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Ive locked in my surgery date for 2/12/16 with Dr...

Ive locked in my surgery date for 2/12/16 with Dr.hazani .Im super excited and nervous all at the same time. I went in for a consultation in November with dr.hazani , i showed him my wish pics , he said my skin didn't seem that it stretches much, but i would get good results and i would get the bubble butt i want and the hour shape body, and i didn't need a tummy tuck after, that made me happy that i dont need a TT .I felt that dr.hazani was honest and i really liked he's worked he's done on the other girls.that helped me make my decision, i currently weight 132 I'm 5'2 i wanted to loose a few pounds before surgery but Dr.hazani told me not to, i still would like to get my arms tone before surgery, I'm ready to have the booty I've always wanted. Im a bit bummed because when i told my family about it they were excited ,but it all change after i told them i went in for my consultation and i was going to do it, my mom decided to tell me a horrible story of someone that had a cosmetic surgery
And didn't go well for her.took me a while to finally make my decision since I'm scared something goes wrong,but who isn't.So ill be doing my surgery without telling my family ,i wish i had there support, but i get it my mother is worried about me, but i do have my husbands support 100%, he will even be taking time off work to take care of me. Ill keeps you ladies posted about my journey. Does any one have a list of thing that i will need to purchase ???

Pre post pics

This is the sad true :(
I origanlly told Dr.hazani i didnt want to have any hips added , ive always liked the size of my hips and legs ,this is the heviest ive been besides when i was pregnate. maybe thats why my hips and legs look smaller. but today when i took this pics i realize dr.hazani is right i do need to add some hips ,ive never have thought my legs are small untill today.i dont want to have the look of a huge but with small legs.i want a nice big natural butt natural look if that makes any sences.what do you ladies think???

Blood work done,

Ok ladies im getting more nervous this is getting really serious ,i got my blood work done this Am I was very impress with quest diagnostic, it was a super easy process i was in and out in 10min and they were super friendly. Hope all my blood work is good,ive always have taken vitamins i started on iron about 2 weeks ago gotta make sure my iron level is fine and i dont have any delays with my surgery . 18 days and counting

4 more days and counting

I cant believe in 4 more days ill finally have the booty ive always wanted. Cant wait for my big day.I got all my supplys.i also got measured

height 5'2
Weight 132
Waist 30.5
Hips 36.5
Butt 39
Thighs 36.5 measured together

Tomorrow is the big day

So tomorrow is my big day and i feel so nervous,i feel like im going to throw up is this normal? I spoked to debbie earlier and went over my instructions i still dont have my surgery time she said she would call me, but i havent heard from her yet, i think this has me more anxious, hope to hear from her soon.

I made it ladies

just want to update you ladies, i got 960cc each cheeck not sure how much in my hips. Pain it not that bad yet in my butt, my stomach is more painful, ive been very nausea , dr hazaani had to request estra medicine of how nausea i feelt, i throw up in car ride on our way to the hotel.i took the nasua pill and just took my pain med cus i dont want the pain to kick in suddently. Ill update tomorrow when i feel more mobil.

1 day post op

Im a bit sad, because i dont think my butt is to big and its my fault i told dr i didnt want something to big only a bubble but.i really hope i dont loose much. I dont really have pain in my butt i suddenly have felt like 3 sharp pain in my left cheeck but not to bad.the nausea are pretty bad ive been throwing up sinces yesterday. Ive tried to get up and walk but thats when i start to feel very nausea and i vomit.ill be leaving the hotel in a bit im worried about the ride home its 2 1/2 hrs drive hope i dont feel to sick.ill update again when im home.


Wow where do i even start from,yesterdays ride home ,the last 35mins i was miserable i was in such a bad pain,i couldnt hold it and was crying .i hardly ever cry im not a cry baby but this pain was something else. i got home and took my pain pill and feelt extremly sick after that with vomiting and the nausea.i harly had ate anything so i was verry weak. I was up around 3:30am and felt very nausea again not much pain so i decided i was no longer going to take the pain pill thats was causing me more vomiting and the nausea, def was my worse time.i took the extra strength tylenol and it helped me sleep untill 5:30am and ate some yogurt took nausea pills and later the antibiotics,def started feeling much better i was able to get up and walk around and eat an egg im finally getting my strength back witch feels so good. And been up walking around but i get tired so im now back in bed.

5 day post op

Hi dolls sorry i havent posted just been tired.but definitely gets better everyday. I had my 1st post op visit with Dr.hazani yesterday next to the surgery center and i felt a bit ennoyed with dr staff , they called me monday saying i had my post op visit that day i said no my date is wed and i asked what location i would have my visit and was told i would receive a text later by 5 with the adress, witch i didnt. I called them early Wednesday am and asked were was the location again and was told by the person that picked up the phone she would text me right away with the location. They didnt text me but i still decided to go to the surgery center and called again when i got there luckily thats were dr was going to meet me. My post op visit went well Dr.Hazani said i was doing good but still swollen around my waist,i also mention my left side of my tummy and my right side of my girly part was swollen he said i was only on my 4th day that swelling would go down .Dr pointed out that my right cheek he worked very hard b-cus i had a flat area because my skin did not strech more he mention if he would of added more fat the fat would of moved and then i would of had a lump somewhere else he said it would get better i shouldnt see the flat are.witch this is something dr had already mentioned prior to my surgery that my skin doesn't stretch much.Dr.hazani also wanted me to pick up another binder and my garment at hes office,witch i never got the binder that all the girls get the one i got is not as tight.he called the girls at hes office and told them to give me a small garment .woot woot i was excited to hear im a small i havent wored small in a long time.he told me to tell the girls to have them put it on me so i would know how to use it.I went to hes office and when i got there,there was a guy who asked me who was i looking for i told him i was there for Debbie and he called her and i stayed out on the waiting are with other ppl ,there was a young girl that came out to talk to me i told her why i was there for and she said she would be back she left us in the waiting area.she came back with the new binder and garment i told her dr wanted them to put it on me so i would know how to use it, she decided to give me verbal instructions in the waiting are i thought it was weird they wouldnt have me go into dr office instead, she told me to use my garment at 2 i left when i got home i wasnt sure witch side is the top and witch side is the bottom they look different, i remember then dr also told me to start using the garment a bit confuse thats not what he staff told decided not to wear the binder yet.i called debbie today to ask her about it but they said she wasn't waiting to hear back from her. I think Dr.hazani is great but staff can be better. Sorry for the long post

8 day post op

Heres a quick update,this is the Leonisa garment dr unable to put it on by my self, its very tight and painful when trying to put it on or off, but feel very comfortable onces its on. Today i feel like my left butt cheek doesnt feel as hard hope they both get soft soon. I still wake up in the middle of the night its tough on my back i have to walk around every night so my body can relax and go back to sleep. I do feel everyday seems to get easier.

15 day post op

Hey ladies so i whent back to work on thursday, i drove to work but did not sit on my botty, i set on the yoga roller that i cut in half and i wrap it around a blanket to make it more comfy to drive.i use the other half for the rest room when i go #2 it works great .Driving was difficult the first day i was so exhausted at the end of my days at work i didnt sit at glad its the weekend time to rest again.
So About my recovery its has been good, but i have notice ive lost more volume on my left side of my butt witch im sad about,i hope i dont loose any more volume.i do have some some fluid still ill post pics so you can see,tomorrow i have my second post op visit with dr.hazani will see what he says about it if ill get it drain i hope. Ive been feel butt greedy and I wish my butt would be bigger =(
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