21 Y/o 5'2 100lb Petite Asian Getting Butt Implants - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi girls, Im not sure if I would get good results...

Hi girls, Im not sure if I would get good results with butt implants due to the fact my legs are stick skinny with no booty. I'm a VERY skinny Asian girl here who couldn't gain weight to save my life, so sadly BBL is not an option for me :(

I know ill have to get implants but my main concern is I don't want it to be noticeably fake, or have a sexual partner be able to feel them. I would love to go to Dr Gongora in mexico just because he uses Cohesive gel: the softer, more natural looking implant (not approved in the US) with awesome looking results. However, I've heard that those implants can cause a lot of problems and you have to have them replaced in some amount of years. Dr Stanton or Dr Salama would be my other choices here in America since they have amazing results and I would have more peace of mind about safety (I don't want a hard butt though).

If any of you ladies have seen one of these doctors can you please drop a comment and share your experience. I would really appreciate any advice

Butt implants for skinny girl? 5'2 100lbs

Stanton or Gongora??

Hi girls, sooo ive really been thinking and I know I want to go to Dr Stanton: hes experienced, less risk of infection, and gets amazing results. The reason why I haven't booked a surgery date with him is because I don't want a hard, stiff butt that doesn't jiggle and is obvious to a sexual partner. Ive seriously been considering Dr Gongora in Mexico specifically because he uses cohesive gel implants that are softer to touch and more realistic feeling/looking. Reasons why I haven't booked with him is because who knows if its safe or sanitary.. traveling to a different country for surgery is just sketchy. Also, I've read about a few girls getting infections or having serious complications after having butt implants with him. Anyone who has had butt implants with Stanton or Gongora please let me know who you would recommend. I know I should go to Stanton because its safer I just don't want a hard butt. Please keep in mind I'm VERY skinny. Chicken legs with a flat butt. I barely weigh 100 lbs. Who can give me a better result

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