21 Year Old, One 8 Month Old Son, in Need of a Confidence Boost!

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Hi everyone. :) My name is Sammie and I am 21...

Hi everyone. :)
My name is Sammie and I am 21 years old. I have wanted a bigger butt since as long as I can remember. I have no hips and am very top heavy. I had a breast reduction January 2015 but after my son was born, a year later, they got kind of big again but not as big as before. But my body still looks unproportionate in my opinion. I want hips and a bigger butt to even out my proportions! I am currently trying to decide which doctor to go to! I have Dr. Ron Hazani and Dr. Payam Jarrah Nejad "Dr. J" in mind. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for plastic surgeons! Preferably in California.

I also have some pics of me now and wish pics of myself. I'm hoping my goal is reasonable and achievable. Let me know what you all think!


I made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Hazani! It's on December 7th. He will be the first doctor I interview. I hope everything goes well. I also want to interview with Dr.J. But we will see what happens! Has anyone interviewed or gone with Dr.Hazani?!

Dr. Hazani it is!

So I had my consultation with Dr. Hazani and i loved him! He answered my questions and wanted to make sure I understood everything. I loved his before and after photos. I think he has great results. I have Neurocardiogenic dysfunction and he wanted to make sure that my cardiologists cleared me for surgery before starting anything so he gave me extra time to put my deposit and book an appointment. I am waiting for my letters for my cardiologist, but as soon as I get them I want to book my SX appointment! I'm looking to do it either the end of May or beginning of June since that is my summer vacation from school. I'll have a lot of free time to recover. I'm so excited I want to do everything already!

All Booked!

I was able to book my surgery date with Dr. Hazani for May 26th, 2017!! I'm so excited and I want the time to go by faster!!

Time goes so slowly sometimes!

I can't wait for my surgerryyyyy. I want to be able to look good and feel confident. I've been feeling gross lately but I keep trying to remind myself that I'm all booked and now I just wait. I'm trying to figure out if my wish pictures are realistic for my body. What do you guys think?


How does this happen?! I love this body shape. I don't think I'd be able to achieve it (at least not with just one round) but I love this look!!

In the Double Digits.

Yay! No more triple digits! I have 89 days left! I just want to feel good about myself already!!

Had to Reschedule

I've been dreading writing this post because of how sad I've been about having to reschedule, but I am no longer having my surgery on May 26th. I haven't been able to book a new date yet. But I really really hope it's soon! I wish you all luck in your journeys! I'll post again once I have a date booked. ????
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