41 yrs old ready for a new change - BBL, Tummy Tuck and Lipo...Can't wait for Dr. Hazani to get a hold of me

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I am 41 yrs old and I have 4 kids. 22yrs, 21yrs...

I am 41 yrs old and I have 4 kids. 22yrs, 21yrs and a set of twin girls 12yrs. The last pregnancy which were my twins really did damage to my stomach. I workout about 4 days out of the week. I try my best to eat healthy. I am 5'3 and 148lbs. My ideal weight is 125lbs. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for about 4 yrs already. A few of my friends have done the procedure and they look awesome. I came to the conclusion that no matter how much I workout, my body won't change. I might lose a few pounds but my access skin won't go away. I was asking myself, "How do I chose a good Surgeon?" I watch the show "Botched" and it freaks me out. Thank God for RealSelf. I read stories and I can relate to every single person in here. I am ready for a change. It's all about me. My surgery is schedule for July 16, 2015 and it sucks that I have to keep it from my family. My mom does not agree and is against my idea. I had to coordinate my surgery around my mom's scheduled vacation. I love her and hate to do things behind her back. I know she has my best interest at heart but for once, I want to do something that is going to make me happy. My husband has been the person that has been very supportive and the one that will take care of me 100%. I will be posting photos of before and after. Which me luck

7 wks away....pre op

I'm 7 wks away from transforming my body to what I have always dreamed of. As the weeks get closer, I'm starting to feel a bit of nervous. This is what I do all day...I log into my RealSelf account and read and read and read...I sit in my desk and watch YouTube videos of BBL and TT procedures that people has gone through. It's good to research the good and the bad....I kind of stay away from the Botch procedures but it's good to be aware of surgeries going wrong...i guess that's my biggest fear. After consulting 3 different doctors, I'm certain I chose the right one, Dr. Ron Hazani from Beverly Hills. My husband is so cute....He tells me not to worry about anything, I will be in good hands...just watch and see....then I take a deep breath and agree with him...until next time

Hate this body

I can't even look in the mirror and say I look good or i feel sexy. My husband has never seen me fully naked. When I change clothes and he's in the bedroom, I change in the restroom. I want this transformation more than ever. I want to be able to walk around naked....lol feeling sexy for my husband. In less than 2 months I will be posting and giving u guys an update. See you on the flat side :)

Counting Down the days

I'm counting down my days. I had a family gathering this past Saturday and I wish I could off confirmed my surgery day with them but I'm keeping it a secret because I don't want my mom to find out. I am an adult and I shouldn't ask anyone for permission but I would love for her to give me her blessing and literally take care of me but that's not happening. My mom is an old fashion Mexican woman and she believes what she believes. Love her to death though ;)


I work for a law firm and my boss gives his employees referral fees for any cases we bring to the office and settle. Well I brought in a case about 2 yrs ago and it has been the biggest case that has settle in our office that any employee has brought in so far. It settled for $1.5 million and my referral fee was $20,000. I couldn't believe it. I made an appointment next week to pay off the balance which is $10,700. I'm still gonna have some money left in case of an emergency. U see, I would have never been able to save $11,200 on my own. I was a single parent of 4 kids for almost 10 yrs and I was always short on funds. Thank god, God put this wonderful man into our lives that is literally taking care of me and my family. Got engaged almost 2 yrs ago, bought us a home and we are being taken care off. I asked my husband last night if he thought I was being selfish and spending money that we can probably invest but he said NO. He said he knows how much I've been wanting this surgery and he felt bad knowing he couldn't help me financially. He's so caring but he already asked for his days off so he can be home taking care of me. I'm a month away and this is starting to feel so surreal

Bath time

woke up early this morning to get my 12 yrs old girls ready for their hiking little trip. My husband left to work so I had my house to myself. What to do, what to do. I'm looking at our brand new wooden floors and I know it was time for that shine. I thought about it for a second cause polishing the floors is not as simple as it looks LOL....There is a big livingroom, dinning room, full kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a long as hallway. I got tired just thinking about it. Well it took me a little over an hour...I made dinner already now I'm here taking a bubble bath cause I think, momma deserves it. But look at this nasty stomach. I can't wait to have my little tiny waist where I'm fully bathing not half ways bathing...LOL The day is getting closer

No booty

So I have been posting photos is my ugly stomach because I have an upcoming TT but I also have a BBL the same time. I hate my whole body. I have a bigger stomach than booty...lol I'm really praying that Dr. Hazani takes me out this misery. When I met with him he told me he was going to do an hour glass waist with a little fat on the hips and a big booty. i was all smiles when I met with him. I have a wish pick I printed out and I'm taking it on the day of my surgery


So I finally received my vitamins. This is what it says:
"The Make Me Heal plastic Surgery Healing multi nutrient kit pre & post-op formula has been designed specific to help patients accelerate healing and obtain better cosmetic results following plastic surgery by providing all the vital healing supplements, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that has been shown to be vital for preparing your body for surgery and for helping one have a faster recovery"

I can't believe I have less than a month and it feels so surreal

Who pays cash for BBL?

I have a question especially for people that has gone to Dr. Hazani for their surgery. I'm less than month to my surgery and I have not paid my balance because Annett from Dr. Hazani is requesting that I pay my balance in cash. Really? I thought debit was considered cash too. I have the money but i find that kind of odd. Not only that, I got a receipt from her for the $500 deposit from a receipt book that I can buy in CVS or 99c store. I have been prolonging this. I'm supposed to pay my balance a week before my surgery but she made an appointment for me to drop off $10,500 in cash by tomorrow. How can I get a hold of Dr. Hazani to ask him some questions? Who has his email that they can provide to me? I need help from my Hazani Dolls. I'm still excited to go through this procedure but I don't want to leave someone $10,500 in cash and have no kind of paper trail....I work hard for my money

This is such a Headache

So I had an appointment to go pay my balance at 12:30 today during my lunch hour but the traffic was such a b**ch... I text Annette at Dr. Hazani to tell her that I would not be able to make it in an hour to and from so I wanted to see if I can stop by today or any other day after work. I have explain to her many times that for me, doing anything after work is better then doing things doing my work hours. I work for a Law Firm and my work hours are hectic. We are short staff right now and I'm scheduled to be out of the office for 2 wks for my surgery so i'm just trying to get my desk organized. I know Annette also meet clients on Saturdays so I asked her if I can come in this Saturday and all she text me back was "No sorry"....really.....I'm so upset with how she is handling things. I get that she is busy but here I am driving around with $10,500 in cash in my purse. I have until July 9th to pay my balance and she is not working with me. What should I do...? My surgery date is scheduled for July 16th and I feel I'm barely in the beginning of the process...I have a big headache thinking about this. I hear a lot about a Michelle from Dr. Hazani and I wish I was dealing with her at this time. We'll see what happens.


I am exactly 2 weeks away from surgery. Just did my labs today. I hope I'm clear and all is well with my labs. I see that a lot of people have their labs done month prior to surgery but Dr Hazani request that I get mine done 2 weeks before. I started taking my multi vitamins today from Make-Me-Heal and to be honest I felt a little weird afterward. I felt a little light headed but I think that my body is reacting to something new. I recall the last time I took any vitamins. I know these 2 wks are gonna fly by. I have made a list of things I need to buy thanks to all these wonderful woman in here that have gone thru this procedure. I bought Arnica, blue sheet, scar strips, compression garment, pineapples juice, bigger pajamas, slip on shoes, baby wipes, adult wipes, alcohols, peroxide, sanitizer, gloves etc....I would like to think I have the most important things already.
As I have said before, my parents are totally against my decision and I did schedule my surgery during their schedule vacation. I'm talking my mom up North to San Jose along with my twins girls (12yrs old) they will be up there for a month and my dad is going to Mexico to visit his family the same day and he'll be out of the country for about 2 months. I hate that I have to lie to my parents but at this point, the last thing I need is negativity in my life.
I'm taking exactly 2 wks off of work but the manager said If I need more time, she can give me an extra week.
My next post will probably be on my way to the surgery center. Pray for me and wish me luck u guys. See y'all on the flat side

Where can I find these

So I screened shot these 2 photos from some dolls in RealSelf but i cannot seem to find this. I have surgery in 10 days and I need it before my BBL. I live in Los Angeles, CA so if anyone has seen these, can u tell me where. Thanks a bunch

Where can I find these

Feeling Nervous

I'm 3 days away from my surgery and i'm starting to feel a bit anxious. I'm waiting on the call from my Dr. office to tell me the time of my surgery. I'm hoping it's first thing in the morning. Once I knew I was having surgery, I stopped working out especially cause I wanted to gain a few more pounds so the Dr. can harvest enough fat for my BBL. I worked out this past Saturday and I hurt my back really bad that I struggle to get up every time. I'm using the Arnica I bought for my surgery to rub my back and it's working a little. I'm so mad at myself. The last thing I wanted to do is be disable prior to surgery.... =( Hopefully by the time my surgery comes, I'm feeling much better. Well my lovely ladies, wish me luck cause I'm gonna need it.

Feeling Anxious....

Tomorrow is my big day. I have to be in the Surgery center at 6 am. I still have a lot to do at home. I washed my sheets, pillow shams and my blanket this morning. I have to get home and cook and prep my meals for a week. Chop up my fruits, prep my veggies and cook my chicken. My husband is taking a wk off work but he can't cook, at least what I need to eat. I get out off work at 5pm and takes me an hour to get home. My mother-in-law is lending me a recliner chair for a month that we have go and pick up. I have a feeling that I'm not going to have enough time to do every thing I need to do before tomorrow morning. All I need to do is relax my mind and hope and pray that everything is going to come out ok. Pray for me, until next time.

Made it to the flat side

I had my surgery done at 8am and by time I woke up it was 2:30 and I was in soooo much pain. They gave me some pain medication and I woke up at 4:30. It took an hour to get home. I hate rush hour. I slept almost all the way until I started feeling like wanting to throw up and that was the worst pain ever. It's very uncomfortable to get comfortable after a tummy tuck and BBL. I have been alternating side my side. I did my recliner all the way back and so my husband put some pillows behind my rib cage and that feels better. I'm not trying to lay on my butt one bit. My doctor, by the way, he is the best promised me that I will have an glass figure, flat tummy with my incision under my C-section scar so I can cover it with the tiniest bikini and a nice big bottom. I have not seen my bootie or my incision yet. My husband is the best. He's been taking good care of me. He's been giving me the meds on time, feeding me yogurt, Apple sauce and fruit. I'm not hungry but I need to take something when I take my meds. What sucks is that I started my period today too. This surgery is really messy. My husband washed a load already. Pillow, pillow sham, my pj pants, and some sheets. Well I'm about to go to sleep. I'll keep u all posted tomorrow with more photos

Back pain

I admire the woman that take photos the day after surgery. I can't even get up with the pain. I wake up every 3 hours. Today will be my first shower and I'm scared. I don't want to wet my incisions. Well my tummy tuck incisions. My back is in so much pain. I'm swollen every where. My booty looks weird. It looks big but a little funny shape. I hope once the swelling goes down, it will have a better shape. It's hard not to put any kind of pressure on the booty but my Dr said it will be fine. I see that a lot of u get massages right after surgery so I emailed my Dr and he told me that the massages I should do it 2 wks after surgery. I have an appoint with him on Tuesday. I'm hoping he's able to take out one of my drainage. This is very uncomfortable. I'll have my husband take photos of me when I'm showering so I can post for u all

First shower

OMG...this shower felt so good. My husband showered with me and he basically scrubbed my whole body. This is the first time I saw my body naked since surgery and it looks mighty nice. I like my little waist and my flat tummy, my booty is still swollen but it will look nice after swell comes down. Here u guys go. I feel much better than the very first day and yesterday. I don't know why my photos came out side ways


I'm so happy that I woke up this morning feeling 80% better since the first 3 days. I know I have not been posting photos of myself like I said I would but I have on a compression garment that it's difficult to take off. I went to go see my Dr yesterday for the first time after surgery and he was happy with the results. Not just him, my husband and I are super excited. I did get my hour glass figure, it's hard to tell on the photos because I'm still swollen, my incision is so thin and way under my c-section scar, I will definitely be able to cover it with my tini bikini. My butt is still very swollen and hasnt dropped but I look BOMB on my clothes now. I couldn't off ask for better results. Dr. Hazani is the best

Thank you Dr. Ron Hazani - I give you 10 stars

I want to take the time to write this quick review on one of the best Dr in the whole wide world. Dr. Ron Hazani. He has totally transform my body into something I would only dream off. The first time I met with with him, he made me feel so comfortable and answered all of my questions. I knew from the very moment he would be the one to do my surgery. He gave me back that confident I very much lack. He brought that sexy back in me. I can't wait to go bikini shopping and go to Hawaii with my husband. Thank you, I will definitely referred you to friends and family.

No More Drain

I can't believe after one week, both my drains are finally off. I'm healing very well according to my Dr. I know why though, I have been taking my vitamins from Make-Me-Heal and I know that has played a big role on my recovery. Dr showed my husband and I and before picture of me and I was so embarrassed. I don't recall the last time my husband has seen me naked. Now it's different. He has showered me, has clothed me and he can't stop telling me how hot I look. Dr Hazani has made a masterpiece out of me. My confidence is back and for me, that's more than enough. It's been barely a week and I know a have a few months to finally heal completely so ill keep u guys posted on my recovery. So far the recovery has been better than the first 3 days

Feeling Beautiful

So I'm home alone and I decided to play a little dress up. I wake up each day feeling better and better. Don't need anyone helping me to shower and change clothing. This surgery took the best of me especially the first 3 days. My husband and I sleep separate until I get better to be able to sleep in the same bed. I miss the cuddling or our late night conversations. I decided to go thru my lingerie drawer and try on some of my husbands favorite nighty and destract him at work with a few little photos...
Love Dr Hazani's work. I put on one of my tiniest tong and I can't even see the tummy tuck incision. Wow....it looks amazing. I'm happy to say, I love my new me.


So first of all I want to tell u guys how fast I'm healing. My TT incision is scabbing and looks so good. My bootie is getting its shape and couldn't look better. Love my new body. Now I'm dealing with something worst. I got a little rash on the back on my left side near my underarm about 2 days ago. Didn't think much of it, I thought it was from wearing my cg but the pain was unbearable. I was getting a shooting pain all the way to my left boob. The pain kept me up the whole night. I decided to go to my primary doctor and she told me I had Shingles. Now this virus only happens to people that has had chickenpox in the past. Apparently it's due to Stress, Low Immune System or Bodily Trauma. Well I definitely did have bodily trauma and I was stressing prior to surgery. Shingles is not curable but it is treatable. Please take care of yourselves. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I went back to work on Thursday July 30th and I had to leave early Friday. Now my manager gave me 2 more days off so I can kill the virus. This is contagious to those who's never had chickenpox and a lot of my co-workers have never had the chickenpox. This sucks


I have never ever been able to wear a bathing suit especially a two piece. I bought this bikini 2 years ago when my husband and I went on a trip to Catalina Island. Sadly I wasnt able to wear it because it look ugly on me. I felt disgusted with it. Dr. Hazani works miracles. My bootie is still a bit swollen and bruised so as soon as the bruising go away, I will post bootie photos

Booty booty booty rockin everywhere

Here are the first booty shots. Its hard to take booty pictures by yourself. As u can see before and after photos, I finally have a booty. Love how it looks and I'm not even a month post op. This surgery was the best thing I have ever done for myself, but meeting Dr. Hazani and trusting him, was the icing on the cake

My New Tummy

Here are 2 pics of my new tummy. I'm happy with it. There are days that I wake up super swollen but the days that I sleep with my cg, I wake up good. The thing is the cg is very uncomfortable to sleep with. But my beauty comes first, so I'll just stick with it a few more weeks. I want my body sculpted and this is the way to go about it

Hello my dolls

Well here is another update. As you can see, I posted my before and after photos. Dr Hazani is the best doctor. He promised me a good body that I would love and he delivered. I love my body. I still feel a little discomfort but it's getting better. I still wake up swollen. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. What can I take for the swelling to go down? I still wear my compression garment all day, everyday and I even sleep with it. I feel weird without it. The compression garment is helping walk straight. I worked out today for the first time after my surgery. I walked 2 miles, did some elliptical and a little bit of abs. It felt good. Tomorrow will be another day at the gym. I'll keep u guys posted

Close to 2 months

I haven't posted any photos in a while. It's been almost 2 months and I'm still healing. When I first got the surgery there was this part in my right side that looked like a burn, my husband told me it was a really dark bruised. Whatever it was, it scab and fell off but it has not healed completely. And there is this little part right next to it that is also fresh. I clean it every day with peroxide and alhocol but since I wear my garment every day and night, I'm not letting it breath. My sister in law told me not to put anything anymore and let it dry out. Besides this, I love my results. I still can't sleep without my garments because when I do, I wake up really swollen and that feeling is so uncomfortable. I ordered a smaller garment because I feel this garment doesn't fit as tight as it was. I want my waist to get smaller.

I finally went to the gym with my husband yesterday and I had heads turning on me. Males and females. I didnt over do it but I did workout every part of my body instead of my tummy. I still can't do abs.

2 months already

I'm happy to say I'm finally 2 months post op and I feel more beautiful than ever. I can say my body is about 90% healed. I have never in my life had a flat tummy even before I had any kids. I still wear my compression garment but I don't sleep with it anymore. I still wake up a bit swollen but not as much as before. I sometimes feel like a pinching pain in my Lipo areas. My open wound is finally closed. Once it's completely healed, I'm going to start applying Mederma. This is good for old and new scars.
Dr. Hazani is the best of the best. I will forever be greatful

2 months post op

Just trying out some cute outfits

BBL, TT and Lipo (Super Woman)

I am finally 3 months post op. What can I say that I haven't said already. This has been the best decision I would ever make in regards to myself. People would tell me not to do all 3 surgeries together. That there would be bad consequences due to being under anesthesia for 6 or more hours. The day of my surgery on our way to the hospital, I was a bit anxious, but I guess in my heart I knew I would be in such good hands and I was. Dr Hazani changed my life. He his a true artist. Don't get me wrong. I went thru the worst pain I would ever encounter but I was warn by the doctor how bad my pain was gonna be. He said "when u wake up, u are gonna feel like a truck ran over u 3 times" for someone that works at a personal injury attorney, I kind of had an idea but not until I went thru it, I couldn't even explain how bad that was. 3 wks later, I got the shingles which was the worst pain ever. Thank God all of my pain went away. Love my overall look. Couldn't imagine my body looking any more amazing. Every piece of clothing looks nice on me. I'm obsessed with myself according to my husband but it's a good thing. I will forever be grateful. Dr. Hazani, thanks a million. I'm planning on having Breast augmentation next year, so I'm definitely going back to Dr Hazani

4 months post op

What can I say, my photos say it all.

6 months post op

I'm close to my 7 month post op and I love love love the new me. Just thought I post new photos of me. Can't complaint. Love how all my clothes fits. I have no more pain, thank God. Dr Hazani is an angel

1 yr anniversary

It's been a years since I had my surgery, by the way, I would definitely refer Dr. Ron Hazani to anyone that is thinking about getting a tummy tuck and BBL. Love love love my new and improve body. When I met Dr Hazani I remember what he told me, he said, "I promise you that when I'm done with you, you are gonna look so good in every piece of clothing you wear" and he sure did keep his promise. Now I'm looking into getting my boobs done but that will be next year.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

The first time I visit the office of Dr. Ron Hazani I was a bit skeptical. Thank god there was so many patients waiting on him that had just done procedures with him and every single person told me how wonderful he is and he is the best at what he does. Once Dr. Hazani took me to the exam room, he made me feel so comfortable. He answered all of my questions and basically gave me an idea of how I'm going to look after he is done with me. I trust him completely. I'm super excited for my upcoming surgery and can't wait for the outcome. I'll keep you posted with before and after photos. Wish me luck

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