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I've always wanted to change my nose growing up....

I've always wanted to change my nose growing up. It was crooked and was very droopy. I was one of the only kids that was able to touch my upper lip past the tip of my nose. And I was taunted and teased about how manly I looked with my prominent nose. I've been playing with the idea of rhinoplasty one and off throughout my life until finally this year, my mom finally told me yes. I was estatic! I scheduled consultations with plastic surgeons in Minnesota and after all my appointments. I was left with feeling sad and more confused. Several of them said I would need to go to Chicago or California to fix the 'severity' of my nose. Which led me to Dr. Yoo. He specialized in Asian rhinoplasty and harvesting rib cartilage. That was exactly what I was looking for. After my consultation with him, I felt good about myself and more confident on choosing him as my doctor. The time finally came and it was surgery day! I flew from Minnesota to California, to his office. & we went through pre-op stuff the day I got to Cali. Surgery day was the next day, and to be honest. I wasn't nervous. Because of how nice the staff has been and how comfortable Dr. Yoo made me feel. I knew I was in good hands. I woke up completely fine & at post op day 4 today, I still feel good! Barely any bruising and I feel 100% fine. Haven't taken any pain killers or anything. Def recommend Dr. Yoo!! Also I would like to include, literally 5 hours after surgery and I was home. I took a extra credit final test over the phone with my professor and aced it! One of the funniest things that could happen but I did it! Just to shows how awesome Dr. Yoo is.

Happy with my results so far

My recovery is continuing to go better and better. My nose is less swollen but still pretty swollen if that makes sense haha. I am able to go out and about unnoticed that I had surgery but of course close friends and family can see the difference. I am in love with everything!

A couple videos I took while recovering

These are the short videos I took while recovering! These are on Instagram plus many more.

Swelling almost completely gone at 3 weeks!

All the swelling is almost gone at 3 weeks post op now. Just the nose tip is still. Very much big and the right side of my nose where the deviated septum was is still slightly swollen. I do have feeling now in my nose but not the tip. The bridge is more defined and I'm loving the results so far!

Nose swelling almost completely gone

My swelling on my nose is almost completely gone! All that's left is my nose tip. That is still very swollen and makes my nose look slightly off. But that will subside eventually. It's only have been 5-6 weeks post op? I am def more confident every day as my nose takes shape. It's more softer and less harsh. I have a black head on it and can't touch it since it would damage the healing so I'm just waiting for the day I can remove it! My nose has been super oily! To the point where there's oil beads. Gross I know but a side effect of surgery! It's just recompensating for lack of moisture. I did have pimples but I started to use the Neutrogena grapefruit acne moisturizer and I find that stops & prevents pimples. Also I am still taping my bridge down and it helps tremendously with swelling! I tape the tip gently once in a while and the swelling on the tip seems to go down. But def be gentle and do not contort the shape at all! I just lay tape over the tip to make swelling to go down.

Almost a full 5 month post op

I'm feeling good and my nose is constantly changing everyday! As I was in my previous posts, def happy with the results so far.

Almost 2 Years Later!

I am loving my nose still! I get so many compliments of how great my nose is! (They assume it's my nose that I was born with, which I take as a compliment!). Looks super natural and the nose has not shrank down, as many people have messaged me with fears that the rib cartilage would be absorbed back into the body. It didn't for me personally and still is high and strong. I appreciate that Dr. Yoo didn't give me a "fairy tipped" nose, because my nose currently fits my face perfectly. I can breathe well and have full sensation back in my nose. I honestly feel that the money amount was worth it and Dr. Yoo is truly skilled in what he does. I'm in a working class family and all the money my parents saved up, they don't regret it all. This not only helped me with my quality of life (breathing issues prior surgery) and also my self-esteem? has made me the bubbly and outgoing person I am today.

Revision surgery! Walk in the Park

Hi everyone! I thought I'd update this post but I got revision surgery! Surprise haha. Long story short, when I cleaned my nose during the healing time period. I pushed a qtip to the side of my columella too hard and heard a pop. I didn't think much about it but noticed my nose start to droop and lean to the left (the direction of how I pushed the columella ;.;). Since the tip started to droop with the no support, a jump on my bridge formed. Dr Yoo recommended a revision to fix it. I am post op day 6 today and man. This surgery this time around isn't bad at all. Haven't taken any pain killers and have been walking and slightly running around even with the second rib cartilage removal. My nose tip is much higher this time around but still looks natural :) he fixed my columella so my nose is now straight and even! I'm more gentle with cleaning now after my mishaps haha. Follow me on Instagram if you have any questions or want to see more photos. I try to update my real self as much as I can. But Instagram is a bit more easier haha. My username on there is GwenXAnh , I'm also a makeup artist! So if you're into that. You can check out my work <3
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yoo was super kind and he really helped me every step of the way. He made me feel comfortable with the process. He listened to everything I said and used that information to become a reality for my dream nose. He didn't put me down in anyway, as how other surgeons would suggest I should do this and that to improve how I looked. Dr. Yoo was always a gentleman & def one of the coolest docs out there.

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