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I have wanted breast implants for years, but after...

I have wanted breast implants for years, but after waitressing in a strip club and seeing so many fake boob catastrophies, I kept backing out. If I was gonna do it, I wanted to go large. Seen too many women go for the "natural" look, only to go back and spend more money to go bigger. I never thought I could get an amazing boob job because I was a B cup w/ very tight skin. Dr. Dass is a miracle worker. I am 5 days out of surgery I got the DD/E boobs I desired, they are perfect already and haven't even dropped and softened yet. I just can't believe it, see for yourself...See Dr. Dass, you will NOT regret it!

2 wks since my surgery, w/ pics!

Well, in a bikini my boobs look awesome, but as you can see, naked, i still need a whole lot of droppage of the boobage! And can anyone tell me what "fluff" means?? What i loved about my boobs is that there's not a huge

2 wks since my surgery w pics!

Not a huge gap in between my breast s, the nipples are perfectly alligned, and although the breasts have not taken their final formation, they are exactly the same shape and size, in some pics they may not look it, but they are, trust me, ive been analyzing them very closely...anyways, this gives me hope that onece they drop, i should have a nice pair of hooters! Cross your fingers for me! I ran out of meds and am crying like a baby now. Does anybody have the following symptoms during 2 wk post op?: sore nipples, bad back pain, sharp pains near incisions? This sucks, i think i may ask for one more wks worth of meds...dr said they look great and to begin massaging, but they hurt too much, and im out of meds...what to do....oh sorry i have kids band aids on my nipples, its because they are so sore!! Trying to refrain from them brushing up against anything..lol

Going on 4 wks post op

Man, im still in pain! The sharp pains around incisions are gone thankful for that, but nipple soreness pretty bad, still feels like implants want to pop out of my chest, but i can sleep on sides now, woo hoo. Im on my last pills=/ and i think i am stuck w this new back pain due to the weight of the boobs, oh well i knew the job was dangerous when i took it lol. On a good note, my incision scars are almost invisible! (under the breast) that amazes me. I am on norcos, been drinking lots of cranberry juice so not to get yeast infection from the meds and eating good, trying to heal the best i can. If any of you have suggestions for faster healing or good over the counter creams or painkillers, id love to hear, oh and tge massaging sux, so lazy when it comes to that, but i have to, i want them to drop so bad, i heard it can take 6 mo?

5 1/2 weeks! swelling and squarish upper pole all gone!

2 Months Post Op, Please Dont tell me I have Capsular constriction?!??

Ive just recently taken up this concern because it has been 2 mo and my right breast is waaay harder than the left. and higher. Today i started massaging the hec out of it, it seems softer but implant is still significantly firmer. Pllleeaaassee tell me i dont have CC, i have NO more $$ for this;( I set an appt. to see my PS this week, wish me luck ladies!!

Not sure if i have CC

Well, i saw my PS yesterday, he aggresively massaged my breasts for a few minutes, (no pop) thank goodness i told him not to perform capsultomy or whatever on me where they squeeze your boob so tight the capsule pops... so after that i noticed it was a little softer, then he prescribed me Accolate. its for asthma, but from what i hear it has helped to soften CC in 50% of cases ...So, i need to start taking this twice a day and see him back in 2 wks. Ive quit drinking and only very rarely smoke, but, no more im going on a health kick, I am determined on getting this boob right! Anybody else wondering if you have CC, or have you had it? Trying to do as much research as possible, thanks..
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