27 Year Old Plus Size Liposuction - Beverly Hills, CA

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I am multi-racial with a Polynesian mother, I have...

I am multi-racial with a Polynesian mother, I have a fairly large frame and have always been heavy set. I recently lost a significant amount of weight (50lbs) but am still quite overweight. I am pear shaped, carrying most of my weight in my mid-section I wear a size 18 in pants and an XL-XXL top.

For the most part I am fairly confident with my appearance but midsection has always been an area that I am less than happy with. I knew that I needed some extra help aside from exercise, I debated between a tummy tuck and liposuction, because of my wish to have children I decided to forego a tummy tuck at this time and seek out liposuction.

I researched and met with a few surgeons, most who advised me to lose more weight and see them later, others who were willing to do the procedure but I didn't have a good feeling about and then ultimately decided to go with a doctor by the name of Dr. Hansen.

Our meeting was brief albeit informative, he suggested that I do two procedures one for the upper and lower abdomen and the other for my hips and upper back. He explained to me that because of my body type I would be more work but that he'd be more than happy to help meet my goals.

I paid $1000 down payment, scheduled my surgery for the following week.

As far as my expectations, I know I'm not going to be a size 2, I'm not doing this for weight loss because liposuction is NOT solution for weight loss. I am doing this to improve my self confidence and to take care of my midsection. I am excited but also a bit nervous. I will post updates throughout my process!!
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

Doctor was very kind, very informative. Made me feel comfortable. Will update with more details following the procedure.

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