And I don't want Dr.Patel's work to be judged based off of my poor habits haha. I am VERY happy with my results thus far. My butt has started to fall a little bit and decrease in swelling. I no longer look like Kim K! yay :) swelling in my waist has also gone down - only two more days until I can finally change into my postoperative corset! I'm so excited. As far as pain goes, I no longer have any! If there had to be anything that is bothersome during this period of recovery, it's that my incisions itch like crazy! But its a good thing because it just means they're healing. My butt doesn't feel sore anymore, and I constantly find myself squeezing my butt ever so lightly...it's starting to get soft :)

I'm looking forward to getting back in the gym. Hopefully Dr.Patel clears me this Friday during our 2 week Skype follow up. I cannot believe it's almost been 2 weeks since my sx!

Again, I apologize for not posting progress pics. Next week, I promise!


Tomorrow is when I can finally start wearing a corset and get out of this Veronique get-up! I measured myself this morning and here it goes:

Bust: 36" still the same.
Waist: 28" (finally reached my preop waist..keep shrinking!)
Hips: 41.5" (2.5" over my preop... stop shrinking!)

And I know BBL and Lipo isn't for weight loss but I decided to weigh myself anyway... Currently 151lbs. Preop was 147. I don't care though.. I look BOMB. :)

Corset stage

Hi Ladies,

Sorry its been a while. I've been wearing my corset everyday since Friday, only taking it off when I shower and when I go to the gym. I had the clear from Dr. Patel to drive, work out my glutes, and lay down starting Saturday but I still have yet to try sitting down, laying on my back,driving, or doing Glute exercises haha. He said that I should be good so long as my butt is soft. My butt is soft but obviously not as soft as a normal butt! So I'm just giving myself a little more time.

Yesterday I went to the gym and worked out my arms. At first I was wearing my corset underneath but I felt it was restricting me so I took it off and BOY, my waist was TINY! I had the hourglass for sure... I could tell because I kept catching people look at me ;)

My corset size is 22". When I first put it on, the modesty flap couldn't cover my whole back, but now it does! Prior to my sx when I would waist train it would never cover my whole back. Everyday I tighten my corset, but by the end of the day I loosen it a little bit so it is more comfortable for me to sleep.

Planning on going to the gym again today. My butt is currently feeling a lot softer than it was on Saturday so I maybe try some glute exercises.

I promise I will post photos by the end of the week!

Post shower

I've decided to post a few photos of myself without my corset on right after my shower. Trust me when I say my waist and ass looks much smaller & bigger, respectively, in person! Photos do not do them justice! I'll use these photos as my before photos as I start going to the gym regularly and track my progress. Enjoy! and please let me know what you guys think... and be honest!

(Almost) 3 week PO follow up

Hi dolls,

Today I had my (almost) 3 week PO follow up with Dr.Patel at the office (officially 3 weeks tomorrow) and he loved what he saw! I was worried that I was tying my corset too tight on the bottom but it turns
out that it is not affecting the fat transfer, however I still ordered a shorter corset (waspie) just to be safe, which is what I told Dr.Patel. He assured me that my
waist I still going to shrink and the unevenness I am experiencing is due to swelling, and he said that swelling can last up to 6 months. As far as I have been holding up on my own during recovery, he says that I am doing EVERYTHING right and following his instructions perfectly. I've been wearing my corset religiously for the past week. Again, only taking it off
to shower and work out. I expressed to
him my concern that my butt looks like it
shrunk a lot and he assured me that around 3 weeks it looks like it's shrinking but when the swelling on my waist goes down it'll be a different story. Hubby and I are so glad to know that everything is okay! Dr. Patel squeezed and poked my butt and told
me that everything is soft and he's not worried about anything haha. Thank goodness, I can finally start laying on my back and doing whatever I want now! Going to the gym today to work out my legs and ass. He wants me to FEEL THE BURN. I've also been eating healthy and working out this past week and it's starting to show on my
face and everywhere else. It really can only get better from here!


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Patel's work that I have seen so far is amazing and I'm looking forward to him working his magic on me!

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