TT And BBL at Dr Bruno - Beverly Hills, CA

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After many years of thinking and researching, I...

After many years of thinking and researching, I finally made up my mind and the starts aligned to start my journey for beautification. I carefully picked three doctors and I stopped when I met dr Bruno. I visited Boris surgicenter and I am sure their doctor is an amazing and skilled surgeon but My hubby and I are more like a dr Bruno doctor style. Dr Bruno presented himself wearing an impcable white coat, (scrubs and hanging sugical masks may seem cool to some but can be intimidating and one can wonder if blood stains are present still :S)
Dr Bruno listened patiently to my nervous case presentation, also think I repeatedly interrupted him in my rambling but he kept his sweet profesionalism. I asked questions and he answered them all. (How can be look so refreshed and calm all the time? I need his secret.) Very patiently took about two hours to go tru everything including to get to know me better (the best way to deliver close to expected results).
As for the office: Excellent design an exquisite office decor with clean new furniture. Staff is very good looking, appropriately dressed and professional depicting how a plastic surgeon sees their world of beauty and art.
My hubby was reluctant for me to have such aggresive procedures when we first talked about it, but he was also very pleased with the overall experienced at Dr Bruno and we left convinced I was in good hands. After all, my husband is paying for it and has a strong participation for he will be my primary post op caretaker.
I know all the above does not reduce my chances of complications and outcome, but no surgeon walks into their surgery room wishing that, so I chose my doctor by gut feeling and past experiences. Thank for reading and I hope this helps you to ease the difficult task of decision making. Wil be posting more soon !!!

weight gaining process

Hi there! Is been two weeks and I have been eating real food and I am loving it!.. i stopped eating just lettuce and veggie shakes. Cut down on cardio a bit. And I have increased home cooked meals, actual dishes!!! I am enjoying a bit more tortillas, whole breads, cheeses and milk, steaks and chicken legs!. ( isn't suppose to be that way?) and guess what? my butt increased a bit more, but also my sides and belly :(... I gained three pounds.. I better slow down cause I am still three months away. I am planning on stick to my fitness program and eat good and sensible meals, no more dieting cause I feel better with this new fuel !!


37-32- high hip 38 widest 40
Before: 132 lbs
Current: 141 lbs
Height: 5'3

My husband almost made me change my mind !!

Today he was complaining to me about some guy at the bookstore checking out my behind in yoga pants.. (Is the weigth gain) then he said, with a frown, it might be not a good idea to have it bigger after all cause all the possible "unwanted" attention. He made me doubt and think about it ( but just for a moment tho hahaha ). So, as soon as we got home, I used all my boob silicone bras and made me a butt pad of about an inch and a half out! I put my yoga pants back again..and I walked in front of his tv. He almost choked on whatever he was drinking !!! LOL!! And started to chase me around the kithen island to see what it was! He looooved it!! Then after a good laugh and serious angle posing, he said he will have to either learn to box or grow a thicker skin with all the attention I'm gonna get.. But to go for it!! At my age!!! Feels good... Just wanted to share my fun evening today.

More before a pics

Wish pictures

I borrowed some from other girls..and other sites. Sorry I can't recall whose. Thank you!

Dr Bruno was right

I gained the weigth, about seven pounds. I'm happy how I am shaping up even though my belly is bigger ! I know I won't have after! My butt is getting rounder and more pear shaped .. My legs are fuller with no cellulite yeay!! I will keep the weigth after! I don't need fillers on my cheeks anymore !! ( face LOL) check this out !

I forgot to post the picture

I wonder if our doctors check our posts?

I think is a great idea if they do.. It helps them to understand us better? I will ask him next time I speak to him.. anybody knows?

having trouble scheduling

it was my plan to get an eye lid surgery, chin and arms lipo, tummy tuck and bbl in stages with Dr Bruno, and somehow squeeze a tubal ligation In between. But due to recent change in my time off I have to have switch the stages and have the shortest surgeries recovery time first (eyes and chin lipo) Since we have had discussed this already, I just requested for a quote over a month ago wih questions but didn't get an answer, so I went to an oculoplastic surgeon who ordered tests and finally give the ok to do the lids. I was so happy with this new doc that I decided am going to have it done with him. I called dr Bruno's office to see if he could do chin lipo with local anesthetic but he can't :( has to be general. no quote yet but adding the GA is not cost effective.

I gained the weigth so I don't want a bbl anymore. all I have to do is find the time off to do the TT with chin lipo, but I am not sure I can. I am having doubts and I am afraid I will lose my deposit for not being able to use it for any other procedure :(

new doctors for me !!

after finding a second doctor to do my eyelids since dr Bruno didn't respond to it. I am soo excited to have my eyelids done In three days!!! I will be able to put my make up on again and have a more wake up look :) writting a separate review on this one. I feel super confident about this new doctor, his staff has followed up almost weekly and he orderes a full physical including a ct scan of my eyes and blood tests to rule out any other hormonal problems. I showed him pictures of what i like and he was honest and explained my outcome.....very kind and patient... thanks for reading me .. I will keep u posted about my TT and bbl, chin an armpit liposculpture once I find a new doctor and new surgery dates ...but is getting closer!! by the way I will reconsider a bbl now with a second opinion


well.. here I am! is six in the morning and having a light breakfast across the street before coming into the office at 630 a simple surgery but delicate and I know my doc is very experienced. I feel calm and confident but not looking forward to the black eyes and swelling .. I hope I feel good enough to squeeze in a wax appointment after! LOL!! I'll be back .. have a great day ;)

first surgery done!

not bad at all! felt some stinging, hot eyes and pushing but he has such gentle hands ! staff so nice and profesional without being patronizing me or paternalistic.. "honey" sweetie" and all those diminutives are for kindergarteners LOL! is a sign that I am too old uh? here is my pic today .. I know is for my butt and TT but I will continue in one for now thanks!!

second day

no bruising, minor swelling.. perfect stitching, no railroad marks, he corrected unevenness and droopy eyelids. my eyes are happier and open even with this swelling.

loving my new eyes!

my husband comes home gives me kiss and looks back at me a second time in surprise, with a smile! as I he didn't recognize me for a moment! he says I have my teen eyes back.. no more lid skin making my eyes look sleepy and tired .. soooo happy!!!

eyes- before

had ptosis or droopy eyelids, no crease, fatty eyelids and one eye lower lid is lower, one eye is bigger and more prominent. had to use tons of make up to deepen them.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Beautiful office, professional and prompt staff. Dr Bruno has delivered a pleasant and courteous consultation. Made me feel safe and confident my surgery an results will be the best I could have. Thank you!

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