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After much stalking for hours on end on real self...

After much stalking for hours on end on real self I decided to write my first post! Still not sure about posting pictures maybe I will get the nerves up to do it lol Well to give whoever is reading this a little background information on me: I am 31 years young! I don't have any kids at the moment. Happy with my career but also looking to pursue my education. I have always been overweight my whole life. No matter what diet or exercise program I put myself through I could never lose the weight. As my 30th birthday was soon approaching I knew I needed to take care of my health. By health I meant my weight... I was healthy on the inside! Not diabetic, cholesterol normal, blood pressure normal, and all my blood work great! I workout and didn't eat a lot but my stubborn body didn't budge. That's when bariatric surgery became an option. I knew it was meant to be how everything just worked out. I went into surgery September 2014. I went from my highest weight of 290 down to 190. I have a lot of loose skin now which is a given and I'm looking to surgery to assist. This brings me to my first option, a Brazilian butt lift! Now I weighed out my options on which surgery to do first. My conclusion comes to this: I have a lot of stubborn fat and I want to put the fat to good use! I never had a butt and I'm in need of more shape! Yes I'm going to still have the loose skin which will be addressed in my next surgeries! Ok so pause! Sorry this is getting to be long, next part I'm going to cut to the chase! So after much bbl research online and through real self I decided to go to Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills. I had a virtual consultation on the phone. First time around it felt rushed and I knew it was late for him. I think he didn't understand that I was wanting to move forward with my surgery but I want to drop to 175 pounds. So I didn't get a Followup email or call. Right when I asked for the pricing to secure a surgery date I was sent to Sarah through email. I finally connected with Sarah after another Followup email since I didn't hear back from them. I expected to have to put forth a little more effort reading other reviews! Be patient people but I'm a go getter if I want something I will make it happen! So after we talked I got another Followup consult with Dr. Hazani and cleared everything up. Then I got to talk to Debbie and scheduled my appointment! Got an email from Gary and put my $500 deposit down. Signed the policies sheet and emailed it all in one day! Now time to prepare! Currently making a list from all my findings on here and online! Nervous, excited, and ready for the next step! If anyone wants to give me tips advice or if your going to get your bbl done at the same time pleas message or comment me!!! I'll wrap this story up until the next Followup!

Next steps! Help!!!!

Filled out my patient profile and got the BBL instructions from Gary. Started making a list from RS and online info as well as this list! I have a bunch of items in my Amazon cart lol I need help deciding on what to get and how much starting with:
-Arnica Cream/Tablets? When do I start taking the tablets?
-Iron and Vit C supplements? I take a multivitamin due to my bariatric surgery and my levels are usually fine but when did everyone start their supplements?
-Pillows? For those who have the one Dr. Hazani gives would you prefer that over the boppy pillow or booty buddy?
-Do I need a woman's urinal? What kind is best?
-Garments or Fajas? Which brand is better? Sizing? When do u change the one post op given?
-When does everyone use waist trainers and what type is safe after bbl?
-Chairs/Beds/Tubes? Did anyone find these necessary?
-Scar creams? Best ones people found that worked?
-Stool softeners? What is a gentle not so aggressive one? Is it necessary?
-Did anyone use depends or adult diapers
-What is needed to cover incisions? Especially during travel?

I wish there was a YouTube video of how everything works... Sitting, sleeping, driving... The do's and don'ts lol I feel so lost and unprepared ughhh help please!

Clothed Pics! Still working up the nerves!

So I was working out today and decided to take some body shots! It's hard to see how much my skin sags. Hoping as it gets closer and I'm down another 15 pounds I will be able to do an actual before picture! I'm 5'3 190 pounds! No booty whatsoever which got worse with my weightloss. Also went from a D cup to a C cup extra saggy! My next surgery is an arm lift with a breast lift and implants! Just trying to survive my first plastic surgery experience!

The Amazon cart is over $200!

So idk if I'm being a little ridiculous or paranoid but I want to be prepared without being wasteful! The situation I'm in is I will be moving from Hawaii to Texas but in the middle of that move I will be stopping over in Cali to do my bbl with Dr. Hazani... So I need what is only necessary because I will be basically traveling with my life's belongings! So if there is something more or less please give me your much appreciated opinions!!!

42 days left before the B-Day!

So I finally got some things that came in from Amazon. The pressure to lose weight is real! 20 pounds in 42 days seems impossible to me! I feel so discouraged but I have some encouraging people helping me along the way! Had a RS sister juicing and I think I'm gonna give it a try! Any tips word of encouragement would help! Ohhhh the stress is making my body shut down!!!

23 more days!

Ok so less than a month away! I did my blood work on Monday sent it in and Gary said that if I didn't hear anything back than it must be okay! So I asked Gary if I could just pay it off so I don't have to worry about it later and the money was sitting in the bank anyways! So now the last stage is making sure Dr. Hazani clears my health due to previous surgery and weight problems. As far as the weight loss progress it's been a struggle! I am steady at 188 from 198. A RS sister encouraged a juice cleanse and it works wonders! I will be doing another one after a family vacation! The struggle is real! I am trying to get to 175-180 range. So good vibes for me please! I need all the encouragement I can get where I am surrounded by sabotagers lol

Less than 24hours to go!

So I arrived in LA a couple days ago and due to personal reasons and my move I haven't been able to put together an update! I had my preop the same day I flew in. I first met Debbie who is nothing short of AMAZING and she looks greaaaat! I immediately was like I want what she had lol it made me more excited! The facility is beautiful and clean. It was all very brief. Basically met with the nurse Sarah who was very sweet as well! Dr. Hazani came in and the first thing I was worried about was he was going to look at me and say I didn't lose weight and I wouldn't get good results. Instead he was very positive and made me feel like this was possible. Of course, he did explain that I don't have hips at all so he wants to give me more shape. I was like as long as you can stuff as much fat and make the projection and hips proportioned I'll be happy. I learned to just trust that he is the professional and what works on others might not work on me. Wish pics out the window this is me! So with a little miscommunication about my health clearance taken care of everything went smoothly and I will be checking into surgery at 7am tomorrow. I will try to take before pictures and work up nerves to post them! Keep me in your prayers!

Made it!

Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers! Everyone has been so encouraging! I'm going to give a full review later but I did a few pics. I'm not up to posing standing yet so here's a few laying down. Dr. Hazanis goal was to give projection but hips as well to shape me out. So I don't know how he did it but managed to transfer 1860CC in each side mind you to also shape the hips so it's not all booty! So here's a few pics!

The dreaded before picture!!!

Ok so I am 5 days out and still swollen and bruised up like crazy. I had my post op appointment with Dr. Hazani and everything is looking good. I didn't leak a lot of fluids so I was a little worried but he assured me that it was fine and to get my lymphatic massages in a week. I got my garment which is a leonisa size XL-2X. It fits pretty good but I know once the swelling goes down I'm going to have to go down a size. Ok so as you know my weightloss goal wasn't accomplished. I went in there at 197 at 5'3. I do have a lot of loose skin and I'm not happy about that at all. I know that there might be another similar case like mine looking into a BBL so I wanted to share. This is not a fixer surgery but rather a process. I know that and I went to Dr. Hazani based on realistic expectations of what he can do and I feel like he delivered! I will write a separate review on him and his staff later! So here is a couple before pics and my post 4 day with my garment pics. I think I want to wait until more swelling goes down to do pics without the garment and maybe wait to show how clothes are fitting! Thank you to my surgery sisters who have been keeping in touch and pretty much going through everything with me! Thank you to all of you ladies on RS for being so positive throughout this entire experience and also for letting me learn from you!

Sorry went MIA!

Well damn it made 3 weeks yesterday! I have so many mixed feelings but the biggest one is I just want to go back to normal life! If you seen my previous posts you will know that I had my bbl done in the middle of me moving from Hawaii to Texas. So basically 4 days after surgery I flew to Texas, stayed in a hotel while looking at 10 different apartments being at 5 different furniture store, 3 car dealerships, and a lot of school registration and preparing for fall semester! So the recovery for me was just having to get up out of bed and push through. In the beginning I knew I was pushing myself but I knew I had no choice! So with that being said day 4-5 was horrible and depressing! I cried a lot! So when you read about that stage in other reviews it's no joke! I was of course swollen a lot but I loooooved my shape especially my back. As week one ended I noticed my butt shrinking and it started getting me worried. I tried not to be obsessive about it but you really can't help it! I'm sad that it went down a lot. It's 100% better than where I was but still!?:$&:@ other than that it's starting to soften up. I will post pics! I know what they all say wait until a couple months to see the true results. I have lumps on the ends of my hanging skin on my stomach and my stomach is still swollen because I can't compress it! I've come to terms with my front not being at all good until my TT which is being scheduled in Dec with Dr. Hazani! I don't have anything negative to say about Dr. Hazani or his staff. I love his work and I know he tries to do his best. I still have lumps and unevenness but it's not looking horrible. I will be posting pics of my week 2. Please feel free to ask me any questions or leave comments!!!

Photos from 13 days post op without the garment

Pics 20 days post op without my garment!

Been a while!

So since my BBL I wanted to take a break from RS mostly because I didn't want to keep going through the emotional roller coaster of insecurities of my body. We can be our own worst enemy! I definitely see such a great improvement since my BBL that is undeniable. Did I lose volume? Yes.... Did that bum me out? Yes... but I said it before I wasn't trying to reach perfection and I can't compare my body to anyone else's but my own! So with that being said I was preparing for round 2 of my body makeover since weightloss and I was in desperate need of a Tummy Tuck. I decided to go with Dr. Hazani again because I felt comfortable with him and his work and overall delivery of how he puts in as much as he can to get the best results. He's not God and can't rewrite our bodies but he does what he can with what we've been given. So on December 27th 2016 I went in and did a Fleur Di Lis Tummy Tuck which also has an incision straight down the middle of my breasts that's vertical that meets and the center of my horizontal scar. I had a lot of top excess skin as well and chose to deal with the vertical scar for the best outcome as possible. I am now 3 weeks post op and so happy with my results. I pretty much cried when he unwrapped me and showed me my results for the first time! I've never seen my stomach so flat and the amount of skin he removed was mind blowing. My stomach is softening up so it's more motivation to get back in the gym and making sure I maintain this new body! I went back to work 2 weeks after which was a little tough especially at they end of the day and I feel so swollen! This was the best way to enter into 2017! I have a few before and after pictures I'll be posting as well! Any questions feel free to message me! So sorry to all my RS friends I lost touch with! Hopefully all is well in this New Year for everyone!!!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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