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Hi girls! I finally gave in to posting a review to...

Hi girls! I finally gave in to posting a review to show you guys my progress and also to help others that are also getting bbl.

My surgery date is January 19, 2016. I'm getting it done in the morning right after my friend (she's getting it done too @caliasianbooty) we are both excited and nervous but we know Dr Hazani does an amazing job with his patients!

Anywho, I've already done an over the phone virtual consultation and it was late at night like 10pm. Hazani just got done with work and called me right away even though it was late I needed to speak with him ASAP ( I was anxious and wanted to lock my date already because I wanted a date a month away) he was very thorough with the whole process and explained everything in detail. He mentions the $7500 real self deal includes abdominal area, back area and flanks. I also wanted thigh lipo cause I have fat thighs lol he said normally 1200, but he would offer a special price of 600. So total 8100. He also mentions the inner thigh fat is good fat too , I believe him cause that shit does not go away even after dieting and working out. Lol

Ok so my weight is 138 right now and I'm 5'2 and 23 years old. I've had breast implants before (another doctor) but hazani said the recovery is nothing like BA so I'm pretty darn nervous. I will have to pray to the booty gods that they give me curves!!! My boobs are 34DD.. They look so freakin small though cause ever since weight gain my sides are so wide they make my boobs look small :(
I'll be taking two weeks off work and thank god I stand all day while working ( I also hate sitting weird I know )
I will be updating with photo progress. I'm so shitting it you guys but you girls give me hope !

Products I'm ordering

Here's a list (items bought on Amazon):
Bromelain pills (bruising and swelling)
Arnica gel and pellets (also for bruising and swelling)
Lipo foams (3)
Lipo ab board
Compression socks
Chux pads
Bio oil (to prevent stretch marks)
Scar away c-section strips (for lipo incision scars)
P ez urinal
Round foam roller (cut in half, to put over the toilet seat under my thighs to go number 2 since it'll be hard to squat haha)

Two extra compression garments bought on eBay, made in Columbia by fajate? #455 and #437 both in Medium. I hope they fit me!

Will add more to this list later .. If I'm missing something please comment and lmk!

Did my lab/blood work today!

Got my blood drawn today .. I hate getting blood work done even though I have lots of tattoos lol here's a pic of my square curve less body. I hope I can get a small waist and nice hips !!!

Trying to turn my muscle to fat is not easy as I thought

Currently weigh 140lbs .. (My heaviest is 146, 3 years ago) I've been eating really horrible these past few weeks. I'm afraid i don't have a lot of body fat but more muscle since I stand 12 hours a day for work/constantly moving. Also my skin does not like to stretch.. Like I'm over here trying to get my belly bigger but my body doesn't want to.. Instead I been pooping like 4 times a day! (Tmi sorry) I've been trying to sit and eat as much fatty foods as much as I can and ugh I feel so gross and slow at work it sucks :( all I wear are sweat pants now so ugly

So I recieved my fajas in the mail today (size medium) and I got really excited. I thought in my head these things are not gonna fit me right now but I wanted to try them on anyway. But OMG they fit me except it's really tight. Is this normal?? Should I have gotten a small instead? I really like the material I feel very secure in them but I hope it molds my waist once the lipo takes my waist much smaller.

Two more weeks till SX!

SX date is getting closer and I'm getting rather impatient! My friend and I can't stop talking about the procedure and it needs to come now. She's staying at my apartment with her boyfriend for a week. We won't be able to help each other that much because we'll both be in pain :(

So today I started my period. On purpose, I switched up my birth control cycle and started my pills later than usual last month because I was originally gonna start my rag right before surgery if I was still taking them regularly. So now I'm gonna start two weeks after the surgery. :) idk bleeding from incision sites+period = lots of blood loss. I remember when I tried to donate blood couple years ago they didn't let me cause my hemo was low and it was cause I was on my rag. Don't want to be rejected again this time around!

I bought my vitamins today and will start taking them now to help with my overall health before and after surgery!
Hopefully taking these will make a difference

Post op necessities came in!

Ahhhh 7 more days!! Shits getting real.

I'm sooo ready for this surgery I had a few dreams that it i already had it done and got sad when I woke up :(

My friend and I got our things in the mail today just missing arnica pills, antibacterial soap and I ordered a few things to wear as well!

Also, I added a photo of the ab foam roller (cut in half) you can but in Amazon I think 18 inches. It was kinda hard to cut in half I used a giant knife lol but you basically put it under your thighs so you don't put pressure on your butt. I'm thinking you can use this anywhere except you'll need back support if you use it.


It's so annoying how I'm so addicted to this website but I can't stop lol like my eyes are going to shit ahha anyway I'm so excited. Can't wait to have a banging bod! Got more clothes in the mail that I bought to wear. Posting a pic of a Jammie I bought I'm so embarrassed to post this pic but it'll be a good before and after. Im so square right now and chubby. :(

In the medical room about to get started!!

Ah the day is finally here! Have the IV in my hand which doesn't really hurt just stings. Catch y'all on the other side!

In so much pain

I'll post a review later. Feeling very sick right now ;(

Thank you for all your support you guys give me strength..

Feeling a lot better than yesterday! My ass is colossal

Feeling better just hungry .. Yesterday right after the surgery I felt horrible. I'm always like that though after anesthesia. The ride home I was crying so much I felt claustrophobic or something . When we parked our car I started walking to my apartment in pain and dripping blood everywhere. After laying down in bed I felt much better with the chux pads underneath I was leaking so much I kept changing them every 45 minutes. I threw up a total of 4 times (a lot) I think from looking at the blood. I have a weak stomach. My binder was drenched im waiting for it to wash right now I'm afraid I need compression right now. Been taking my meds and drinking Gatorade and water. I just barely looked at myself after my shower right now and I'm extremely happy. I couldn't look at myself earlier cause all the chux on me made me nauseous

Day 3 almost over

Hey girls !

Today is day 3 and I must say still in a lot of pain. I feel ok when the norcos kick in. Yesterday the anesthesia wore off completely mid day and the pain was extremely bad for me. Last night was very difficult to sleep. My neck and shoulders were very stiff and in pain. Although I'm using a memory foam pillow ( the one that curves and dips in the center) it does help a lot for support around the breasts. Waking up to pee every hour is painful, I recommend doing arm work outs before the surgery so you have some muscle to get yourself up and out of bed! My boyfriend has been very supportive with the process. I woke him up about 3 times a night to help get me up and into the restroom. The P EZ is amazing and I don't know how i would live without it at this point. Make sure to have your cleansing clothes and disinfecting wipes because it will get messy! the incisions above your vajayay will leak fluids!! I was leaking a lot and still am today. Im not sure when this will stop and I hope it's normal because I already went through almost two boxes of 25 abdominal pads. I wear this under my underwear and often change them because it's always full of leakage. Also, my friend and I wear lipo foams underneath our binder which SO MUCH!. Yesterday morning I was noticing lumps and creases on my sides and a little on the front. So I took out the lipo foams and put it underneath the binder, one wide on the front and one cut in half and placed on each side. And this morning they're all gone ! I'm gonna keep wearing it it underneath until I get my Leonisa garment and wear it under that + the ab board for extra compression.

I'm still wearing the bandage for the thighs but it's so annoying and painful, when can we start taking them off? I feel like my legs have gotten bigger than before I even measured it .. I'm not sure if it's swollen but it's two inches bigger on my inner knee/thigh.

Pre op measurement in inches
Waist: 31
Hips: 36.5
Butts: 39
Thighs 24
Inner knee 16

Day 3

Waist 30
Hips 36.5
Butt 42.5
Thigh 24
Inner knee 18

I took two stool softeners yesterday and still haventBM .. Just a little gas. I'm afraid to use the restroom cause my thigh and ass so sore :/ yesterday I took a shower and I balled out of my eyes cause it hurt so much the water hitting my body I yelled at my bf to get me out .. Today I took another shower and I was fine. The incisions were still burning but not as bad.

I can't wait to see all the swelling go down !! Hazani was great and he's such an artist at body contouring. Can't wait to see final results.

Anyone with thigh lipo?

When did you stop wearing your compression thigh bandage ? I took mine off last night cause it was making these weird lumps and felt like it was cutting my circulation. Also feel like my thighs don't look much smaller ... Did you guys see a noticeable difference after inner thigh lipo? They are the most bruised out of my whole body. And still is after arnica gel. Seeing Hazani tonight and picking up BBL pillow and stage 2 garment. Thinking I'm a size large in that garment cuz the two medium garments I bought already are too tight it squishes my butt a lot.

Swelling has gone down a lot

At my one week mark and I can honestly say I'm very happy and excited about my results thanks to dr Hazani!
My only real concern is my stomach having these lumps from lipo but from what I hear you can get them smoothed out by massaging them. I can't wait for another week to pass by to start getting massages since doc days it's ok after 2 weeks.

The first couple days were hell, I'm not the type to sugar coat or anything. I'll be completely honest in my review. Everybody is different and although my tolerance for pain is high, the pain was pretty bad for me. The past two days it's only been really hard to get out of bed. Because I take a pain pill right before I sleep then wake up feelin like a train ran me over. But after getting up I feel better again.. Been drinking lots of water and peeing a lot. My BM is normal again starting today. The first four days I didn't BM cause the norcos. I didn't mind it though cause it was difficult to sit on the toilet anyway. I get tired after standing for longer than 20 min. Feel lots of pressure in my butt cheek so I lay back on my stomach to rest then get back up etc

I was so sad I couldn't take any baths, I usually would take one every night. Today I tried taking one but laying on my stomach and wow it was the most amazing and relaxing thing ever! Like the water kept the pressure off my body. Or I would kneel feet apart and the water kept the booty pressure off the floor :) felt awesome. Hehe thought I'd share for anyone else who likes baths as much as me

Ok so at first, I was kinda bummed about how much the swelling went down it made my butt look smaller. But now I see its totally normal and I like the way it's forming cause it looks more real every day it's changing. I noticed one of my sides has a high shelf.. It literally pops out a lot and I asked Hazani about it, he poked it and it dipped in like a sponge, he says anything that does that around the butt area is just swelling. Anything that is hard feeling, is fat. So I was so relieved. Anywho I hope my waist and thighs continues to shrink. I'll update more later on things I didn't really use and things I did use :)


Started wearing my Leonisa garment now even though it's a bitch to put on since it's so tight. And on top wearing the post op binder + thigh compressions and notice that my swelling is going down much more. My lower back is feeling less numb also and creating more of an arch! Yay. Stomach is flatter today too. I started massaging already using bio oil after I shower. Here's a before and after back side .. Huge difference !

Also here are some things I didn't really use that I bought for surgery.

The compression socks.. Bought two pairs and didn't really wear them. I didn't feel like my feet got swollen or anything.

The ab board .. It helps but uncomfortable to wear. Didn't see noticeable difference since I had so much compression from the foam and binder already.

Vitamin c tablets .. I took these but they made my stomach upset so many times even after eating. Not worth it.

Things that are a must :
p EZ!!! If you don want to pee on yourself you need this in your life. You'll be peeing 25 times a day for a week and more.

Wipes! Disinfecting wipes! Feminine wipes!

Abdominal pads or regular long period pads! You will be leaking from your incision where your pubic area is. Some people have more fluids than others .. I used them for 4 days and I had SOO much fluid. Better to be prepared than not have them.

Chux pads or dog pee pads. My friend and I bought a box of 100. Used about 75 together. We both leaked a lot the first two days on our beds. Didn't realize we used that many because our boyfriends changed our pads.

Arnica, EVERYTHING. Arnica gel, tablets, and TEA! The tea is great.

Memory foam pillows!!

A robe because you won't have anything that fits unless you bought a bunch of large clothing. You don't want to wear anything that puts pressure on your new grafted fat cells. Wearing clothing on top of the post operative garments is so annoying and painful unless you have large pajama dresses those are good. you'll be changing a lot cause the fluids.

Stool softeners A must!

3 week update

I'm pretty happy with my butt size right now. It has gone down a bit.. I was sad at first but with clothes on it looks big. I didn't want it to be too noticeable. Because it's already causing too much attention!!! Lol

I'm not very happy with my stomach. The sides of my waists are swollen and have lumps as well as the front causing me to be wide and not have a smaller waist and my lumps are still there and feels stiff. I scar very easily, I feel like this is why?. My waist is probably only an inch smaller than what it was before. I do like the way my lower back dips in and gives it a curve. Just not from the front or back view I'm not that happy about. I'm getting nervous and hope my waist shrinks ... My hips did get bigger but this whole surgery I was aiming mainly for a smaller waist for the hour glass shape. Not too much hip to make me look bigger than I already was. This journey is definitely a roller coaster. Some days I'm happy then when I go home and look at my stomach I get sad all over again. I ordered the Ann chery waist trainer in pink. Hopefully that does something.

Lumps getting smaller

Been massaging like crazy 1-2x a day. In the shower and out.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

He is sweet and very informative !

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