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I've been wanting to get a nose job since...I...

I've been wanting to get a nose job since...I honestly don't know how long it's been since I wanted one. I've always had a large "Arab" nose as the kids at school would call me. I've been called all kinds of names and I was always told that as I grew eventually my nose would fit into my face. Welp fast forward now I'm 23 and I told myself i would wait until after I graduated college.

I honestly had moments when i was feeling myself or I would forget about my nose until i would be out with my friends and walk past a store window or something and catch the reflection of my profile as I walked by and it would make me so depressed that many times I would just go home. People talk about loving yourself and blah blah but when you don't feel like who you are looking at in the mirror is you. It's just all wrong.

I never considered myself hideous...per se just disproportioned. I've always symmetry in my face, a more softer feminine face and I've always felt that it was my nose that was just throwing everything off.

I went to many surgeons for consultations but because the work to be done on my nose was so extensive the quotes were from 10k - 19k. I'm like ok I'm not made out of money and people say yeah it's your face and whatever but it's more of they have to pay for the location, office fees, cost of business, marketing and so forth. I considered going to Brazil or Korea but I couldn't find anyone who wanted to go with me.

Finally I found Dr. Hazani and from the first consultation I knew he was going to be the one to perform. He knew exactly what I was looking for and walked me on how to achieve what i wanted. I also like that he is so realistic and warns you about the limits on what he can achieve. I of course have thick oily skin and he warned me that my biggest enemy would be the tip of my nose because of my skin.

I put down my $1000 deposit that day and scheduled the procedure with him.

Day of Surgery:

Came in everything went smoothly. Fell asleep and woke up with a new nose. Got home and was so drugged up couldn't feel a damn thing.

Honestly there was no pain.

Day 2:

Rhinoplasty isn't what I thought it would be...it's a lot more ugly than painful. For the most part I just stayed in bed although my throat was killing me like a mf from the tube during surgery. My god I haven't experience a sore throat like that in a really long time.

Day 3:

My eyes started to swell up to the point where they looked like mangled little peepholes. My mom would come into my room and just start crying. Nigerians are so dramatic. I would get tea bags and drench them then just sit them on my eyes and go to sleep. It really did help with the swelling.

Day 4:

irst post-op with the surgeon. He removed the stuffing in my nose and finally I got breathe a little bit better. He decided to keep the cast on my nose for another 4 days and he told me to come back to remove the cast and the external stitches. As soon as I came home the bottom of my face started to swell up and I could feel gravity on my nose. I think it was because the gauze piece under my nose was gone. So now I look like I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out. My eyes still swollen and I still look like I got beat up by a gang of people. My throat hurt a little less and I was able to swallow something other than unsalted chicken broth. Of course because I couldn't taste anything any my throat hurt so bad my diet consisted of Ensure and water for the first 4 days.

Day 5:

The swelling in my eyes start to go down and my throat hurts a lot less...barely noticeable at this point. From the beginning of the surgery I was taking absolutely no pain meds...weren't needed. Until day 5 and I think my body focused it's concentration of pain from my throat to my nose. This was the first time since surgery that I felt that pain of rhinoplasty. it felt like my nose was on fire and I could every stitch, sulture my god it hurt. I took 2 hydrocodine pills and knocked out.

Day 6:

Had something to eat that required I had to chew it...that was a really weird sensation. There is still considerable amount of bruising under my eyes but no swelling. One under eye is more bruised that the other but eh...makeup?

Day 7:

Today I decided to make an attempt to look decent. Did my hair and cleaned up. I have absolutely no pain and no need of pain pills but my god sometimes I get this itch under the nose cast and I want to cry. I almost felt like sneezing and I freaked the hell out. I didn't sneeze though thank God. The swelling in my face is starting to go down and I'm beginning to look like a female again. I'm so anxious to get this cast off and the stitches. I know once that happens I'm just going to swell up again for a while -_-

Post Op Pics

Photos from Surgery to Present

Starting to feel like a human again

Just chilin

I forgot to post all angles of before pics

So these are my before pics...so you can get a better angle of my nose...pre op

Splint Came off..on accident

So Dr. Hazani on my first post-op visit told me that I could wash my face and I was really worried about the splint coming off. He said well if the tape comes off..then it will come off. I was washing my face and I tried so hard to avoid my nose...but the splint came off and my nose is now covered in this nasty gooey film of tape residue. That and the sides of my nose where the nostril reduction was has nice ol flaky pieces of skin. At first I thought it was some kind of cream they must of put on then I realized oh nope just dead skin. Gross.

Also I'm super worried because what I saw when the splint came off I was not happy at all. My nose looking straight it head on looks just as big in terms of the spread on my face than before surgery. My profile looks amazing excluding the tip which is now even more swollen but it has the slope. I did notice there is a really small bump on the bridge and I'm really hoping that isn't permanent because the last thing I need is an annoying bump on my nose.

I have my appointment with Dr. Hazani on Tuesday to take a look at everything and remove the external stitches. My god they itch so bad I'm trying really hard not to scratch them.

Stiches Removed - Taped UP

I'm so happy I got my stitches removed and Dr. Hazani was so happy at the way things are looking. I'm sure he is patting himself on the back right now....yes Dr. we get it you have talented hands!

He taped me up as he said compression is going to be my friend in this process. So far so good. I can't get over my profile though its amazing. It's weird driving and not feeling self-conscious about whether some is looking and making fun of me. Or knowing that I can go into a social gathering and feel confident about my face. Wow

Just a quickie!

I went out of town for a girls trip with my mom and sister and there was no way in hell I was gonna sit inside bruised up and waiting. I put on makeup for the first time since surgery and it was challenging to get the hang of it! I used a beauty blender and I had to use a brush to gently apply foundation to my nose. If you are a guy you don't care about this but ladies....your nose will probably still be really sensitive so be gentle! I still have dark bruising under my eye but foundation & conceler covered it right up. To wash my face I do my nose last and place a finger under my nose to alleviate pressure while I very gently remove my makeup with a washcloth. So far so good!

So the swelling has gone down a lot since I last posted. I still feel it under my eyes and I know it will take a while but I'm teally happy with how things are coming along.

A before and after shot for your viewing pleasure.

My surgeon sent me my before pic right before surgery I was like noooooo. The swelling in my tip is still obviously big but that changed are going great!

The bruising under my eyes are stil there and heavy but ehhh what can you do. I'm
Finally getting my skin back into shape but it's gonna take a while because it's really gross people.

More pics from the other night

I've noticed that I have good nose days and bad nose days depending on the weather. Sometimes it will be ultra fabulous and some days it will swell at the tip or on the sides. These pics were from a somewhat bad night cause it was hot earlier in the day.

Like I've said before my profile and 3/4 angle is better than anything because straight on my skin obviously has not adhered to my new shape yet so on the sides of the nose its puffy and the tip is still really swollen.

Omg I'm just so happy!

Flip hair
I'm so happy with how my nose is coming along I know I have a ways to go but I just love it so much already. Today was a good day in terms of swelling it wasn't too much guess cause it wasn't so hot today. I've been using Proactiv to clear my acne and I think that's been helping a lot too in terms of the oilyness on my nose later in the day.

Heat and Rhinoplasty

Ugh this heat in LA is getting to me seriously. I haven't had like a yassss slay nose day in a while now because of the heat. When it's hot it tends to swell a little bit more on the sides of my nose where the skin is still not shrunk down. And my tip gets a little bit bigger. I can't wait for the weather to start cooling down.

Forgot to do my day vid.

Day vid
So I did a night shot and forgot to post up the day vid like I said I would. Yeah I mean I know it's gonna take some time I just hate the wait. I still feel like my nose is too big...maybe if it was slightly smaller. I love it don't get me wrong I can't put my finger on it. It's still very puffy. The tip is still really bulbousy...if that's a word. My profile I love but the tip just throws me off. Also like I said I didn't notice my lips until after my nose job so now I'm getting the top filled. I'm aspiring for facial balance and I'm not there yet.

It's Fall now...well it feels like it now

It's finally getting cold!!! Does that mean less nose bad days??? We will see.

Visit with the good Doctor

So went to Dr.Hazani for my 3 month check up. Everything is going well. Lots of swelling and he keeps reminding me that it will take at least 6-8 months before the swelling subsides. Maybe even a year maybe even more: I'm happy with the progress though. He also told me how many people were coming to the office requesting him because of my review. Behahaha I told him he should hire me for marketing.

At the 6 month range now...time flies

My nose literally changes almost every week...it's really small subtle changes but I see them!

7 month update

Car snap
Just a quick snap in the car! Went for a 7 month follow up. Most likely will be getting injections to fill out the small bumps on the bridge of my nose/ just to make things more even. Other than that I'm in love with my nose and my face now. My mom even laughs because she said since I got the surgery I have not once complained about my nose. I don't mind going out in public without makeup now because I love the overall appearance of my face! My confidence is 100 times better and I'm able to get more business for my company because I'm not afraid to be seen anymore. Dr. Hazani has literally been a godsend and if you are thinking about plastic surgery with him I say do it.

Wow how time shoots by!

So it's been what....a year and 3/4 months now? My nose is still slimming and flaring depending on the temperature and what I'm doing.
I do a lot of yoga so I'm upside down a lot which I'm sure doesn't help when I have what I call bad nose days.
No one notices it but me!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

So far so great! Annette who is my coordinator answers all my questions and Dr. Hazani is so pleasant. He just makes you feel like everything is going to be okay!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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