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Thanks to all the RS ladies, I finally decided to...

Thanks to all the RS ladies, I finally decided to start my journey to getting this BBL. I am pretty slim with much needed booty and rounded out hips! My HT 5'2" WT 115 in February when I had my consult with Dr Hazani and he suggested I gain 4 lbs. I did better than 4 I gained 7 so far and will shoot for 3 more!! I love how I'm looking with my added weight. I have never weighed over 115 my entire life so when dr Hazanis office suggested if I can gain 10 I would have more to transfer I laughed and said if I can gain 10 lbs I would grow my own booty and wouldn't need this procedure lol but now that I've gained I have a belly that I've never had so I need this transferred ASAP!!! I'll update my pre weight gain pics now and where I'm at now in my next update. I hope I can get some support from all you wonderful ladies. If it wasn't for all your reviews I wouldn't even be doing this so thanks in advance for my new booty!!!!

Gaining weight!!!

Please excuse the messy back ground...I never knew I can gain weight since the most I've ever weighted since high school was 115 and now I've managed to gain 6-7 lbs so far. I'm still shooting for 3 more pounds before my surgery 7/20. I can't believe I'm even gaining some booty and thighs I must say I'm liking my added weight but I want it all transferred to my booty!! I am gonna try and save my thighs and hopefully he can agree to just lipo my arms instead.

In exactly 2 weeks I will be hazanified!!

I can't believe this is really happening!! It's starting to hit me now that it's so close. My labs have cleared and I've been in touch with Gary regarding pre op instructions. I am more scared than excited to be honest. I really hope that I end up happy with my decision to have this procedure. I am happy with my body but have been working hard with the squats for over a year and although I have seen improvement it's not the kind of improvement that I would like. I haven't bought not one thing yet so I better get on it this week. My biggest wish for this procedure is to come out of it fine with no complications. My second wish is to have my stomach fat that I gained for this bbl transferred to the booty!! I want to be sculpted into a curvy hourglass shape with a nice upside down bubbly heart and my hips rounded out some but not too much. I really don't want to do thighs but I'll see what Dr Hazani recommends after he sees my weight gain. I want this over with so that I can focus on other goals, it seems like I've been obsessed with this procedure ever since I decided to get it done. I will write a very honest review after my bbl to pay it forward for all the awesome reviews that helped me really see the good, the bad, and the ugly! If it wasn't for all you brave dolls that went before me and shared your experience, I wouldn't even be getting this dam sexy new me :)

Wish pics

Some wish pics that I think are realistic for my small frame.

I can't believe I did it!

It still feels like a dream that I got this procedure done. I was however terrified (I don't get scared easily) that I would hate what I saw in the mirror post op.
I got to the surgery center and the whole team was incredibly sweet and professional. I felt at ease from day one of meeting Dr Hazani and his team was nothing less. Before you know it I was on the operating table and seconds later I was out. I woke up shivering like crazy my sister said it looked like I was having a seizure and it was uncontrollable shaking that lasted for about 20 minutes. Apparently it is a side effect from the anesthesia. I woke up with a black eye so not sure if I was fighting myself while I was under or what but I didn't notice until the drive home. The worst part was that I had to hold it fir 3 hours to the point where I told my sister to pull over because I would go on the freeway in broad daylight! My bladder felt like it was gonna explode because they gave me a lot of IV fluids.
I drained a lot of blood the first day but today it has stopped. I only used my pain meds once because I wasn't in much pain and I didn't want to get constipated. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep on my tummy and that I would roll to my side or back in my sleep and wake up on my butt, but thank god that hasn't happened I've been on my tummy. I've been walking around and cleaning up from the minute I got home I was walking and cleaning after myself because I kept drawing and didn't want it to dry up on my floor. Everything seems to be going well. I bought 16 oz foam cups and that's what I use to pee in and then pour it in the toilet and it really works wonders. My procedure lasted almost 4 hours and I woke up with a very sore hoarse throat from the tube being down my throat that long and it's still slightly sore today.

Well I actually like what I see so far (only on day 2) I know I'm very swollen but I think my stomache will smoothe out and waist will shrink more. I am worried about volume loss on the booty because right now it's the perfect size. And you know what they say, that if you like it at first then you won't be happy with it once swelling goes down /: I'm gonna stay positive and hope I keep enough to make a noticeable difference. Here's a couple pics so far but I will update with better ones soon. Feel free to ask questions :)

Garment is squishing the booty!!!!

I had my post op Monday and finally got my garment but I can't even breathe in it and I'm scared its compromising my fat /:
I'm feeling much better today that I actually went to the mall for a walk and lunch with a friend. Here's a few pics of how I'm healing. My butt cheeks never looked this round and plump I wish I can keep this size it's perfectly proportioned to my small frame.

I believe I lost over half in of booty over night!

I wore my garment to sleep and did what I always do first thing when I wake up and measured. Sure enough I've lost over half inch of volume but I'm only at 8 days post so hoping it was just swelling but I still have 3 months to go and if I keep losing at this rate I'll end up flatter than what I started with /:
My tummy is flattening out too tho so I'm happy about that.

Cutting out butt cheeks on garment!

Anyone ever cut out the butt cheeks on the garment ??? If so please please share how you did so without thing the rest of it. I need to cut mine out I don't like squishing the new fat at all. Also I just called Hazanis office and got approval!

I'm so ready to get on with life..Beyond bored!!

I can't stand not being able to drive and do things for myself. I'm beyond bored to the point of starting to feel a little down and maybe somewhat selfish. I'm starting to realize that there's more to life then my booty lol..but seriously I knew this would be a long process but it's one thing to know and another thing to really experience it. I'm extremely cautious of my booty because I'm afraid someone might back into it and cause it to deflate or something lol and therefore I'm worried about going back to work next week and acting all delicate or someone bumping into me.
I seem to be healing more each day and although it's no donk it's a perfect size for me right now and nothing fits me so I'm happy about that. It's true what they say that it looks bigger in person!!! Here's a few pics of my progress.

Healing progress

I'm Sorry I haven't updated lately. I've been really focused on healing and recovery because I want to make sure that I'm taking really good care of myself so that I can recover ASAP!
I went back to work mid last week and let me tell you the first day was the hardest! I stood ALL day!!! and my feet were killing me! Then I got creative and used my chair to kneel on and alternate legs etc. but I was not about to sit lol
I also started driving this morning. I use the bbl pillow and a rolled up towel behind my back (until I get something else) I also lowered my seat as low as possible so that I wouldn't be super high and it worked fine in my car. I can only drive like this for instance to and from work since it's only a 5-10 min drive and to the store for necessities. If I need to go longer distance I will have someone drive me for now.
I have been feeling a little down because I lost some volume compared to week one. I started questioning this whole procedure and whether or not it was the right decision for me etc. I then tried on some stuff in my closet and felt so much better I instantly. The pictures I just uploaded are of these high waisted shorts that I bought last summer because I fell in love with them however I did not like the way my booty looked kinda sad in them. I thought well I'll just push really hard at the gym and and build it up and then I can wear them.. Well I pushed and I pushed and although I did see progress I just wasn't satisfied and knew I would need at least another year of heavy squatting to see significant changes but by then the shorts would be out of style lol in between all that I made my decision to have this procedure and I tried the shorts on this morning and let me tell you this is NOT how they fit before! Please booty fairy let me keep this booty!!!! Also notice in one of the shots I have my hand in the back of my waist to show you how much room there still is in the waist area. The other picture is of how I cut out my garment because I thought it was squishing my booty. I don't recommend that you ladies do that because I started getting seem lines in my booty so I quickly ordered a new one and thankfully I just received it.
My tummy is healing little by little. I've been applying heat to the lumps and it's been helping me so if any of you ladies are interested in knowing more about that just let me know :)
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