29 w/ no kids, Asian/Latina getting BBL

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I have decided to go with Dr. Cat Begovic and I...

I have decided to go with Dr. Cat Begovic and I have so many mixed emotions about the procedure. I am definitely nervous because I am 5'1" and currently 115 lbs but I am also optimistic because I think I have a good figure that just needs improvement. I am hoping to add at least 3 inches around the butt.

Two days away from my consultation!

I am so excited to be skyping with Dr. Cat on Thursday. I've started writing out so many questions I want to ask her. I also took some pictures today of what I look like. Currently at 115 lbs. and it's hard for me to gain weight!

Had my Skype Consultation and I'm SO HAPPY!

I Skyped with Dr. Begovic on Thursday and we had such a great conversation. She listened to my wishes of 3 more inches and more volume, and was honest with me. She says I am a great candidate for BBL and we talked about the parts of my body where the fat will be taken from (abdomen, flanks, upper/mid/lower back). She described her technique and that she's careful not to stuff the butt with too much fat because that's how complications arise and that's how fat dies. I spoke with her team member after and we discussed cost and I booked the surgery for 9/7 of this year! I'm so excited and I know I chose the right Doctor!

Counting Down to my Dream Booty

Everyday I'm thinking of my dream booty! I kind of wish I didn't have the surgery date 7 months away but I want to save up some money for it.
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