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I am not one to usually 'review' anything until...

I am not one to usually 'review' anything until I've gone through the procedure or met the provider but I have been SO incredibly impressed by Dr. Emer and staff that I decided to start this review a little early.

I am scheduled to see Dr. Emer for a consultation on 4/25/16 for a skin assessment, possible punch excision of a dilated pore, mole removal, scar therapy treatment plan and..... pew! pew! Laser talk :)

I know very little about types of lasers and use having never had a laser treatment so I'm sure it will be an interesting and informative consultation.

So.... While I can't speak of the consultation/treatments just yet what I can share is my initial impression and experience with Dr. Emer and his staff.

I chose to consult with Dr. Emer after seeing how active he was on Real Self and of all the before and after pics uploaded by dermatologists, his results were the most dramatic.

If you are considering Dr. Emer for a treatment you probably know he's kind of a big deal :) I reached out to Dr. Emer through social media and was shocked when he responded personally before I had even scheduled a consultation. If you have any experience with highly regarded Doctors in Los Angeles you will know that personal contact outside of scheduled office time is a rarity. So the fact that Dr. Emer took the time to make sure one of his lovely office staff (Nicole) contacted me and was able to schedule me in AND answered my questions quickly and personally was surprising and refreshing.

I am very much looking forward to my consultation/ treatment and hearing Dr. Emers recommendations. I have a feeling that Dr. Emer is going to be instrumental in helping me finally love the skin I'm in :)

I will update this review after my consultation.

The deed is done!

I flew to LA on 4/25/16 and met with Dr. Emer later that afternoon. I have to say that I was super impressed and grateful that Dr. Emer and staff were so willing and able to accommodate my wish for a consultation/treatment within a short time period (I was only in town for 2 days) knowing how busy he is- and how relatively basic and mundane what I wanted done was- mole removal and a punch excision was- the fact Dr. Emer made the time to see me meant a lot.

So... My first impression of his office was that it was full of light, comfortable, tastefully decorated and bustling with positive energy. As a side note, there is a giant splatter print artwork in the waiting area which is both uplifting and entrancing, it reminded me of a beautiful piece I had seen in a London art gallery years before and thought it was a perfect, purposeful selection for the space so kudos to the decorator.

My motivation for seeing Dr. Emer was to remove a tiny but deep-ish hole by my nose, a mole on my face and moles on my neck and chest. Not too hard, right? Surely any 'ol local Dermatologist could do this and you're probably wondering why I travelled to California from the East Coast for this. Fair question- and you are not alone as many of my family members asked the same thing....

My answer was- this is my FACE. I only get one of these- so I'm only going to entrust it to the best. The truth of the situation was, the idea of a punch excision and having a scar right in the MIDDLE of my face was and is terrifying. However, I was at the point where the hole by my nose bothered me so much I needed to do something about it BUT I also had to make sure the person who did it would not leave me devastated and with a large, ugly scar being worse off than where I started.

My extensive online sleuthing turned up one guy who met all my prerequisites a few of those being- knowledgeable, experienced
and innovative with a proven track record of absolute precision- Dr. Jason Emer.

After seeing Dr. Emers Facebook page, watching the videos he posted and reading his glowing patient reviews I felt I had found someone I could trust.

And..... I was not disappointed!

So... Consultation time- I initially met with Celeste who can only be described as perfection. Seriously, this lady is as friendly and sweet as she is stunning- if I could look half, okay, even a quarter as great as she does now (shes a bit older than me- not that you would ever guess) I would be thrilled! While Celeste took down a little history and what I wanted to be seen about we chatted, had a lot of laughs and shortly after we were joined by Dr. Emer who was charming and personable despite having just finished surgery and who probably wanted a donut as opposed to meeting with yet another patient for such boring stuff (comparatively) in the dermatological realm :)

During our consultation I found Dr. Emer to be extremely focused, thorough and attentive and felt like I was talking with someone I had known for years. Without airs or judgement my time with Dr. Emer was comfortable, open and I felt at ease discussing each of my concerns.

Our consultation was lengthy and I pointed out what I wanted Dr. Emer to assess and address for treatment the following day. I spoke of the moles I wanted removed and the tiny hole by my nose which had strangely opened up out of nowhere about a year ago. Dr. Emer then examined me and I found out the hole was in fact a dialated pore of winer. We then made a short (mole removal, punch excision and treatment of a strange spot on my chest which had developed a week before) and long (facial and body, creams and laser work) term individually tailored plan.

The following day I returned for the first stage of the treatment plan, which included-

1) First up- the cosmetic mole removal of one larger dermal nevi on my right cheek and moles and tags on my neck. Dr. Emer performed shave excision with laser/hyfrecation blending.

2) Punch excision removal of the dilated pore of winer on my left cheek. Dr. Emer closed the wound with dissolvable stitches and I was instructed that if the stitches are there in 7-10 days I can remove them at home then treat with scar gel.

3) Dr. Emer also started me on a skin care regimen in preparation for fraxel dual laser treatment with microneedling/PRP at my next apt on July 19 to help with my freckles, brownspots and for antiaging purposes.

4) Dr. Emer performed a pulsed dye laser treatment to my nose diffuse redness and dilated blood vessels, also to the scar on my chest.

5) The scar on my chest was also injected with 5FU and kenalog (steroid) to help decrease its size and soften the look. Dr. Emer did mention that it may need to laser it in the future and/or possibly surgically remove it if it doesn't respond to lasers.

6) For those who don't know- Dr. Emer has been doing some amazing work with hi definition liposuction. We discussed his "hi def physique" creations- you can check them out on his facebook page- the transformations are quite fantastic! Dr. Emer mentioned that he thinks I would be an ideal candidate which was quite flattering.

So... All in all, a very positive treatment experience. Since I left and travelled home I have been in contact with Dr. Emer and Celeste who have both immediately answered the many annoying 'I'm so sorry but I forgot to ask xyz type of questions' I sent them. If I wasn't convinced before that I had made the right choice by selecting and investing in a long term skincare relationship with Dr. Emer, I was 100% sure when Dr. Emer personally reached out to check that I had made it home safely. After seeing firsthand how how run-off-his-feet-busy Dr. Emer is, I was touched by his kindness and thoughtfulness and it was then that I truly knew just how much of a gem Dr. Emer is- not only was he engaged in my treatment process, he has been active, present and on hand for my aftercare; going above and beyond.

For those looking for a skilled, understanding and innovative Dermatologist, I wholeheartedly recommend you book a consultation (either in person or online) with Dr. Emer- you won't be disappointed!

I can honestly say, my time with Dr. Emer and staff surpassed my expectations and I am very much looking forward to seeing how I heal and my next appointment!

Healing nicely

I have been following Dr. Emers post treatment instructions and think I am healing quite well for being in the early stages.

The only thing which is slightly annoying is that the mole which was removed under right eye has caused the area to puff up and is quite sore. But.... This complaint is me reaching for one- it is a little tender to the touch but no real pain.

At this stage I have no regrets and am hoping that once the stitches come out at the site of the pore of winer that I won't be left with a huge dent- fingers and toes crossed! :)

Quick update!

Just a quick check in today, the slight pain I was feeling is pretty much gone and the redness at removal sites has faded significantly. Things are improving daily and I'm very hopeful for
a wonderful result :)

10 days- Amazed!

I am THRILLED!!! Seriously, Over-the-moon happy! I was terrified I was going to end up with a scar that was unsightly having been advised against a punch excision by two physicians prior to finding Dr. Emer on the basis that a punch excision would leave a scar that I couldn't disguise... Well, I am only 10 days post excision with the stitches coming out 2 days ago and while there are slight depressions from the stitches they are able to be hidden pretty well with makeup, aren't horribly obvious without it and in my opinion is 1000 times better than what was there before. Honestly, if this was my end result right now I would be 100% happy with 0 regrets.

That said, I'm scheduled to see Dr. Emer on July 19 for additional treatments which he said should blend everything beautifully so I'm excited to see the final result.

The moles that were removed on my neck are healing nicely as is the scar on my chest which is still raised and quite obvious so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it will fade/flatten out as it really bothers me.

In closing.... Dr. Emer is amazing!

2.5w update!

Everything has been going well, I've been continuing to heal up and having been using the creams recommended by Dr. Emer to speed up healing and prepare my skin for the upcoming laser et al. treatment.

The spot on my chest is a bizarre thing, about a week before I was due to fly to LA it appeared and despite not touching or really even knowing what it is or the cause of it, it is SO prominent that it has become a major source of frustration. Just awful. Concealer blends it well (pics attached- neck down is bare, makeup and concelear free) but I am hopeful it will fade or... Best case scenario- go away over the next few weeks/month and not make me spend additional money to address it (or maybe I should just start investing in a wardrobe of turtlenecks?) as that would only add insult to injury per se :)

On that note- the pics attached were taken last night, I apologize for the mess I am- this week has been incredibly trying and I've not slept much but hopefully you can see how things are going.

Happy Friday friends!

Almost a month post and SO happy!

It's been a little over a week since my last update and I'm a few days shy of being 1 month post treatment but already I am SO happy with everything improving slowly but surely every day.

I have to admit I'm a bit terrified of my spots becoming hyperpigmented as I've recently discovered my body has a tendency to do so and sometimes throws me a curveball in the healing process to keep things fun for all invested :/

However, I've been following Dr. Emers instructions and the skin care regime he put me on do fingers crossed that won't be an issue. If
My fears do eventuate I am positive Dr. Emer will catch it early and address it so as to ensure the best outcome for me. It's funny, even though my time spent with Dr. Emer has been short, his warmth, caring nature and expertise displayed during our interactions has made it very easy to trust him and know with absolute certainty he has my best interest at heart.

That said, the pics uploaded were taken 2 days ago, the site of the punch excision by my nose is still indented but that is not an issue for me AT ALL. It is not that noticeable without makeup and with makeup blends very well. The spots on my neck/chest are still pretty obvious as they are still red but that is to be expected and again I'm not concerned... Thank goodness for makeup because they can be disguised fairly easily. It will be interesting to see the degree of improvement the upcoming treatments (scheduled for July 19) will bring.

All in all I am beyond thrilled by how things are healing and in my choice of cosmetic dermatologist. Dr. Emer is quite simply the best!

It's been awhile between updates...

I am thrilled to report that my initial fear of a big, obvious and unsightly scar was never realized. In fact, it is the complete opposite! You can barely see any mark at the excision site- no depression, no redness... Nothing!

I know I've said it many times before but I am so grateful for Dr. Emer taking me on as a patient and giving me such a superb result. I've seen SO many pics on RS and online where post excision you can totally tell something was cut out, stitched up and the individual then needed fillers to improve the their appearance- but not me! My excision site is perfectly smooth and no one can even tell that it was the complete opposite only a few short months ago! Before I was always so self conscious of the spot and always work makeup in the hope it wouldn't be SO obvious (it was only slightly improved) well, I can now go make up free and am completely confident in doing so- what was such a small procedure has made a HUGE impact- so thank you a million times over, Dr. Emer!

I could not be happier with my outcome and will be visiting Dr. Emer again on a few weeks for the next phase of my treatment and lip fillers so stay tuned....

Attached are some pics taken recently- with and without foundation- so you can see how well I've healed.
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