Asian Rhinoplasty Dramatically Changed my Looks.

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Hi everyone. I had my asian rhinoplasty 4 1/2...

Hi everyone. I had my asian rhinoplasty 4 1/2 months ago with Dr. Donald Yoo in Beverly Hills and I wanted to share my experience with you. I'm in my mid 40s and after devoting most of my adult life to my family and career I finally decided to do something I always wanted ...a nose job. Like typical asian ( although I think I got the worse nose) mine is flat and wide with bulbous tip and after researching online and thanks to your reviews I decided to go with Dr. Yoo. What i had done was bridge augmentation using my rib cartilage wrapped in fascia graft with alar reduction, 61/2 hour surgery. Yes it is expensive but I rather not let the price rather than skill and expertise of the plastic surgeon influence my decision.

I never thought that just a nose job could change my looks so much but it did and I'm totally hapoy with it. One advice I would give is that if ur looking for subtle changes then don't do it. The risk of something going wrong is too great. Also if you don't have the money to go to a good reputable surgeon, wait and save until you have enough. Don't settle for less just because it's cheaper.

My recovery was easier than I expected. Yes i had to take tons of medications which I did and i do recommend taking ur pain pills around the clock for the first 2-3 days. On 3rd day I cut the pills in half and started weaning myself off. Afterward I only take them just before my followup appts. I do believe that that made a big difference in my speedy recovery. I learned that from my c-section experiences. I also added probiotics since I had to take antibiotics for 1 week and I recommend stool softener for constipation from pain meds. The surgery package comes with instructions to avoid certain foods, smoking, alcohol etc. I didn't eat beef, hot and spicy foods, and seafood for 3 months and avoided salty foods.

People asked me is it painful? Well I had no pain when I woke up from general anesthesia. I was extremely dizzy every time I move my head and the dizziness caused me to be little nauseated. After few hours when anesthesia wore off I felt stinging sensation in my nose incisions. No pain but just stinging sensation. My throat was sore for 2 hours from the intubation. As soon as I feel uncomfortable I put on the ice packs, and took pain pill which helped alot. I also stayed hydrated with cold water and coconut water. The nose incisions healed in 6 days at the time of suture and cast removal but is pink for few weeks. I religiously apply the scar gel that was in my surgery package.

My rib incision bothered me most the first 3 days but pain meds helped alot After that it didn't bother as much as I was anticipating it would . The scar is still light brown but it's hidden beneath my bra. My c-section scars took along time before lighten up.

The sensation from my scalp incision was strange the first few days. Can't explain it but it felt like something flapping in there when you open ur mouth or chew. That lasted 2/3 days but it's sore afterwards when u eat. I ate soft foods like applesauce, yogurt, and soup the first week and slowly back to regular foods after 2 weeks. One of the reasons my looks change is my weight loss. Prior to nose job I lost 20 pounds over last 1.5 years and after surgery I lost another 5 pounds during the first month, partly because my temple would get sore from chewing so I ate less which is a good thing. It's completely back to normal since then. Just hope i can still keep my weight loss.

The scalp incision initially looks raised and bumpy but that's from scabs which fell off at 1 month leaving hair loss around the incision but by 3 months hair grew back. No one could see it then or now since it's well hidden by the hair.

You will need someone there to help you especially the first few days. I couldnt have done this without my husband who is totally supportive. Washing ur hair is a challenge since u can't get nose wet. Make sure you buy lots of distilled water.

As for accommodation, I rented a condo in Marina Del Ray and it took me 30 minutes to get to doctor's office. I stayed there for 9 days. It was during peak summer season so yes it was expensive.

Boy was my nose swollen the first 1 month despite me wearing nose tape, massaging my face, and sleeping on 2 pillows. I did notice a crease or slight dent on one side of my bridge when I first started putting on the nose tape by myself which I pointed out to Dr. Yoo and he said to just watch it. As the swelling subsided the dent became less and less noticeable. The tip was shiny for along time and the skin on the tip is still peeling from time to time. Dr. You said that's expected since he had to build up my tip. My poor husband almost had a heart attach the day after my surgery when he saw how upturned my nose was but dr. Yoo assured me it was made intentionally that way and eventually will drop and it has. The side profile was also not pretty initially due to the swelling but now much better.

I also learned to put on makeup and nose contouring thanks to you-tube tutorials. Lol. People at work immediately knew I look different but they couldn't pinpoint what I had done. I just came out and told them. Sure why not. Dr. Yoo deserves all the credit. Since then I've gotten tons of compliments how natural my nose looks and how it made me look like I'm in my 20s. And NO I didn't have anything else done to my face beside the nose job. I've always have large eyes and high cheek bones but they stood out more after the nose job.

As you know I'm not completely out of the woods yet. There's still chance of complications but so far I'm happy with my results. I think my swelling has gone down about 50% with the tip still slightly rounded but hopefully it will continue to improve. I had follow up skype appt with Dr. Yoo at 1 and 3 months and next one is at 6 months. I will keep you posted. Hope my experience help you just like reading some of yours have helped me. Thanks everyone.

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I'm glad I picked Dr. Yoo. He possesses the traits and skill I looked for in a surgeon and made me feel at ease. I felt like i can trust him to do what's best for my face. He answered all my questions without trying to sugar coat anything or make any promises. He is straight forward and honest. THANK YOU DR. YOO!

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