5'5 3/4, 133.2 lbs, 450cc's Mod Plus Mentor Unders 34A- Bay Area, Yee! CA

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My story is similar to many of the women here on...

My story is similar to many of the women here on RS.
I'm tackling a few things: I've grown insecure about my breast shape and size, and I'm blossoming into a man with all the hairs on my chest.

Before I had my son, I was a struggling 34B, but I was genuinely OK with that. After I finished breast feeding him, I'm now a not as confident A cup. I'd love to have my pre-breasts back but given that I'm going to spend a lot of money on a BA, I'm getting my moneys worth - Small D cup.

Next, I'd like to tackle all the hair on my chest (and chin for that matter) with electrolysis. I grew so much hair when I was pregnant with my son. The dr. said that my hair growth most likely stemmed from testosterone in my body during pregnancy and suggested that it may go away afterwards. One year later - the man in me is strong! The hair is fierce.

The aforementioned have really given my confidence a couple of blows. I'm actually embarrassed that I'm struggling in accepting my new body. I've always thought it to be wrong to pursue cosmetic procedures..and here I am.

I'm excited about having larger/fuller breasts. I'm anxious about the recovery process and telling my ANTI COSMETIC SURGERY family about my augmentation (after I get it). #whatevas

Thus far, I've had 2 consultations. An in person consultation with Dr. Kim in Beverly Hills, an online consultation with Dr. Ortega from Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami, and my 3rd consultation will be in person with Dr. Behmand in the Bay Area later this week.

Consultation 1:
Thus far, Dr. Kim is in the lead. His prices are crazy expensive but his results are freakin worth it. He exceptionally documents his work on YouTube as well as on his web page. He knows what he's doing and more than a lot of Dr's I've researched - seems transparent. I was quoted 10,250 for silicone gel implants with a lift in one my left. If I decide to not get a lift, then it'll be 1K less. I'm still trying to decide. Dr. Kim suggested MOD+ profile implants as high profile could look "gappy" on me.

Consultation 2: Dr. Ortega with Spectrum Aesthetics
This was an online consultation. I'm attracted to their prices (3500 for silicone implants) and for Dr. Ortega's work documented on the website. I was advised that if I pursue high profile silicone implants of 400ccs or greater, I wouldn't need a lift. I'm not sure high profile is what I want though. Meh.. I want to look more natural and I'm wondering if that profile will look natural on me. I'll reach out to him again to inquire on mod+ profile. Actually, I should add, I'm not communicating directly with Dr. Ortega but rather his coordinator. She's sort of like a liaison between the patient and Dr. O. Spectrum A. is totally affordable and legit BUT a lot is compromised as there's really no patient Dr. relationship and they are so busy. I'm a paranoid human being, I need my Dr. available all the time. I won't get that with Spectrum. So they are sort of on the bottom of my list...for now.

3rd Consultation:
Dr. Behman in Walnut Creek, CA. He's fairly close to me and would be the best option geographically. His documented work on his website is impressive. I just wish I could see more photos. I'll update ya'll after meeting with him. He's also the only physician I'm seeing in which the consultation isn't free.

Bottom line - I'm getting my new bweasts...yes..bweasts in September. Just narrowing down my options.

3rd Consultation - PS Chosen!!

Ok. I've ruled out Spectrum Aesthetics. Their prices are attractive but I can't undergo something so life changing and endure not being able to reach my P.S during my healing process. That would simply leave me in a panic. Nothing against any of them and I don't doubt the work done there is great!

Dr. Kim was my first choice prior to meeting Dr. Behind today. Dr. Kim's work is simply AMAZING! but guess what? So is Dr. Behmand's! The pictures in Dr. B's gallery online are amazing but not as many as I wanted to see.

My consultation:
I LOVED Dr. Behmand and I will be proceeding with him. While he doesn't have as many pictures as Dr. Kim online, I was able to view additional photos of his work in the office and just WOW. He is extremely personable, patient, attentive, and willing to answer any questions. He mentioned that a lift really isn't necessary since there's such a subtle difference in the height of my breasts. So no lift for me!

The office coordinator, Ashley is absolutely sweet and also willing to address any questions I had. Prior to leaving she gave me a darling notebook that talks all about the procedure, what to expect and so on. I will be calling her first thing Monday morning to schedule an appointment in September. I really want to get the dang thing now but I want to give myself one more month to process this and slowly prep my home for my recovery.

I'll be back with my pre op appt details.

I didn't ask for butterflys

Since picking the PS I will be moving forward with, I've grown nervous and anxious. I'm still dealing with copious amounts of guilt for wanting to change my body.

I'm also feeling a bit sad. I don't have much support around me on my decision to get a BA other than my boyfriend. I have one sis who isn't for it, but promised to support me when I go through with it. My mother and two other sisters will be furious and I plan on telling them about it after my operation.

I just wish I had more support, that's all.

I'm going to peruse the internets and start planning ahead as to what I'll need to be happy at home during my recovery. That will keep my mind occupied and less heavy.

If any of you have some tips on how to deal with the lack of support, please share them with me.

Deposit Made - Surgery Booked!

So on Monday, I called and scheduled my breast augmentation with Dr. Behmand for September 9. I'm excited, impatient, and still anxious! It seems so far away but I'm happy I have some time to let it all settle in and prepare for the surgery.

I'm still trying to decide on a size. Do I want a small D or a full D? I suppose that's what the sizers are for. I get to try them out during my preop Sept 1.

Wish Pics

These pictures sum up the look I'm going for. They range between a full C to D. I think a small D is the happy medium.

Sizers Appointment -August 17th

Ashley (patient care coord.) has kindly offered to meet me for a sizing appointment. This way, I'll have some idea of what I'm truly looking for before my pre-op Sept 1. I'm excited to see how things turn out. I'll try the rice test for kicks and see how that turns out.

After compression Bra

Apparently, I will be rocking my compression bra the first 7 days after surgery leading to my first post-op appointment. I was curious to see what was recommended afterwards and my PS's office sells Coobie Bras. With exception of sizing issue (running too small), they seems to have mostly positive reviews. I'm still interested in purchasing a Genie bra but at this point, I'll pursue that if I don't like the Coobie. I think the Coobie bras are much cuter (lots of colors and styles) but at the end of the day comfort over cuteness...but comfort and cuteness together?even better.

I'm going to try the Comfort Coobie first, and then rock the Scoop Neck later.

Growing Impatient

I am ridiculously anxious and impatient. I want to get them already. The reason why I scheduled a date in September was to give my breasts more time from breast feeding. My love munchkin so loved comfort boobs at night even though I made damn near nothing. I just wanted to make sure my breasts didn't have more shape shifting to do..lol. They haven't changed a bit..which is GREAT!

Preparing for the big day

It's not payday Friday but I'm acting like it is. Ok so, I needed to buckle down and start purchasing things for the big day. I have mama mio stretch mark oil from when I was pregnant (no stretch marks on my stomach btw) and will finish that up and use bio oil and palmers stretch mark cream (also left over from pregnancy). I don't have awesome pillows so I purchased the bed thingy in the picture below. I'm going to start using it as soon as I get it to get used to sleeping upwards, I also think it'll help my neck pains too. I sleep hella off.

I'm also taking daily womens vitamins, drinking too much water, and eating more fruits and vegetables. I already have a shitload of stool softeners (no pun intended) and a list of meds from the office not to take 2 weeks before and after the big day. The more I prepare, the more confident I am getting.

OK guys, TTYL

Preparing for the big day

It's not payday Friday but I'm acting like it is. Ok so, I needed to buckle down and start purchasing things for the big day. I have mama mio stretch mark oil from when I was pregnant (no stretch marks on my stomach btw) and will finish that up and use bio oil and palmers stretch mark cream (also left over from pregnancy). I don't have awesome pillows so I purchased the bed thingy in the picture below. I'm going to start using it as soon as I get it to get used to sleeping upwards, I also think it'll help my neck pains too. I sleep hella off.

I'm also taking daily womens vitamins, drinking too much water, and eating more fruits and vegetables. I already have a shitload of stool softeners (no pun intended) and a list of meds from the office not to take 2 weeks before and after the big day. The more I prepare, the more confident I am getting.

OK guys, TTYL

Sizer Play

So I took your advice and made some sizers following the guidelines on Ricetest dot com. Based on what I've researched I don't think I'll be going larger than 400 cc's...but not as small as 350 so I went for 375. If my sizers are accurate, this is exactly the size I'm seeking.

My pics show before and after with sizers. A picture of one sizer, and pictures of Dr. Behmand's pics that I like (sidewise).

Of course, I'll have a better idea of what size I'm looking for and cc's when I go in for my sizers appointment in a week and pre op Sept 1. I think 375 would be perfect on me!

What do you guys think? have any of you found the sizer test to be accurate with your post surgery results?


Changed my mind, I think I might go larger than 375ccs. maybe 400cc. I just want a D cup. Can't wait for my sizing appointment next week. Then I can finally rest mind..

Moved my day up!

Changed my surgery date from September 9 to Friday, September 4th. It will be nice to do it right before a 3 day holiday weekend, maybe take one day off and work from home another to help give myself 6 days to heal before physically heading to work.

How soon did you or do you plan on returning to work after your BA? Mine will be 6 days. It's a desk job so I should be fine..but I'll need to leave home early to get a seat on the train..It would be great if I could drive, but it would be 20 minutes..not sure I want to do that soo soon.

Bra shopping

I recently ordered 3 coobie bras, now I've purchased 2 bras from Haynes. There's currently free shipping and 50% off some bras. While I'm healing, I will definitely need bras that don't have straps that are too thick especially when I do back to work. Once I'm done healing, I'll finally purchase some sexay bras..till then comfort is my biggest priority.

I like that these bras go by s, m, or large which allows me to get them now since medium fits a c or d cup.

There is one more bra that I want (Under Armour) but I'm waiting for my pre-op to talk with Dr. Behmand about how large my implants will be. If a D will be ok on my body and give me the look I want, then I know what size sports bra to get with that brand!

K. Talk to you loves later.

Sizing Appointment - 475CC is a go!

Had my sizing appointment yesterday and I'm fairly certain I'll be going with 475ccs. I was wearing 425 cc's which would be representative of 475 implants under the muscle. The slightly larger one is representative of what 500cc's would look like on me. A bit too big for my comfort.

10 days left =D

But who's counting?

Lab work, done!

My preop will be next Tue, Sept 1st. I'll try the 475 and 500 sizers with the Dr to get a final opinion as well. I'll be back thennnnnnn.

Told my Mom

Well, after MUCH deliberation, I decided to tell my mother that I'm getting a BA. I just think that she should know before I go into surgery and not find out afterwards. She's very upset and even more scared about all the possibilities of things not working out. She always eers on the side of paranoia. Not to say that her concerns aren't legitimate - because they are, but she's a very anxious person and things can go from 0 to 1000 in a matter of milliseconds. The conversation ended with her crying and then hanging up the phone. I feel terrible that she's hurt and scared.
I'll call her tomorrow to check on her. I love my mom and care for her feelings.

For now, I'm focusing on my pre-op tomorrow. I need to make sure that all my questions are ready for tomorrow. I'm happy to about connect with Dr. Behind again!

Pre-Op Appt - 450 or 475 cc's and PAID IN FULL!

I had my prep appointment and it went well!
I tried on the sizers that would be 475ccs and Dr. Behmand liked the way they looked only wishing for more fullness in my profile (which would warrant going larger) From the front they looked great! At this point we began entertaining the thought of 500 cc's but Dr. Behmand wanted to look at the pictures he took of me during my consultation.

After looking at my photos he noted a couple of challenges in going larger with me, the main being I'm fairly narrow and I show early signs of ptsosis (sagging! booness!) . With that in mind, if I go bigger now, when it comes time to replace my implant I would most likely need a lift. If I go a bit smaller now (450 and not 500), I could go larger during my implant replacement and avoid a lift (most likely). I'm TOTALLY cool with that.

Because I liked the look of 475 during my sizing appointment, he's going to consider that as well and decide during surgery whether or not to use the 475s or 450s. I'm ok with either.

Now I'm just WAITING t'ill FRIDAY!


I really think larger breasts with more cleavage would compliment my figure. I'm excited to post before and afters in the upcoming weeks.

T minue 1 day and 4hrs.

Picked up my prescription yesterday. Stocked up on baby food for my lil man.
Need to go grocery shopping today, and tie up all loose ends at work.

Tomorrow is the day. Not sure how I feel ....ain't nobody trying to be in pain! I hope I'm one of those miraculous cases where I feel no pain and can do back flips hours after surgery! One can wish.

In the waiting room!

Scheduled for 3pm and it is 230!...getting a headache from nervousness! See you soon ladies! Pray for that all will be well for me!

Day of Surgery and Post op Day 1

Thank you all for your warm well wishes loves! My surgery has successfully come and gone.

Surgery Day:
My surgery was scheduled for 3pm but began a little after 4pm. I remember being wheeled to the OR, being transferred on to the table and then waking up to a soft voice and kind face (nurse Jamie) asking me how I was feeling.

I was under a blanket and decided that I wasn't going to try to look at my breasts. I felt pressure (not overwhelming either) and no pain, nor soreness. I asked for the cc's used and Dr. Behmand felt that 450cc's would be best on me...no complaints there!

They called my BF and he came to pick me up and I was home by 7.
My breasts looks pretty flat but I don't feel crazy pressure from the compression bra. I definitely look forward to dropping and fluffing.

Post Op Day 1:
I totally took a Norco at 2am this morn and forgot to eat something with it. Consequence? At 2:30 I threw up into a bag I was given at the hospital and my boyfriend threw it in the TRASH CAN!! He's so weird, that one. Made him empty the trash this morning.

Anyhow, I decided not to retake my medicine for fear of overdosing (even tho I'm sure I threw it up) and to suck it up until my next scheduled time for med (5 hrs later). The pain was tolerable but sort of uncomfortable. I'm not in pain like I thought I'd be..which is great. If this continues, I don't think I'll be taking pain meds after tomorrow.

What is most uncomfortable for me is my sore throat from the operation. Also, every time I sit upright, or walk, I get nauseated. I have nausea pills but I'm trying not to take it. I've been sipping on ginger ale to help.

Anyhow, too lazy to take hella pictures so here's one I took this morning. I made sure to put on makeup to look nice for you ladies.

I'll be back with more pictures etc.

No pain? No soreness? I was trippin'

I can't believe it's barely been 24 hrs since I've had my BA. I have to say, I'm SO GLAD I don't have my post op for a week. I wouldn't have wanted to chug myself anywhere today.

I experienced my first bout of morning boob. It reminds me of when I stubbed my toe badly last year, every time I got up, I had to get ready for the shooting pain until everything settled down. Morning boob resembles that soreness/tenderness.

Here's where I am today:
I'm feeling more discomfort than yesterday:
My nausea is pretty much gone
I have this terrible headache that I can't shake off
I'm still taking pain meds (norco) but no anti nausea pills
I felt the slightest bit of burning on my right breast and then it went away
From what I can tell my left nipple/areola is numb and my right isn't.
Pressure is fierce right now..tolerable...but irritating.
Now, I can feel soreness.

I haven't seen them yet, I figure I'll see them when I finally shower.
I can shower tomorrow, but I'm in no rush to smell like roses if I'm this sore. I can wait an extra day.

I miss picking up my son terribly! but we work around it. He comes and sits next to me and we watch little Einstein together on my tablet.

Post Op Day 2 Photos

Anybody need moving boxes? I've got two of them on my chest!

I haven't taken them out of the bra yet. Waiting for shower day to do that. Come to think of it, I'm really mustering up the courage to look at my new and glorious chocolate canon balls. I guess I'm a bit nervous!

I figure the support from my bra gives me relief but I want to know what it feels like to be clean again. I'll just have to suck it up tomorrow.

I'll be back with more updates laters loves!

I saw my mom today

She's funny and sweet. Minutes before my surgery she texted me to let me know that while she didn't support my decision in "any way, shape, or form", she still loved me and prayed for me. I love my mom!
I saw her today and I must say, I've never had anyone purposely avoid looking at my chest, lol! She kept on asking me if I was ok, but her eyes never went above my brows or below my nose. Her gaze was fixed!

It was worth telling her. It feels good to be honest, and she's one of the most important people in my life. It wouldn't have been right to do it any other way. Not my oldest sister is bat ish crazy, I won't be telling her because I want to live another day.

To Norco or not to Norco

That is the question.

Post op Day 2:
So far, day 2 was the most challenging day for me. The headache partnered with general breast soreness and morning boob was tough. To help alleviate all of that, I thought sleeping at a higher angle would help, additionally, I decided not to take any pain medicine throughout the night unless I woke up from pain ( for fear that the Norco was aggravating my headache) which I didn't.

Post op day 3:
Today makes day 3 post op and I'm not in any significant pain. I've taken norco once today. I'm about 6 hrs past when I was supposed to take my last Norco (I didn't need to take it though) At this point, what I've noticed is that it takes away the heaviness I sometimes feel, which ultimately makes taking deep breathes effortless.

When I take the norco, I feel like I can do anything! Sometimes, it's good to remember that I'm healing and to just relax. Shoot, I'm going to take a Norco.

I'm starting to feel the weight of it all, my mid back is sore and I'm so bummed that I can't get a massage yet. I'm trying to move around a bit to help combat any stiffness.

I thought I could shower today, but it turns out I can't until tomorrow. I think I'll muster some courage and take a few pics today of my ladies today.

Ok loves! BBL!

Pictures and update

Post op Day 5 : Everything seems cool today. Just pressure/tightness. No sharp or burning pains which is appreciated. I ended up on my side last night and woke up with one swollen boob (the side I was resting on) which calmed down a few hours later. My compression bra is starting to feel uncomfortable, but I'm happy I've nearly made it to my first pre-op appointment scheduled for tomorrow. I hope to get the OK to take them off!

Tonight will be my first night without pain medicine. Not too worried about it, but I know that I'll be a tad stiff in the morning. I'll most likely take something for that if the stiffness doesn't wear off after breakfast.

Here are some pics for you to see where I'm at so far! I look hella oiled up and sexay in the after photos, but not intentionally! I just used bio oil (to help prevent stretch marks).

My breasts have a lot of settling to do! I find that I'm getting more and more excited as the days come and go. I truly hope to have beautiful results.

When did you guys stop taking your pain meds?

I've named them.

Left - she shall be named Camille
Right - she shall be named Jasmine


1st Post op Appt

Dr. Behmand told me that 450 was literally all my body would allow (safely) during surgery and I'm completely OK with that!

His preference is to let everything happen naturally..no band..no massaging..etc. however, he thought I'd be a good candidate for the band.

He gave me one and showed me how to use it which is straight forward enough! I was instructed to use it whenever I can. If my body is ok with it, cool..if it's uncomfortable then take it off.

No more bras for me for a while. I've never been the braless type so this will be new but welcomed.

His med asst. was sweet and changed my tape for me. Initially when I walked in I saw some tape removal tools and was like wtf mate? But i got over it.
I also received my tape and will change them once a week for 2 months (ill need to read the directions again).

No pain meds today! Yay!

What else? I think that's it for now.

Morning of Post OP Day 7

Woke up and was like.."where's the pain tho?" no morning boob! Hopefully the turn of a new leaf!

Party Hats and Pressure

My lil sis (A.k.a "ultimate ish talker") came over today and saw my new chest...her response?

"great size, wow! but they look like smashed party hats from the side..." LOL..she's an idiot. So I had to explain the entire process to her, how they will settle etc. She wouldn't know about the implant life as she has a similar build to me with natural DDs!

Now when she walks by me, she says I smell like cardboard (in reference to party hats)!

Anyway, my fam and I are over the top silly! Funny story I wanted to share with you.

Now on to Post OP Day 8:

*No morning boob again today. I'm really happy about that but I know that at so early in the healing stages, anything can happen.

*My biggest woe right now is the pressure I'm feeling. I find that I'm getting better each day but it's moving along slower than I would like (impatient!) The pressure on my chest is somewhat overwhelming.

I wore the band 6 and a half hours throughout the day (yesterday) and found myself pretty uncomfortable the entire time. Understandably, it increased the pressure I was feeling.

I'm wearing the band as we speak! I'm going to try to wear it for at least 8 hours today. I'm not sure I can bare an entire day (luckily I wasn't asked to to that).

How is everyone feeling with the pressure? or how did you cope with it? I'm in no pain but I am very uncomfortable with the pressure. Every now and again, I find that I need to take my time speaking so not to run out of breath. I realize that this is all part of the healing process where my muscles need to relax and implants settle...but sheesh!

I completely understand how my pressure cooked oxtails feel now. It's an overwhelming experience.

Aside from all of that! - I think they look a tad more settled. I'll be posting more comparison pics next week. Till then, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

MIA too long!

Hi Guys! Sorry, I've been gone for so long! Once I went back to work, I couldn't find the time to update you all but I realize that's not very fair!

On day 10/11 post surgery, the insane tightness I had decreased immensely. Thereafter, the healing process was smooth.

It's been about 9.5 months and my breasts have dropped and look great. Surprisingly, I'm now a 32DDD (which blows my MIND)! I don't feel like I look it, however, that was my sizing at Victorias Secret.

Do I wish they where bigger? Yes, and no.
Yes - I got used to their size while swollen and liked the larger size. They seemed a little small (but there really weren't) when the swelling went down.
No - They are truly perfect for my body! If they where any larger, finding proportionate dresses would be hard. They look natural! It's perfect.

All in all I'm happy with the size and regret nothing about it. Dr. Behmand did a phenomenal job!

I've been able to exercise with them, jog, run, lift weights (not too heavy 12.5lbs), etc. I'll try my darndest to post a picture for you guys to see my final results.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Coming up soon

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