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Hey my girls! I've been on realself for the past...

Hey my girls! I've been on realself for the past two months now, found my doctor, and just a few days ago... PUT DOWN MY DEPOSIT! Woot! Pretty stoked for Dr.Hazani to work his magic on me. I'm scheduled for February 3rd. I'm from Canada, so flying down to BH a day before surgery.
Anybody else have a close surgery date to me in BH? Possibly searching for a roomie to split some costs.

I'll be posting more wish and before pics in the weeks to come. Just couldn't wait to write my first post, makes it feel so much more real!!!

Bye for now Dolls xo

2 Months Pre Op

Hello community,

Today is two months pre! So I decided to upload some before pictures. I'm 5 foot 3 inches, and 120 pounds/ 54 kilos. As you can see I'm not overweight or anything, which is why I decided to go to Dr. Hazani. He does an excellent job on smaller girls. I'm going in for surgery 100% for me. My family, friends, and boyfriend all don't think I need it... so it's taken some convincing for them to accept its actually happening.

At first I started looking at realself for just a liposuction doctor. I think I have a cute bum; it's nice and lifted cause I workout a decent amount. But no matter how much I watch my diet, my tummy still has that good layer of fat infront that just bothers me. My momma is one of those naturally super slim people, no matter how much she eats. She's 5 foot 6 and only 105 pounds/47 kilos. So I think just growing up with a different body type than her just really bothered me.

When I read all of your blogs on here, I realized that the majority of girls were getting the BBL and not just lipo. I thought about it for a while... and why would I throw my perfectly good fat in the garbage??! Might as well just shoot those suckers into a better area! So I'm pretty stoked that I'm finally gonna have a flat tummy and an even better bum! My thighs are also gonna be liposuctioned. I've always dreamed of a thigh gap!!!

So there's my little back story.
Have a great evening girls!

Tests Done!

I got my blood taken two days ago! Never had my bloodwork done before, so my bff came with me and she said to wiggle your toes and focus on that while they put the needle in. So theres a good pointer to those of you who don't like needles, it was a piece of cake!
I went into the doctor to review them this evening! (I'm from Canada so I got them done here). So happy with the results. You need your hemoglobin to be a 12 to 15 to go into surgery... and mines 15.2!!!!!! yayyyy! I attached a photo of the pre-surgery vitamins I'm taking. They are a bit pricey but I've noticed they make a difference with digestion and energy.

On another note my surgery is fully paid for and flights are paid for! Just have hotel left.
Getting a little anxious but still excited:)

Supplies all bought

Hey lovelies! Today is exactly 3 weeks pre op!
Ordered all my supplies yesterday and today; I posted pictures of the ones I thought were worth sharing. The garment stuff I got from: www.inthepinkroom.com

Ab board and the foam wrap garment are both for wearing under the faja. They prevent wrinkling of the faja into the skin which could produce uneven lipo results. These will make sure my skin and remaining fat is nice and smooth:) We don't want cellulite bellies hahaha.
From Amazon:
-Bromelain - It is the extract from pineapple that reduces swelling! That way I don't have to worry about getting fresh pineapple and eating a shit load of it haha.
-P-EZ - pretty much a female dick for peeing. Don't wanna squish the booty on the toilet so this will do the trick! Also got a foam roller that I'm gonna cut in half and wrap in saran wrap to go #2;)
-Arnica Gel - topical gel to help bruise healing
-Compression socks - These are anti-embolism stockings. In rare cases people can develop blood clots in their veins from all the bleeding from lipo and they usually end up in the legs and can be fatal, so I'm taking no risks and wearing these!

Hardest part about right now is quitting smoking. Right now I'm down to about 3 to 4 per day. Which is alot less than half a pack a day which is what I'm used to. Need to be completely done smoking one week before surgery. Wish me luck girls.

made it!

I had my surgery at 4am and here's a pic! I woke up and started crying because of the pain. Cried in the wheelchair to the cab, and the whole cab ride home. Now I'm laughing about it because I was being a super drugged up pansy. The pain is pretty horrible but can definitely be handled. The anesthetic drugs just made me super out of character and therefore a crybaby. Worst part is the swelling. Especially above the garment. Makes it looks like I have an extra set of boobs. Anyways off to try and sleep a little before I need to wake up for a pee. Constantly peeing sucks. make sure there is someone with you for every need. I just about blacked out trying to go pee by myself. But my friend is here to stay now so all good! Bye girls.

first day post op

So all the bruising definitely settled in today. I'm so lucky I have my brothers gf to help me. I can't even walk or do anything by myself. When I'm just lying down pain is about a 5, but if I move it shoots up to a 9. Hazani said smaller girls experience a more difficult recovery so that's probably why. He thought he would only be able to get 400 cc for each side but I woke up to good news yesterday to find out he got 780! He lipoed my stomach, back, bra line and inner thighs. So happy I chose hazani! Other doctors wouldn't have worked on a girl my size. I haven't taken off the garment yet because it's still too painful, but I'll shower tmmrw and take a photo without the garment for you ladies. Sleeping wasn't too horrible. Woke up every two hours to go to the bathroom, but since you're sleeping the rest of the day anyways it doesn't make you irritable. See you girls tmmrw?

full body shots

So posting my body like this is pretty embarrassing, especially that side angle photo. But I'm doing it for you guys! My knees are bent because i actually cant stand up straight yet:( My back bruising has gone down alot but my side bruising is still pretty horrible. Took my first shower yesterday with my friends help and that was amazing. Feel so refreshed. Also got up a big enough appetite to eat half a sandwich! Woot! And with walking I still need assistance but I can actually take steps! Before I was just shuffling my feet on the floor. Slow improvements but I'm seeing them!:) my friend is keeping me in really good spirits, so blessed. So funny, in the first photo my traps are poppin lol. From constantly getting up with the arms.
Vets: In the 3rd photo I got a big indent from my binder. Way bigger in person than in the photo. I know it will eventually smooth out but should I be massaging it now or wait?

side photo that didn't post above

Last day in LA

So this is what I look like going into my post op appointment! I improved alot yesterday and today. Now able to start doing things for myself:) Headed back to canada tmmrw so gonna try and do a little something in bev hills tonight. I still get dizzy from standing too long, so probably just go for dinner since I'll be able to sit with the bbl pillow I'm getting today, woot! Anybody that got inner thigh lipo experience a ripping sensation randomly? It got really bad today for some reason, anything that helps?

Back Home

I loved the LA weather but gosh is it way better to be back home. My bed is low so it's super easy to get on. The hotel bed was high so I had to use a stool haha. My bed is so soft? last two nights that I've been back, slept straight through the night! 8 hours!:) I went off pain meds yesterday and doing great today. I still have a third of the bottle left but I don't really need them. Bruising is healing and so happy to be back with the bf?

I posted a pic of the thigh lipo cause someone requested it! Still swollen and a little lumpy in that area. Photo was taken with feet together. Can't believe I have a thigh gap yayyyyyy!!!!!

2 Weeks!!

The bruising is almost gone thank God! Feeling way better today. Actually able to walk normally at a normal pace yay! I might be behind normal healing schedule cause I had a fall when trying to get into my car 5 days ago. Hurt super bad and I felt like I declined in healing progress for a few days after that so no more driving for me for a bit. I'm just mentally ready to go back to work and start doing normal things but my body still needs time. So I've learnt to not rush the healing! Now that I'm two weeks I'm able to start massaging. Gosh does it suck. But I know I need to do it to get my lumps out. You can really notice them on my waist. The skin beside the lumps where it dents in is a rough texture and looks darker, almost like stretch marks or something. Anybody else have this? Vets: how long did it take to massage the lumpies out? Also got all my stitches out. They were super irritating. Took out the top and bottom back ones 3 days ago, and the middle back stitch yesterday (that one had to heal a lil more). Got em out using little beauty scissors and tweezers (sterilized with alcohol). I took them out real slow and none of them bled. The incision sites looking so much better with them gone! Putting ointment on them twice a day. Sorry for the yellowish tinted pics. In a different house today and the lighting is shitty.

3 weeks

Hey girlies!
Some more photos! I'll always post a few straight up ones with no pose and nude so you guys can see the actual results because I know alot of girls just post posing pics in dresses and you can't tell the real results. I posted two posing pics in undies for fun. You can tell when I pose from the side my booty looks bigger than just relaxing.

So all bruising is completely healed. Still trying to sleep on the tummy but sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up on my side. Which is bad cause I don't want my hip fat to die!! I was suppose to have a phone call with hazani for my second post op but he never called and Debbie hasn't replied to me yet. Kinda disappointing because I need to ask him about my stretch mark looking things on my sides. They are long scaley flaking lines and I'm a bit concerned. Unfortunately that's where the lumps are too, so it hurts alotttttt to massage. Going back to work next week on Tuesday. Little nerve racking because as a tattoo artist I'm constantly sitting down and I obviously need to be perfectly balanced and still, so not sure if I will be able to keep on using the bbl pillow because you have to balance forwards on it and that might make me unsteady.... Hopefully everything works out!

month and a half!

Hey girls! It's just over a month and a half now and feeling almost fully back to normal. Day to day life is pretty much back to the same other than having my bbl pillow as my life support lol. Sitting on it everytime including in the car. Still also sleeping on my tummy. Gonna try and do this for 3 months until I know the fat is here to stay. Also no cardio, just weight lifting so i dont burn much fat. Definitely noticed some fat loss but it's a really nice shape so I'm happy. Just don't wanna loose any more! Getting booty greed hahaha. Lumps are better. Still there but much more flat. Been wearing my garment everyday. But now I take it off at night to let my skin breathe. Hazani said that's fine. Wish I had less tummy fat left over though:/ hoping there's still some swelling to go down. Can't wait to start working out hard again. Work was very very tough the first week but it gets better ladies! Everyone at my store knew my butt was bigger lol. Get ready for the attention. Been asked out or for my number literally everyday. I have my own sweetie though and he is loving it. Thought it was way too big before but now he loves this size, thinks it's very sexy:) I'm waiting for my waist trainer to come in and then I will be wearing that all day. I don't wanna loose any more of my hips from this garment. I'll probably post next at 3 months for final results!

Booty booty rockin everywhere

Hey dolls! So here's my big review after 4 months. I'm super super superrrrrr happy with my ass. I'm so-so with my stomach. If you are going into surgery mainly for your ass... 100% hazani. If your going in mainly for fat on your tummy, I would research a few more doctors. I still have lumps on my stomach from fat being left in areas. It's not horrible but it is noticeable. And I feel like he left out the area under my bra line. I have a more fat in that area there and then below is flat and then some on my gut and that crease area on the back. So I might start doing more cardio to loose the rest on the tummy. Just worried about loosing fat on the ass cause it looks so amazing haha. I never did any measurements but my ass and hips definitely went down, but that's probs just from swelling healing. Especially the hips. But my ass is the perfect shape and the perfect size. So amazed with it. I went to a water park rave and had at least 15 girls come up to me and commented on it haha. The guy I went with couldn't even talk to any girls cause they all went up to me first LOL.

So for what I did for the bum:
I sat on my pillow consistently everywhere for 2 months. I even brought it to the club LOL. I don't care, those bitchez don't know how much I paid for this, screw anyone who judges haha. Just keep the booty happy. I am still to this day using the bbl pillow, but just at work and in the car. At home I'm sitting on my bum but I'm still leaning forwards slightly to take a lil pressure off it. Probably at 6 months I'll fully stop using the pillow. At 6 months is your final results. Other than that, I put some healing salve on it a few times a week and I never massaged it. Hearing some girls massaging their bums, but I feel like that would put too much pressure on it and kill fat? There are absolutely no bumps or weird places on my ass and I never massaged it, and it healed perfectly.
On the other hand MAKE SURE YOU MASSAGE THE STOMACH!!!!! I'm not sure if i have lumps left there cause I didn't massage enough cause it hurt SO BAD. But my suggestion if I were to go back in time is to do it daily for however long it takes. Finally about a month ago the pain went away in my sides. So I don't know if it was cause I was more slender to begin with I had such a hard time healing with the skin areas on my tummy? I still have a few dark patches where it looks like the skin might have been slightly sucked into the lipo tube. But they faded fast over the last few months and only have three small ones that I know will heal with time. From the side my tummy looks awesome. But from the front is where you can see some unevenness.

At the end of the day I'm deffs more confident with my body. So excited for this huge music festival I'm going to in August. Feel more comfortable wearing that kind of attire now. My bf at first hated the fact I was doing this, and now he's IN LOVEEEEE with my bum hahahha.

This is getting too long so feel free to ask any questions that I didn't talk about!:)
It's worth it girls!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

I you want an ass that is perfectly shaped, he is your man.

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