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I decided to go with Dr. Dass after many read...

I decided to go with Dr. Dass after many read reviews and many questions and research I have decided on Dr. Dass. I had a tummy tuck done by another doctor but that doctor doesn't do bbl. So I have decided on Dr. Dass because he answer all my questions. I have a thyroid conditions which i cant seem to drop the last 10 pounds from my back and waist. I hope Dr. Dass give me my body back or at least where i feel sexy.

Wish pics

This is what I would like.

2 weeks

Omg getting nervous but super excited for my new body. As many of you could see I do have a butt but I feel it's looks square rather than round. And I want my waist as small as he can get it. ( waist is 31 I hope at least be at 28 29inch. Seeing all the Dass dolls gives me satisfaction that I may look just as hot as them.

The day is here!

Do today was the day. Got to surgery center at six and nurse got me ready. Dr. Dass came in and mark my areas, then I was transfer to the surgery bed area. Next thing I remember was waking up. Husband got there I was dressed and I got in the back seat of my car of course laying down on my tummy. Once home I took my medication and lay on my bed. Hardly any pain. Believe me the only pain, well not so much pain just irritated is when I go pee. I don't seat on my buttt but on my legs. My pee feels hot and I pee very little but offen. Really that is my only discomfort. And walking helps I try not doing it often since I do get dizzy. I've been eating fruits and drinking water seems to feel good. Not dripping as much but then again I have a thick Mexican blanket and my track suit is wet but not soak. Wish me luck for tonight.

Finally a shower

So today I place the arnica on my skin and neoporin on my incision. Wash my garments while I took a shower. Felt so good and I got a glimpse of what my body looks like. I didn't swell up a lot but I haven't had any food with salt. I've been eating fruit and jello. I'm still sleeping in my stomach but my hubby did get me a chair which he cut. I sit on it for only 15 min. I get up and walk around to the living room then my bedroom. Not so much pain but just discomfort.

Loving my results

Went for my first doctor appointment

Doctor says I'm healing wonderful and my butt is feeling softer and haven't seen to much of volume lost

Some of you requested a pic with no fajas

Still bruised in the side and upper part of my butt

Before and after

Before and after still eating low sodium and lots of water diet. Have not weighed myself yet. Waist is at 27 and hips are at 42.
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