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Hello I've been following others on this site and...

Hello I've been following others on this site and reading post and a lot of your pics and inputs have been very helpful,, I'm really big on telling complete strangers all of my business but I'll share sum and post after pics as I'm very insecure of my 34 AA breast, I didn't realize how insecure I was but I've fought with myself for several years now on getting a pair of new Tataaaass lol but kept psyching myself out saying I rather just have butt b4 boobs but I have enough butt for my figure it's not flat but in all honesty I rather have the whole package boobs and butt so I'm finally getting them done by Dr M. Ryan Khosravi he's about a hour and a half away from where I reside but after seeing his reviews and work he's worth the trip! I met with him Monday booked my surgery for Thursday:) as my birthday is Friday .. What better gift to myself waking up on my bday with sum boobies! I'm so anxious excited & scared! A mother of 3 and my youngest is 1yrs old.. It's gonna be hard not being able to pick her up but I have two other kids who are 11 and 8 that can help with the baby plus I'll stay at my moms for a few days and taking off 1 week from work.. Praying for a speedy recovery.. And great results:) being put to sleep is a fear bigger than the surgery and after pains.. The risk are scarey but I'm trying to keep positive mindset and that all will go well .. Please pray with me and I'll keep you guys updated through out ..


So today is my bday got my twins yesterday! Feeling good to wake up with boobs but also more pain then yesterday but taking these meds like clock work! I'm all bandaged up I will post pics later today or tomorrow :) so happy it's done and over!! What a great feeling ..the staff were really good as well as the doctor


I didn't realize how much chest muscle I use on a regular and only way I can get some sleep is to sleep sitting up right eases chest discomfort but then it causes my butt to go numb and be sore ???? as well as I've been prescribed OxyContin it works wonders but has me constipated I started taking a laxative which has made me gassy I know TMI but guess this is the process.. I'm so ready to take a look at my taattaasss but was instructed to stay bandaged up for 48hrs so I don't want to mess up anything by unwrapping sooner.. So today is my 27th birthday and I'm celebrating in bed being babied by my kids and mom so not too bad, I heard day 2 is the worst day so wonder what day 3 will bring hmmm

Day 3

I'm feeling better today.. Only down side is the meds I think the percucit is giving me headaches and nausea ugh I need them to pass out my system cuz I don't like the feeling now:/ I took my ace bandage off yesterday experienced pain without it but with it on the pressure helps to me.. So I'm relaxing with my ace bandage this Sunday afternoon, seems like my boobs are getting bigger looking better .. My dr K did very great wrk they fit me perfect! Who knew this was what I was missing it makes my appearance all the more to look at:) I'm all smiles! Even it being only day 3 they look good, they don't look all deformed or like alien boobs they look like there already settled,, has any one been having headache frm the meds? Or not feeling right frm them?


Day 5 feeling Awesome!!

Well I'm kind of back to normal activities , I've left my moms where she was taking care of me and my kids because I miss my bed and felt I was able to do it on my own now, I shower on my own etc.. I have 1 yr old who weighs about 20lbs I pick up from time to time I know they say don't do it but it's hard not too???? as well as I've been driving but certain reaches and strains I'll do and realize that's prob too much cuz it feels weird but overall I've been good! My breast have been very itchy tho is that normal? And the incision is on my aereola and the sterile strips have yet to come off?? But my 1 week apt is on Thursday so we'll see how it goes.. But overall my Dr! Did his thing he's GREAT I'm in love with my whole body now:) I want to walk around topless heeheeheee!! I get sharp shooting pains time to time but no too bad I just take a Tylenol .. Welp I'll update u guys more later gonna relax and watch my shows:)

Before BA

After BA


10 Days Post OP "All Smiles"

So sorry it's been a minute but let me just start by saying I loovee my new girls:) there beautiful ! I love when I take off my clothes in the mirror now to see a women's body!! And I went trying on bras yesterday I know too soon because I measured a 30 DDD wow! But the bra in Fredrick's Hollywood looked great on.. I didn't purchase just yet but I took pics.. So yea boobs still a bit itchy , feel tightness and semi heavy and aches here in there but for the most part they are developing well. At my 1 week follow up dr say ms I don't new the ace bandage as there dropping into there pockets very nicely :) he showed me how to massage them he wants me to start next week doing that , to soften them up.. My only thing is I can't get a comfortable sleep position yet? How do you guys sleep after new boobs? I'm a side sleeper but it doesn't feel comfy anymore.. Will this feel comfy again 1 day?? And what are you putting on your incisions around the nipple for the healing? Also dr said no sex for another week? Did you guys wait 2 weeks before resuming sex? He says it can reopen blood vessels that are healing when I guess you get all hot and bothered lol We'll talk to u guys sooner then later .. Thanking God for my twins he knows my struggles and has been here through the process :) #thankful

11day Post

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