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Mom of two sweethearts (5 and 3) and looking to...

Mom of two sweethearts (5 and 3) and looking to get my shape back. All of my body has returned to its pre-pergo state except for my breasts! It was confirmed when I tried on a formal gown that I used to fill out up top before having children. When my hubby asked, "Would you like to do Lasik or a breast augmentation?" Was there even a moments hesitation? Nope. My surgery is scheduled for July 31! I am going back and forth or sizes. I'm 5"10 130-135 lbs and currently a very deflated 32 B. I visited one dr who said 275cc's and another (the one I chose to go with) who recommended nothing smaller then 300cc. I tried the implants on during the consult and 330 seemed a little too big. But I hear they look a little smaller once they are in. Does anyone have any experience with that?

Concerns about Breast Augmentation

What happens when I go through menopause? My mom gained weight and her boobs are big. She was only 18 when she had her first child and probably a 34A. After four pregnanies and all that breast feeding who knows what she ended up as! I asked her about her experience and she said its just weight gain that made them big (fatty tissues). Are my boobs going to double/triple in size if I were to gain weight!!?

How to tell my 5 1/2 year old daughter. I know my son will care less, he is 3. But my main concern is what to tell her when she realizes something went on in the breast area! Anyone know how to handle this? We are a snuggly family and she sees me topless often enough to notice things will have changed. They came across my rice sizers, "bean bags!!!!" Hehee. The way I have chosen to tell her is that my breasts lost their shape after breastfeeding. I'm just getting them back to how they were before I had kids. I'm concerned she will be unhappy with her body as she get older and will desire a boob job while in high school or something.

How will my body adjust to the weight of the implants? Are they any strengthening exercises that would help prepare my back?

Thank you to anyone who might have some advice!

Getting nervous! 8 days away!

OMG I have 8 days until surgery! Sometimes I am estatic and other times I think what in the world am I getting myself into! Will I be able to snuggle with my kids still the same way or will the new boobs get in the way? How much time will I need for recovering? Husband going back to work 5 days later. Also Im getting my umbilical hernia fixed during the augmentation. I wonder how that will effect my recovery? All these thoughts and questions are going through my head!

We have a pre op appointment tomorrow morning. I am excited to have my husband there to meet the Dr. I am thinking 335cc under the muscle silicone through the nipple. When I first tried on the implants she had me in a 400cc! I was looking HUGE. I liked the 300cc but I've heard Ill lose a little under the muscle.

Posting a couple photos. Its hard to take them of myself! Also, Im too much of a wimp to post without the black dots!

Wish boobs

Any thought on what Ill need to get there? 335 cc's?

Pre op went well

I had my pre op and it went really well. I am all paid up. Dropped the prescriptions off at the pharmacy. ITS REALLY HAPPENING! I am going with 335cc moderate profile silicone. My hubby loved the look (she tried the 300cc's on me because that is what the outcome will look like). I loved how natural the size is going to look on me. Almost like they are really real.

Last night I had such a sappy moment. I felt like I had to start saying goodbye to my small boobs. I feel like my whole look will change. Sometimes im excited and other times Im freaking out. I felt this way right before having my second kid. I felt like I knew my life was about to change and I may miss it a bit but what is coming up is going to be a whole new thing. It will be a new normal for me. Just like having two kids... you adjust. And I guess I will be adjusting to my new boobies. Im so dramatic!


I am so excited!!! Woowhooo! Any last advice for me? :)

I did it!!!

Update- Surgery went great! Boobs are sore and it feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Like a construction worker and his tools. Like really hard to fully breathe. Belly button looks good even with bandage. Boobs are a great size. They don't look too big or small. Went with 330cc. Was not nervous one bit this morning! Got it all out yesterday! I was soooooo neevous yeterday.
My mom stayed over last night to watch the kids. They just came in to see my belly button bandaid. I don't plan in mentioing my boobs to them unless they ask. I have been wearing the rice sizes the past few days and niether noticed. Husband is being a great nurse.

Will post later!

Day 2

So I'm 24 hours into "booby land!" The pain is tolerable. I am on 1 pill of Vicodin every 4 hours. I am so thankful I'm not throwing up! I eat a lot 20 min before taking medication and that seems to be the trick. Last time I had a Vicodin I got so sick. I can lift my arms ok but my shoulders feel like sore like tennis elbow.

My belly is pretty sore but looks so good. Can't wait to see that without the bandage!

Hubby is doing a great job caring for me. He has a hard time getting up at 6 am so I snuck out and am sitting with the kids. Poor guy he put then in front if the tv and turned on a movie and went back to bed. I am feeling pretty good so ill just hang out in the living room.


The implant area feels hard. Around that area feels squishy and smooshy and stuff moves like blood or fat. Normal?

They had to extend the right pocket down to make my breasts even. Ouchy! Feels like a big bruise under there. Anyone else get that done? Did you bruise?

Loving my iPad.


Day 3

I'm on tylonal now instead of vicodin. Getting up and walking around lots. Belly very sore. Boobs feel as though my milk has come in and I'm ready to nurse! Not much pain at all. There no longer feels like someone is sitting on my chest. I took two long naps today. I think tomorrow will feel a lot more normal. The bra I was sent home in does a fantastic job of holding everything in. Without it the stitches give me a few twitches if pain. If I hadn't fixed the umbilical hernia it would be very easy to get back into routine. My boobs are feeling great. Kinda numb around the incision.

Hernia post op

Very excited to see the tape come off!

Recovery-Feeling good

I have such minimal pain today! The hernia repair is no longer tender 24/7. It's just a little sore if I move weird. My boobs feel pretty good. Sometimes uncomfortable. But hardly any pain. I did get a little bruise below my nipple in the left side. I am amazed how quickly this is healing!

My main concerns right now is the light headed feelings I get if I'm up too long. I also wake up crazy sweaty in the middle of the night. Called my ps about the dizzy feeling and she said its completely normal. It's just my body going through the healing process. I remember recovering from labor and delivery and getting night sweats. I guess I'm just healing.

First day without husband

Today will be my first day without my husband. I'm scared!!! He has been such a great help.

Last night was my first outing. We went to dinner at my in laws. It was yummy and easy going. On the way home I asked hubby to drop me off at target for a couple things. As I stood in line everything got overwhelming. I got really hot and sounds became muted. Then my left breast had a little spasm. It felt so weird and freaked me out! You know how busy target is on a Sunday evening! I told the cashier I couldn't stand in line and I left. I was not ready for target. And maybe it was because it was at the end if the day?

I've been on a two nap schedule. 10 am and 2pm. My breasts are feeling heavy and a little uncomfortable if I bend weird. But I am amazed at how quickly I have recovered. My preop is tomorrow. Hopefully they will remove my surgical tape! I'm super excited! It's apparent tgat they still have to drop. My nipples look so strange with the tape.

I will be dropping my kids off at their friends house then head to the dr. I will be in the car at least 90 min- alone. Traffic time! Say a prayer for me!

Tape removed!

I had my post op yesterday and everything looks great. My breast incisions are pink, red, dark red and look pretty good. There is a small area where water got trapped in the tape and it looks a little white. Today it already looks better. I will be looking forward to those fading!

I feel like I cant stand up straight. Anyone else feel that way during the first weeks of recovery? My chest feels tight (to be expected, I guess). Took a short walk today while the kids road their bikes... they still go pretty slow. I've noticed the past few days that I need Tylenol in the evening due to headaches. My lightheaded feelings have gone away. I may be over doing it a bit now that hubby is back to work. My breasts are numb on the bottom halves but really no pain. So thankful.

What AMAZES me is my belly!!! OMG! I made the right choice in having my PS do it instead of a general dr. The general dr's I went to wanted to use mesh. The PS used stitches and I think she cut away a bit of extra skin. Anyhow, I think my belly button looks amazing and is so close to what I was born with! Still a bit swollen in the abdomen.

I truly feel like im getting my pre prego body back and im so HAPPY!!!


Ouch! ;)

Day Ten

Im starting to feel some skin sensitivity on my right boob (the side with my arm holding the camera) is def softer then the left. I think the left is still on the high side... I wonder when they will drop and fluff.... looking forward to that day! I am able to stretch my back now. And that feels great!

I tried on a bunch of my old bras last night. I wore a 32D for the width on my boob but always needed the super padded ones. Seems like they still are fitting, just without the large gap where I had no volume! Well, I no longer need the padding LOL! Those puppies were pushed up high! Maybe the bra size will change as I recover? After all that trying on my boobs were super sore! Nipples quite sensitive.

New suit!

No padding! I got the a-ok to wear whatever bra just as long as there is no underwire. So I'm headed to the sun in my new suit. I'm sorta a wimp so ill probably wear my surgery bra over my suit as I drive to my destination. They seem so big to me! I don't think the photos show that or maybe I'm just used to my old boobs. I'm curious to see how they feel (sensitivity) after going a few hours in my bathing suit. Not swimming yet. I have to wait just one more day for that!


From the nipples down my breasts are SO sensitive! Even a cool breeze causes the sensitivity to go into overtime. Who else got this way around three weeks postop? How long will it last? In thinking the nerves are coming back.

I can't wait to get the green light on exercising. I miss my runs! I feel so soft everywhere. My legs have no muscle tone. But I've got boobs!

Speaking of boobs... my incision on the right is still healing. I'm using gauze pads still and change them daily. I sent my PS a photo and she said it is looking fine. It's the same area that got water trapped in the tape from showering that first week. It's looking better every day. The left incision is perfection. I think it's healed really nicely. Ill try to post a new photo soon. My hernia repair is going well. Still feeling pain there. I guess that is expected for at least 4 weeks. :)

Sensitivity feeling better!

I am doing really well with sensitivity. I'd say its gone down by 50%. My right is more sensitive and gets pings of pain every now and then. But my right has also settled more then the left. So... who knows what thats about! My left scar seems more purple and the right is more peach but also is still healing and scabbed a little. I've been wearing very basic bralettes (found at nordstrom rack for $4.98!) and sports bras. Really needs to be a soft material. Yesterday I wore my surgical bra (after not for two weeks) and holy cow that was tight!!!

Ive started taking walks with the kids. Im have a ton of energy! Im going to try running tomorrow. I was advised to wear double the sports bras! That is gong to be fun/odd.

I am loving my new boobs! I love wearing v-necks and can't wait to get into my cute dresses and skinny strapped tank tops. I feel balanced with my hips. Thank you ladies for all the comments! They have helped a bunch as I recover. I have my 4 week appointment on tuesday. Ill post about that then. :)

It's been awhile...

Hi friends! Its been so long sense I have updated! All is well. My boobs are looking great. My four week follow up was very good. My PS couldn't believe my surgery was just 4 weeks prior! The scars are healing well. She said my boobs have settled and are where they are going to be. She said they are a great fit for my frame and look totally natural... like one may ask, did she have a boob job.... Can't tell. Ha! I, myself, know I did! I've run into a few old friends, one that told me I had lost too much weight after having my first baby 5 years ago. We used to walk our babes around the city in their little strollers (ahhh those were the days).... so I think she could tell my boobs were suddenly bigger then they used to be! But she didn't say anything. I told a friend this past weekend and she couldn't believe it! She said I looked great and they look totally right for my figure. She had a BA with 450cc's! So we were a little different in boob size! My parents and mother in law and husband are so happy with the size too. All around, I've gotten great responses.... except from my best friend! Has this happened to any of you? Granted, she hasn't seen me yet and she is ultra conservative. When I told her I was thinking about getting my boobs done she was like WOW how cool... but how big... and what will you tell your daughter. I think she might be uncomfortable with my decision or just embarrassed to talk about it. I don't know what I was expecting from her.

So on to my new size.... 32DDD!!!!! WHAT!!!! Ok, it's a little intimidating. And a little crazy to say im a triple D!!!!! It is very difficult to find bras. Target does not carry the size. Not that it's my only place to shop but if I want a bra it seems like Ill be paying $60 and up for my size. I went to a nordstroms to get fitted and the girl had no idea. She tried to put me in a 32 e! FREAKED ME OUT. I may need therapy. I can do 32DD depending on the manufacturer but I am pretty much a 32 ddd. I've cleared out all the non-itchy feeling clearance bras at nordstrom rack. Also what I was not expecting was just how giant the bras look. Most are not sexy. And I also figured out victoria secret is mainly for girls who don't have boobs... and def not if you have implants. The whole place is padded and if it's not padded it's not pretty.

I am still waiting to do sit ups. It has been really hard to let my ab muscles go away. The hernia repair really set me back in my workout routine. I can run and climb the bleachers but the stomach exercise is off limits. I have started lifting my kids into the car and shopping carts without any soreness. So I think its just a few weeks before I can start my regular routine. Its scary though, I don't want to mess up my belly! I think if I had only done the BA I would have been back to normal with in 2 1/2 weeks.


a few more photos

Well... bad news

Hi all,
My left breast has been diagnosed with Capsular Contracture level 2/3. I am so BUMMED. I had a feeling it was looking a little full on top. Ive noticed more fullness on my left over the past year. In fact I went in feb 2013 and had it looked at. The surgeon told me just to keep pressing down on the top and it should fall into place. So I did that but I don't think it did much. One month ago I had a mammogram. After that my left breast felt tingly and got super hard over 2 weeks and had moved up further towards my collarbone. I really noticed it when I put on an unlined underwire bra. It was like all of my implant was above my bra. I get mammograms to monitor a couple fibroadenomas. So yearly I need a mammogram, this was my first sense getting implants. Im scared to go next year, although my surgeon says my CC has nothing to do with it. My surgeon pointed out why my breast is smooshy below the implant... I thought the implant had burst open... but in fact it was my boob meat! The implant had risen above the original boobs. The implant should be resting right at the bottom of my breast. I am just so sad. My surgeon suggested Singular and massage. It has gotten way softer and dropped a little in the past two days. I had been on singular for allergies for 4 days prior to the appointment. I have hope this will help. But if it does not then reconstruction surgery will happen in 3 months. Which does not make me happy ($2800).
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