Asian Rhinoplasty with Diced Cartilage Fascia. Beverly Hills, CA

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I had an Asian rhinoplasty two weeks ago in...

I had an Asian rhinoplasty two weeks ago in Beverly Hills. The procedures included a diced cartilage fascia graft to build up my bridge, alar base reduction, tip refinement, and a graft to extend my retracted columella.

Week 1:
Had a cast placed over my nose for the first week. I had incisions in my scalp and under my right breast for the DCF graft. There wasn't much pain in my nose, but my scalp and rib hurt a lot.

Week 2:
At the end of week 1, doctor took my cast off and placed tape along my bridge. I was surprised at the amount of swelling on my nose. My bridge was too high and wide, making my face look very weird. I couldn't even recognize myself in the mirror.

The top of my bridge was so swollen that it pulled my eyes in closer together, but by the end of week 2, my eyes had returned to their original shape and position.

Week 3:
I am near the start of my third week post-op. My bridge is still very swollen. It is nearly twice the width of my original bridge and still looks strange. I really hope the swelling goes down soon.

I am quite satisfied with my tip and the base. Even though the tip is swollen, it doesn't look bad at all. My profile is also looking really nice (minus the bridge, which is too high right now). My doctor said that the bridge will drop by a lot, and it will also get much narrower.

21 Days Post-Op

I definitely see a difference in my swelling from week 2 to week 3. I actually was not afraid to go out in public yesterday. I think I look fairly normal. I went to the gym for the first time since my rhinoplasty last night. I didn't feel any extra swelling or pain. I still have pain in my rib, but I hope it goes away soon.

My bridge is still kinda high and swollen, but it's not obvious to most people. I'm wondering if my friends will notice a difference when they see me. Hopefully they won't realize I got a nose job!

No one has noticed!

I went out drinking with my friends last night, and not a single one noticed my nose. They all told me that I looked great, but no mention of my face looking different. I'm loving my nose more and more everyday as the swelling goes down. I can't wait to see it in a few weeks!

4 Weeks Post-Op: Feeling Rather Depressed

So I've noticed that my swelling is a lot worse at night than in the morning. I've been instructed to tape my nose at bedtime for the past two weeks, and today is the last day of taping. I'm afraid that, without the taping, my swelling will worsen. Also, maybe my exercising is exasperating the swelling?

My 45-degree nose view looks unnatural because my bridge is still too high for my face. Today was the first time someone asked me if I had plastic surgery. This is really why I'm depressed. The person who asked me is someone who I do not see or speak to very often. He told me that he did not recognize me at first, that I looked different, and then asked me if I had plastic surgery. I had dyed my hair from light to very dark, as well as wore my makeup heavier, to try to distract from my nose. This is the excuse I told him, and he seemed to buy it. He still kept commenting that something was different about me though...

Oddly enough, my close friends and acquaintances (that I see every week) have not noticed my nose. They immediately noticed a change in my hair color and commented on my hair, but nothing along the lines of, "You look different, your face is different, etc." Hm, I wonder if they are just being polite? Or is the one person who noticed just a very observant outlier? I'm not sure. I prodded some very honest friends, and they told me I look the exact same to them. I really don't know how to feel right now. I just hope the swelling goes away quickly.

Five Weeks Post-Op

The swelling has gone down a bit more. I've been contouring my nose with makeup to make the swelling less apparent. I told a close friend about my rhinoplasty today. He said I didn't look any different, just more tip projection and a higher bridge, but my face looks the same. This made me feel a lot better. I notice a big difference in my nose, and I am so much more confident and happier. Even with the swelling, my post-op nose is so much more beautiful than my pre-op. I just feel better about life in general!

Patiently waiting for the swelling to keep going down. It's better than last week, but not as big of a difference as I had hoped for. This is really the ultimate test of patience!

7 Weeks Post-Op

So my swelling has gotten much better! It was pretty asymmetrical (with my right side being very swollen) for the first month, but my right side has slowly but surely been getting better. I was comparing pictures of myself today with two to three weeks post-op... WOW there is such a big difference in swelling! I guess it wasn't as obvious to me because I stare at my nose every day, but my nose looks like 40% smaller.

I'm really loving my new nose. I don't regret a thing, and I am happy to say good riddance to my old nose. Dr. Yoo has seriously changed my life and my confidence with this surgery. I can't believe I'm almost at the two month mark. I have no scars along the sides of my nose where the alar base reduction was performed. There is still a pinkish scar on my columella and my rib incision. I've been using scar cream 2-3x a day. I feel like I scar pretty easily so I just have to be patient with this.

I've also noticed that my nose doesn't really get too swollen after drinking and exercising anymore. At the one month mark, it would look really bad the day after drinking. It still swells a bit after a night out, but definitely not as much. The first month of recovery is an emotional rollercoaster, but it's totally worth it!
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