35 with a Much Needed Shape Adjustment - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello ladies I haven't been on this website for a...

Hello ladies I haven't been on this website for a long time now, and finally am deciding to go through with my BBL and I am choosing to go with Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills he does some amazing work, and hoping he can hook me up to have a nice hour glass figure, I had a tummy tuck in 2011 so I am worried that I will not have enough fat for grafting... to get the out come I want anyone else have a tummy tuck and then BBL years later?? With a nice out come or not please let me know your experiences,,, well that's all for now update later bbl dolls


So this is me sucking in my tummy and posing lol I need to take a normal one cuz I don't look like that all the time lol

So I took some before pics of my horrible shape of a behind and sides :/

Yikes I don't like my shape

Sleeping on stomach

Hello my BBL dolls so I have a hard time sleeping on my stomach and I came across this inflatable bed for recovery has anyone heard or tries using this ??


Hello my BBL dolls so here are my pretty sad before pics lol I hope they post this time and I really hope I get some good results I keep thinking and worrying that my results won't be as nice as others, but guess that's just normal thinking ???? and just hope for a good turn out.

So it's official

Omg omg so I paid my deposit today!!!! with Dr Hazani,
I took me a bit to make sure I chose the right doctor and I believe I did I just feel he is the one for me,,

I will be having the procedure in April... Smh so long from now but I need to accumulate so paid time off for work to have 2 weeks off, so I have no choice,
I thought about possibly doing it in December when my kids are on winter break but I wouldn't get paid for a week which is not a good thing lol,,

so I just have to be patient and watch everyone else's BBL journeys and just sit here and admire lol,,

Can't wait

To get rid of these love handles and put them where they belong haha
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr. Ron Hazani is a very patient and honest plastic surgeon, he took his time with me even with me asking a bunch of questions. And was not rushing me and made me feel very comfortable.

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