27 Years Old, 435 + 485cc, Breast Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi everyone!! I'm at exactly 2 weeks Post-Op and...

Hi everyone!! I'm at exactly 2 weeks Post-Op and so far loving my results! I went to Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills, and since my boobs were uneven sizes he went with 435cc in one and 485cc in the other (under the muscle, crease incision). I'm quite tall (5'9), so this gave me about a Full C cup to a Small D cup. I've been waiting since I was 18 to have this done, hoping that "Mother Nature" would help me out during my 20's. That wasn't the case, so I decided to start saving and get the augmentation done :)

So far I'm so excited with the results! They are the "Gummy Bear" implants that do not require massaging. The first week of recovery was painful for the first 3 days, and then uncomfortable on days 4-7. It hurt to lift my arms, so my aunt literally had to feed me for days 1-2. The worst part for me was feeling like I couldn't breathe!! I kept lifting my sports bra away from my chest because I felt like that's why it was tight, but it wasn't. It was just the implants, the swelling and skin stretching. It was hard to catch a deep breath! More uncomfortable rather than painful, though. By day 8 I was back at work and could drive (I work in an office, mostly sitting at a desk). I still get tired more easily if I'm walking around a lot, and have that "Morning Boob" sensation....like just feeling like they are really tight and sore in the morning when I first wake up.

I'm at week 2 now and feeling SO much better! I'm finally not as aware of the implants or that weird breathing thing. Sometimes I forget I even have them (until I walk past the mirror!). Just remember that it DOES get better. You'll start to feel so much more normal at 2 weeks, although still no heavy lifting etc.

I'll keep checking in to keep you guys updated on everything! Here are some photos from the first 2 weeks. Good luck to everyone else out there, I'm happy to answer any questions!! :)

1 Month Post-Op, Breast Augmentation.

Hi everyone!

I'm officially 1 month post-op from my breast augmentation with Dr. David Kim. One breast is still slightly more swollen than the other, and one seems to have dropped more. Progress! Today I was given the green light to wear "normal bras" without padding (only during the day). Sports bra still to be worn at night! I literally RAN to Victoria's Secret and was sized at a 34DD. Wow! I am so excited with the results. I'm also happy to not be wearing an uncomfortable sports bra that digs into my neck. I can also wear so many new clothes in my daily life and to work now that I don't have to hide an ugly sports bra and thick straps. YES!

In terms of progress, I can now sleep lower on my back and I'm no longer propped up on a bunch of pillows. I still have that "morning boob" sensation where they feel really tight when I wake up. The boobs are starting to *finally* feel like my own now rather than some foreign object inside me. Before I could constantly "feel" them inside me and my chest and skin felt SO tight. My breathing is so much better and I don't have that elephant on my chest feeling that I've had for the past weeks. However after a day of lots of activity I get tired more easily....still have not returned to the gym yet, I just don't want to risk pulling anything or screwing the results up! I'm sure the tired feeling will go away with more time.

I'm still not sleeping on my side yet! It's really uncomfortable! After 1 month of sleeping on my back, I just want to sleep curled up in ball! I also had a lot of random crying spells, really not sure why. I'm so happy with the results and I don't think it was "boob envy," but I just would out of the blue start crying and had no idea why. Anyone else experience that? Maybe with the surgery your emotions are just heightened for a few weeks...

5 Weeks Post Op, Breast Augmentation.

Hi Everyone!

I just had my 5 week post-op with Dr. Kim today. Things are starting to drop but are still a little swollen. One is dropping a little more than the other, but I'm sure things will even out. Loving the results still =) Bra shopping has been a lot of fun! I measured at a 34DD at Victoria's Secret. Wow! The tightness is pretty much gone, and I don't "feel" the implants inside of me anymore. Can't wait to sleep on my side, a few more weeks though until I can. Hope everyone is progressing well on their journey!

5 Week Photos!

Some 5 week post-op photos! Scar is healing really nicely. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good scar cream?
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