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Let me start out by saying, the VI Peel is the...

Let me start out by saying, the VI Peel is the most effective treatment for acne scarring and hyperpigmentation I’ve ever experienced. I’m closer than I’ve ever been to the flawless skin I’ve always desired.
My peel was applied on a Friday at Motykie Med Spa in Beverly Hills. Application time to my face and decollate would be a mere thirty minutes of layering a strong, serum-like combination of TCA (A peeling agent), Tretinoic Acid (A powerful compound to prevent collagen loss and boost cell turn over), Salicylic Acid (Fighting breakouts and promoting clarity of the skin), Vitamin C (A natural brightener and exfoliator) and a Mineral Blend. It was additionally exciting to learn that Vi Peel is proudly, the only peel safe enough to be applied on the delicate eyelids and under eye areas further contributing to a complete look of flawless skin.
My skin instantly looked radiant and glowing because of the surface exfoliation experienced from the absorption of the treatment. My post peel care package included three Vi Peel Post Peel Towelettes, Vi Derm Post Peel Protectant and SPF 50+ Sun Protection and I was instructed to stay out of the sun. Application of only two towelettes were necessary to instigate the peeling process. My aesthetician informed me that I could use the third one, at my discretion, if I desired another day of peeling. I was also strictly instructed not to assist by pulling the shedding skin off when peeling began. It needed to fall off naturally or I’d run the risk of creating scars on the new skin waiting to be revealed.
After following all of the post treatment instructions, the skin on my face and decollate began peeling like clockwork the morning of day 3 and continued peeling for 6 more days. My skin was itchy and dry during most of the process, but this was to be expected. The Vi Derm Post Peel Protectant did wonders to minimize my discomfort. I’m a purist and so, even though you are allowed to wear makeup the days before peeling begins, I skipped it all together. I had to work half the time I was peeling (I recommend taking some vacation time if at all possible to peel in private), which was alarming for my coworkers but the compliments I received afterwards on my radiant, smooth skin made it all completely worth it.
I looked like a shedding snake for a week but had skin like a newborn when all was said and done. My skin has NEVER looked and felt better. The texture is completely different now. I find that my skincare regiment has become even more effect because my products no longer have to make their way through an extra layer of damaged skin. I highly recommend the VI Peel to anyone who is seeking a painless, result oriented treatment with minimal downtime. If you are still on the fence just take a look at my before and after pictures and let the results speak for themselves!


Here are pictures from my peel.

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Final days of peeling

Vi Derm Skincare by the makers of Vi Peel

If you are looking for a maintenance program in between Vi PEEL treatments, you'd be crazy to look to anyone else but Vitality Institute, the makers of this incredible treatment. Their Vi DERM skincare line offers real and permanent solutions to anyone suffering from hyperpigmenation, melasma, acne, acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness in the skin, even in the most extreme cases. Each product contains targeted combinations of powerful and highly effective ingredients such as gylcolic acid, azelaic acid, tretinoin, hydroquinone, retinol, vitamins A,C and E along with powerful antioxidants and other patented formulas. These components are known industry wide for the effective treatment of these issues in all skin types.

My first experience with Vitality Institute was at Dr. Motykie Med Spa where I received the Vi PEEL. This treatment helped me shed layers of damaged skin to reveal a radiant and more even toned complexion in a mere 7 days. I was especially delighted with the results from the peel because, as a woman of color, treatment for my pigmentation, acne and acne scarring are usually harsh, lengthy and hardly effective. Some treatments have even caused my skin more harm than good.

My review of the results achieved from the Vi PEEL got the attention of the good folks at Vitality Institute through social media and consumer forums for cosmetic treatments and procedures. This prompted them to send several products to me to try from their Vi DERM skin care line. I received Vi DERM's Cleanser For All Skin Types, Advanced Firming Lotion, SPF 50+ Sun Protection, Revitalizing Eye Cream, Bleaching Cream Rx, Ultra A and Complete Care Normal to Dry Skin. As soon as they arrived I began using the products religiously as directed and the results were everything I hoped for and more!

The first step in the regime started with the Cleanser For All Skin Types. I was immediately impressed by how bright and smooth my skin looked and how squeaky clean it felt after one use. It gave me a feeling of instant gratification which is something I appreciate in my skincare. The combination of the Bleaching Cream RX, Complete Care and Ultra A did wonders for my complexion. I saw lightening of pigmentation spots after only one week of use. After 5 weeks, I saw a measurable difference in my skin tone and remarkable re-texturizing of areas with acne scarring. The other shining stars in this system are the Firming Cream and the Revitalizing Eye Cream. The Firming Cream did an amazing job eliminating flakiness as a result of the other Vi DERM products I was using that are designed to rid the skin of cellular build up. The rich cream locks in moisture and re-plumps fine lines and wrinkles, leaving behind dewy, youthful skin. The Revitalizing Eye Cream, which I used day and night, effectively targeted puffiness under my eyes. I have hooded lids that naturally appear puffy. This is only accentuated when I've had less than 8 hours of sleep. No matter how much sleep I got the night before, if I applied the eye cream before bedtime, in the morning my eyes weren't puffy! Last but not least, the final step in my regime was SPF 50+ Sun Protection. This was, in my opinion, the most important step in the process. During treatment, ingredients such as retinol, vitamin A an tretinoin make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Without Sun Protection, you will deepen the appearance of the dark spots you are trying to eliminate and cause environmental damage to your skin in the form of MORE pigmentation. The lightweight, oil free formula was a delight to use and didn't leave a ghostly white residue behind like most SPF protection does on darker skin.

Using Vi DERM products made a huge difference for the better in the appearance of my skin. I'm thrilled that I have been able to eliminate the daily use of foundation and concealer because of the vast improvement. The results after one month of use trump anything I've used in the years I've had skin issues. Vi DERM skincare is now a permanent part of my skincare routine!

Vi Derm Results

I am enjoying the most beautiful skin I've had since I was a prepubescent teen. I'm obsessed with the results I've experienced from Vi Peel and Vi Derm. I took the time to meticulously document the changes in my skin. The results are incredible!
Motykie Med Spa

The professionals at Motykie Med Spa have made a loyal client out of me. Their aestheticians are incredibly knowledgeable and have steered me in the direction of several treatments that have made a huge difference in the appearance of my skin. Being a woman of color, I sometimes find it difficult to trust the effectiveness of suggested products because of past experiences. Putting the care of my skin in the capable hands of the good people at Motykie Med Spa has been the best decision ever!

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