Bbl scheduled with Dr Dass 1/5/2017!

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Hoping to get clearance from my Dr to go ahead...

Hoping to get clearance from my Dr to go ahead with the BBL. Just want to be extra sure I'm in impeccable health. Plan to have surgery January 2017 with Dr Dass. I had a phone consult with Dr Dass a couple of weeks ago. He was kind, professional and answered any and all of my concerns. His office manager/scheduler Angela has been of the utmost help and has literally responded within a day to each email.

Before Photos continued

Before Photos continued Want more projection, upper booty and smaller waist!

Wish pics

One week until my dr appt to get the a-ok that I'm in good health (I have a heart murmur and want to be sure I'm ok beforehand). Hope all goes well and booking in January is to follow!

Booked my bbl for 1/5/2017!

So I paid my deposit last night and booking our flights today! We have a nearly 2 yr old daughter and don't want to leave her for that long so we are bringing my sister to help us with her (hopefully I don't regret that!) I'll post more as I go! Super excited!!

Had surgery yesterday

So I went in for my surgery yesterday at about 1:30pm. Got released at 4:30 and rested for a bit. I was pretty sore all over. The upper rib area/right below my breasts it's pretty sore and tender. It's difficult to get in and out of bed. I'm not changing my pads per the nurses instructions (until my shower Saturday/Sunday). I will wash my garments then. Today I'm more nauseous and dizzy than yesterday but I know it's all part of the process! I can't really see much of a shape yet as I'm insanely swollen and have lots of pads. I'll post more (hopefully) the day I shower.

Second shower today.

Took my second shower today and it was a bit rough. Trying to slowly tapper off the Norco so I can go #2 (it's been 5days). Very swollen and bruised. Dr says the worst day of swelling should be day 5. Not sure ho I can possibly swell more but just following all instructions and trying to rest/move around as much as possible and keep very hydrated.

Showered without feeling faint!

So the toughest part of my days are the morning. I've completely stopped all pain meds as I'm not really in pain as much as I'm in discomfort. I'm not really one to rely on meds and have never been a huge fan of pain meds (also they make me super itchy, a side effect &I I have to take Benadryl & id just rather not). So that said, I have been taking my showers in the mornings when I feel most sore and crummy. Well yesterday I did it in the evening and it was SO MUCH BETTER!!! I didn't feel nauseous or faint at all. I still much prefer my garment on (I wash it every time I shower and have to wait for it to dry so total about an hour). Any how, finally feeling better just totally stir crazy and I think I've watched Elf, Tarzan, and Jungle Book at least 100Xs with my baby girl lol! Tried on a dress I'm wearing to a friends bday at he end of the month and (although I'm UP 7lbs from my normal weight due to all the swelling) I am much more comfortable in it now! I still don't feel like I look like me when I look in the mirror and feel quite heavy but I know it will all go down in the coming weeks/months.


Someone please tell me this has happened to you?! My Booty was slightly itchy yesterday, soooo itchy tonight! I scratched a bit over the garment because I couldn't handle it. Advice?? I took a Benadryl although it's a histamine blocker, I thought anything may help!

Booty is shrinking

I went into surgery with booty/hips (largest part) at 39in came out at 44in and am currently at 41.5in. Hoping I don't shrink any more!!! The Booty Greed is REAL!

First time trying on without garment!

Still quite swollen, but I finally have a waist and a bit of hips! I didn't want anything too dramatic, just enough curve to make me feel a little less square. So far so good! 3 weeks and 4 days down! (Don't mind the messy guest room bed! Can't sleep in my own bed yet as it's too low to get in/out of)

6 Week pics

Still a little sore and numb around the hips/waist. Back to the gym!
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