24 Yrs Old - No Children- Brazilian Butt Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi Dolls! I had a virtual consultation with Dr....

Hi Dolls! I had a virtual consultation with Dr. Hazani. He was very polite and I felt comfortable speaking to him. He explained the procedure and answered all my questions. After reading through all of the reviews on real-self I have decided to go with Dr. Hazani. I have made my $500 deposit fee! Surgery will be the last week of July :)) Super Excited!! Feel free to ask me any questions


My surgery date is soon approaching. Does anyone know of any decent hotels close to the surgery center? Thanks :))


https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/05/18/mother-of-two-dies-after-increasingly-popular-brazilian-butt-lift-surgery-goes-awry-at-miami-area-clinic/ Did you ladies hear about this? I'm freaking out

5'6 (height) 143 (pounds)

Hopefully I can get a good amount of fat transferred! Will post "before" pictures as soon as my surgery date approaches :) I'm scheduled for Friday July 29th

Birth Control

Does anyone know if you're suppose to stop taking birth control before surgery? Hazani never mentioned it but I've heard it can increase a risk for blood clots.... Also, another surgeon told me that taking Advil or Tylenol can thinin your blood so they ask you to stop taking them like a month before?

Surgery Friday

I finally made it to LA. I have my pre-op today however, I have this little random tooth ache ever since I got here and it seems to be getting worse should I worry? It's like a pain that comes and then goes away for like 5-10 min then comes back again :/


I had my surgery Friday. I'm super sore from my arms and abdomen, my butt is hard, and I can't really do anything it's like being immobile. I also tried to take off the compression garment for like 5 minutes to re-adjust it and I blacked out standing up (girls be careful). It's tough.


My belly is puffy and feels funny.. When does the numbness go away or when does your stomach start to feel normal again?

My Experience

Hi Dolls, I'm 3 days post-op here's what it was like for me

Day of surgery- I got to the surgery center signed paperwork and was taken inside by a nurse. She did a urine test, prepped me for surgery. I weighed 139 pounds. However, she did NOT know how to put an IV on she poked my hand twice and couldn't figure it out until another nurse came and put the IV on the other hand. After that Hazani came in, took some pictures, and drew on me. I was then taken to the surgery room. As I got on the surgery table my heart began to beat really fast (I was nervous) and the anesthesiologist wasn't the nicest person ever (he started to question my tooth issue and looked inside my mouth and then told me I needed to brush my teeth more often (rude).. Anyway, I didn't even notice when they put the anesthesia because I was knocked out like 2 minutes later after getting on the table. I woke up in recovery laying on my ASS. I was upset because aren't we suppose to be laying on the tummy? I had to turn myself around so who knows how long I was laying on my ass for squishing my fat. I was finally taken home and so far my butt feels super hard and my body is super sore! Here are a few pics I will post more soon my body is too purple for pictures 1200 CC's is what I was able to get

2 weeks post-op

Hi ladies,

Attached are a few before and after pictures. I am 2 weeks post-op. The bruising/swelling is going away each day. I feel so much better (not sore anymore) I went back to work and stood all day :/ I'll probably fly back to LA for a 2 week post op with Hazani just to make sure things are going in the right direction.

As you can see in my before pictures I was so squared and had ugly love handles. However, Dr. Hazani worked his magic and gave me a waist and some bootay :D

4.5 weeks post op

Abdominal area still feels "sensitive/tingly".. I do keep massaging to help with the hard spots. I've lost 4 inches of booty since ugh. Still looks better than what I didn't have lol

5 month Post Op

Round 2?? 7 month later

Hey ladies, I have been interested in round two! I have a follow up with Hazani on Wednesday and I will ask him about round two!! :) still very happy with my results

Almost a year POST-OP here are picture updates

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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