40ish Hopefully Getting a BBL in July - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello ladies, I am for sure getting a BBL in July...

Hello ladies, I am for sure getting a BBL in July my only dilemma is choosing the right doctor. I went for a consult with Dr. Hughes a few weeks back he indicated he could only put approx 700cc into each butt he was nice and confident. I have a consult with Doctor Dass tomorrow and have a phone consult with Hazani on Friday and then I will decide which doctor to use. My butt is FLAT and just feel uncomfortable in clothes. Any advise and or experiences with the 3 listed doctors? I am torn. I saw pictures from all and Hazani looked the best plus he seems to be about 3k cheaper. I am 504, 150 lbs

It's getting close

I met with Dr. Dass yesterday and I absolutely love him. Aside from being handsome, he took his time and went over what to expect. He made no promises and was honest and said he could contour my body and I would have good results. Because of lack of fat on abs, he indicated he could lipo my waist and back to achieve the desired results. I'm petite so have minimum fat. I also had a TT before. I have a consult with Dr. Hazani Friday and I will make my final decision. I want to have my surgery in Early July.

I'm so bummed

I previously had a in person consult with Dr. Dass and Dr. Hughes who stated that they could get approximately 6 to 700 mL each. I had a phone consult with Dr. Hazani who looked at my photo and said (from photos) that I would be a good canidate because of my prior surgeries. I know for sure I have a lot of that fat any ladies who had a previous lipo can you please let me know if you were a candidate for a BBL an additional Lipo. Is that a complete no no if you have prior surgeries?

Labs can back good, put my deposit down, surgery scheduled for July 6 with Kenneth Hughes

Finally scheduled surgery for July 6

Very flat

Just wanted to post a before pic so I can see how far I've come after my BBL on July 6. Very flat ????

Wish pictures

Don't want a Huge butt just filled out and firm

Started taking vitamedica clinical support

Hi all just started taking vitamedica day and night vitimins. It's suppose to help with recovery. We will see. Has anyone taken these? If so did it help any?

Post-op prescription filled

I love Doctor Hughes. It never fails he responses promptly to all emails (the same day). Even on Saturdays. I was having problems with Kaiser. They wouldn't fill my prescription under my insurance because it was for cosmetic surgery. Go figure. I ended up paying regular price but it wasn't that bad. I emailed Dr. Hughes and he gave me some alternatives.

6 days until surgery

Hello ladies wanted to add some pre-op photos so I can document my experience. July 6 is the day.

Pre-op with clothes

Yikes need a BBL bad.....lol

Post op binder

I heard a lot of horror stories about that binder. So I bought one just in case.

3 days until I get the butt I've always wanted

Hello just wanted to make sure my before and after pic are documented so I remember where I came from. I have realistic expectations because Dr. Hughes said He only get approx 700 CC but I have faith in his abilities and I know he will get as much as possible.

Today is the day

Well my surgery is scheduled for about 1:00 I'm here in the waiting room of Dr. Hughes new office. It's really nice and comfy. Prayers needed thank you ladies. Will update when able.

1 day post op

Hi feeling good not really in pain just swollen. I could get a good angle but I'll post 2 photos. Only got 840cc I wish it was bigger but I didn't have a lot of fat. Question when does fluffing start?

Doctor Hughes is amazing

First off the new office is very clean and professional. The operating room looks like a hospital operating room. Doctor Rodriguez who administered my anesthesia was completely awesome and made this process bearable. I was alittle nauseous after the procedure but didn't throw up. After taking 2 pain pills I was knocked out. The worst part is trying to get comfortable sleeping. I am amazed at how there's so little pain. My stomach is super super flat Dr. Hugh sucked all that fat out. I got a call from Dr. Hughes's office to make sure I was OK and I really appreciated that I was able to take my first shower and I did it unassisted. The doctors office that I can wear my fashion as long as I put my binder on top I feel a lot more comfortable. Today I'm just walking around and I am not that stiff. I am not draining anymore and only drained last night. I will update more when I can .

2day post op

Feeling good walking around without pain just just a little soreness . Thank God I'm not in pain. I've been taking vitamedica 2 weeks pre op. Butt is still swollen.

Sleeping issues

I can't seem to get comfortable. Sleeping on my stomach is killing my lower back and neck. Any suggestions? I find myself walking around all day to avoid the back pain. :(

A few pics in dress

Sorry but hubby at work so I took these photos myself. Couldn't get a back view

Things I really needed post op

Hello ladies I bought a lot of things that I didn't need preop but wanted to give you a list of things that I really needed post op:
Anica gel
Pillows for sleeping ( still couldn't get comfy)
Chux pads
Grabber to reach for things
Compression garment to wear while other is washing
Neck pillow
Tank tops to wear under binder
Bbl pillow
Ex large undies 6 pack
Anti bacteria dial liquid
Tylenol ex strength
Jello/soup (after surgery)
High protein foods
Vitamedica (clinical support) pre and post op
Arnica Montana (for swelling)
Benadryl (only 4days post-op so haven't used)

Pic of Faja

This is comfortable and give good compression don't have to take off to go to the bathroom unless your doing #2 (: only wearing while binder is washing. Although the Dr. Hughes office said I could wear as long as the
binder is on top. I think Doctor Hughes recommended the one with the butt out but I already had this and it was 85 dollars.

Cut out chair so comfy

Ok ladies I just couldn't take it anymore so I was looking at a profile and saw that one of the ladies made a chair to sit in so I tried it. And omgosh love it and butt does not touch anything. :)

1 week post op

Went to my one week post op appt with Dr. Hughes everything looked good and no fluid build up. I feel good and the only annoying part is not being able to sit for 5 more weeks and sleeping on my stomach. I still have to wear my binder. Lost some volume but that's expected still way better than where I started from. Dr. Hughes is the bomb.com (;

New butt-out Faja

Pretty comfortable and provides a lot of compression in the right spots.

River tube

Ok ladies so I tried the cut out chair it was only comfortable for a while then got irritating. I went to Walmart and got this inner tube. I'll try it out tonight and give you a review tomorrow. I'm so sick of sleeping on my stomach ):

Oops forgot pic

Blown up inner tube

6 week update

Today is 6 weeks since I got my Bbl and lipo. I got 840 transferred to each butt. I can say the pain wasn't bad at all and I recovered pretty quickly. The only annoying part was not sitting for 6 weeks and sleeping on my stomach. I was very flat before and wore a size 0-2. I had realistic expectations and knew that my post surgery results were not the final. However, didn't expect to lose HALF. Now 6 weeks after surgery I can still fit into a size 2. I look better than before but expected more volume. Can't blame doctor Hughes, I guess the fat didn't take. But don't get me wrong I like the lipo and my clothes fit better. Don't think I'll be going for round 2. I already paid over 10k for bbl and supplies needed. Ladies be realistic about results. Some will need round 2. I'm back and work and life goes on.
Kenneth Hughes

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