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Hello ladies I haven't been on this website for a...

Hello ladies I haven't been on this website for a long time now, and finally am deciding to go through with my BBL and I am choosing to go with Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills he does some amazing work, and hoping he can hook me up to have a nice hour glass figure, I had a tummy tuck in 2011 so I am worried that I will not have enough fat for grafting... to get the out come I want anyone else have a tummy tuck and then BBL years later?? With a nice out come or not please let me know your experiences,,, well that's all for now update later bbl dolls


So this is me sucking in my tummy and posing lol I need to take a normal one cuz I don't look like that all the time lol

So I took some before pics of my horrible shape of a behind and sides :/

Yikes I don't like my shape

Sleeping on stomach

Hello my BBL dolls so I have a hard time sleeping on my stomach and I came across this inflatable bed for recovery has anyone heard or tries using this ??


Hello my BBL dolls so here are my pretty sad before pics lol I hope they post this time and I really hope I get some good results I keep thinking and worrying that my results won't be as nice as others, but guess that's just normal thinking ???? and just hope for a good turn out.

So it's official

Omg omg so I paid my deposit today!!!! with Dr Hazani,
I took me a bit to make sure I chose the right doctor and I believe I did I just feel he is the one for me,,

I will be having the procedure in April... Smh so long from now but I need to accumulate so paid time off for work to have 2 weeks off, so I have no choice,
I thought about possibly doing it in December when my kids are on winter break but I wouldn't get paid for a week which is not a good thing lol,,

so I just have to be patient and watch everyone else's BBL journeys and just sit here and admire lol,,

Can't wait

To get rid of these love handles and put them where they belong haha

Ugh so long

So I gained so much weight ugh :/ I feel so disgusting I haven been going to the gym and I am feeling it, I think I'm gonna go but only alil cause I'm dying to work out and I can't wait til after my procedure to heal and then work out that's so long from now ...

I forgot

To put some pics in my pj pants ooops

Sooner then later

Hello dolls so I might change my date to Jan, Just not sure yet I have to request the time off and see if I have someone to cover my position at work.
I feel like I should sue to the fact my kids birthdays are march April and may yikes back to back and I am hop Gn to be all recovered by then.. so my BBL sisters how long is it before you feel normal and able to do stuff like cook clean and outgoing things like parties and so forth??
Thanks for your feed back ;)

Another selfie

Some wish pics

Hoping to have a shape somewhat of these wish pics

Omg so addicted

I am so addicted to this site so many wish pics and information and doctors ugh lol I always tell myself ok stop now and pic up my phone and start again lol..

So excited and nervous

I switched my date to Jan 17 th omg ladies I'm so so nervous but april was not a good month for me. For all the vets out there Is there anything I need to get Before hand ?

Wish wish wish

Yes another wish picture

Old profile

Omg I found my old profile I forgot I still had it I thought I deleted it

Date moved up

Omgoodness so I kept checking if Jan 16 th was available because my kids don't have school!! And guess what I got that date.. I'm going to do my labs tomorrow. We will see if everything checks out ok,, I purchased a couple items, which include pee ez, compression socks, abd pads, chux, and arnica gel I'm going to get vitamins this week prob tomorrow and start taking iron as well it's gonna come quick.. I'm so scared ...

Labs it's getting real

Oh boy I just completed my labs this morning, so I emailed Gary and asked if I should be taking iron or any vitamins and he said no to stop 2 wks before procedure and resume one day after surgery,,

Pre-op Done!!!

Ok, Ladies I had my pre-op today got my prescription booty pillow and instructions and my surgery time 7:00 AM !!! and asked him couple more questions and what not like about swelling and seromas, which he answered all he said there's no telling for sure if I will have that problem, he said I can have drains if I want but he said there not necessarily needed cause once there take. Out fluid build up can still happen,,, ugh no matter what precautions you take there is no way of having a easy recover I guess,,

So I bought all my my items

• chux
•abdominal pads for draining
•pee whiz ( tried it out works well)
•compression socks ( just incase)
•arnica gel for pain and bruising
•iron pills
•Gatorade, pineapple juice, ensure
•abdominal board
•lipo foams

If anyone has and suggestions on things I need please let me know, I don't think I'll need a thing to grab stuff I have lots of people to help me with that ;)

Thanks dolls ;)


Omg dolls I measured myself for the very first time lol and I was so not happy with the out come haha !! My waist is a 35 1/2 yikessss!! And my bum is 41 not very nice.

I have a garment a bought 3 years ago when I was supposed to have the BBL but never tried it on or anything and I've gained so much weight since then, it's a size medium ya don't think I'll be able to get that on until post op way after my swelling goes down,,
Ok dolls that's all for now..

Last before pics!!!

So ladies this is my last before pics, shit is getting real and I'm an freakin out, I keep thinking to change my mind and do my breast instead I hope I don't but I feel like the BBL is such a crazy recovery but, all in all I probably will do it here are some last pics.. tty girls soon,

Pics didn't upload

Let me try again

I'm made it to to the

I made it out ladies !!!! I'm home and really sore haven't took meds yet waiti to eat soup then I'll take antibiotic ,,, mayb. My pain meds not sure if I want too ill update later
Oh dr Hazani got 840cc only so we will see how it looks

One pic ladies

Omg I just threw up all the fluids I've been drinking yuck ,,, it was a lot , but I feel so much better


It is so hard to sleep I only got maybe 2 hours of sleep last night and spread out, not 2 straight hours :/ half hour here and there... I showered today and felt good but when I got out I started feeling light headed my mom was helping me put my binder back on and thigh wraps. What a mission lol ,,,

My waist is super small and hips look huge in person I hope everything falls into place haha I look like those ladies from back in the day that wore those tight corsets lol I would took a pic but I was rushing cause of the dizziness ,,

And to top it off when I came home from surgery I got my period ugh double wamy:/

Ok just a little update ..

This surgery is no joke

This surgery is a pain in the butt lol so hard to get up out of bed feel so stiff in the morning this binder hurts lol I put some lipo foams under it feels better still in comfortable here are some pics,,

Finally pooped !!

I know tmi but I stoped taking pain meds yesterday so today it finally happened I drank prune juice earlier and mayb it helped it along,, so it wasn't to bad when it happened but I had the feeling all day and didn't go til later which was annoying other then that it wasn't to bad..

Feeling better

Ok ladies so I stopped taking my pain meds the day after surgery ,, even that day I only took it at night then no more ,, I don't like the way they make me feel ,, today was a little better I showered like a good long shower did my make up and went for my post op appt,, Dr. HAZANI said everything was looking good and my hips should go down and butt will go down that I know due to swelling I don't want to completely go down ( my butt) that is but he did get all my fat off of my tummy and sides so I can't wait to see the final outcome... he gave me the garment but I won't put it on til tomorrow or Saturday it's a small yikes I hope I can get it on -_-
I actually made dinner today and did the dishes lol i can't stay in bed and I feel bad not being here like I normally am as a of 4 mother and wife my kids understand lol I did tell them the truth what I did since they are older and will notice lol ,,,

Of you have questions please feel free to ask away ;) I have all the time in the world rt now

When does it get better

Omg ladies so last night was the worst night I had even the day of surgery !! I couldn't get comfortable for nothing my lipo areas burn and are very tender ,, I regret it and then think it will get better soon ugh but when,, this has been a long couple days I just hope it gets better!! I'm sick of wearing this binder
And bandages on my thighs ,, so annoyingly tight, I've only taking it off to shower. And to see Dr Hazani and he put it back on me super tight ... ugh lol
My neck and my back is killing me from sleeping on my stomach,, I'm just venting sorry ladies...

Here are some pics

Took my binder and massaged myself for a few omg I needed that break

This recovery is a roller coaster

I am so tired of sleeping on my stomach,,,well not really sleeping but laying on my stomach I can't get much sleep, this binder is killing me I'm so sick of wearing it and top it off I feel like I'm getting a cold ugh !!! Do you guys wear the binder 24 hours every day and only take it off to shower or do you take breaks from it? I feel like the swelling on my butt and hips won't go down and the burning from the lipo areas is frustrating,, yesterday was t so bad but today I woke up feeling like crap I thought it was gonna get better from here,,

I bought this inflatable

I hope it works good lol anyone try this out ?

2 weeks

Hey bbl sistas so it's been 2 wks and a day ,, since my surgery and I'm finally back to normal life ,, taking kids to school work cooking etc,,, first day back to work was yesterday and it wasn't to bad just had to get up a lot cause I have a desk job ,, I work in a office with only my 4 coworkers and they couldn't wait to see me lol ,, they said it's not to drastic .. and that it looks good and my waist is small which is koo,, I totally get what you guys say about booty greed,, once most of the swelling goes away you see your butt just go away too,, over all I can see a dramatic change in my shape which I love ,, and can't wait til 4 more weeks to sit and sleep on my butt ,, butt wish would stay the way it is now but I'm worried it's gonna shrink more,,

Ladies let me tell you the first week is just hell,, 2 no week gets better,
I will post some pics soon just been to bz to play dress up,

Here's som pics

Please don't shrink anymore :/

Post op appt and pics

Ok so I saw dr Hazani today he said everything looks good ,, I have some hard lumps on the sides that need to be massaged out when he showed me how to massage them I wanted to die it felt like an Indian burn like a really bad Indian (ouch) lol. Some swelling in my upper hip below my waist that needs to go down other then that everything is fine wish I had asked for more projection but oh well I won't do a round 2 cuz that recovery is no joke and my life is to busy to be down like that ,, I'll just do squats and heavy weights later when I'm all healed, let me know what you guys think

The struggle is real

For booty greed and wanting more projection still at a 42 hips 30 inch waist and hoping it doesn't shrink anymore my sides are still lumpy and hurt back numb and butt cheeks are still little sore ,,, I started sitting pressure mainly on my thighs shoulders n neck hurt from sleeping on my tummy I wake up in the morning with burning sensations on my sides still ugh it's a very long recovery that's for sure ,, but I'm pretty much back to a normal life ,, i will return to gym this weekend ,,, I wear a vest instead of full body garment just cuz it feels better then being bare skin... it fits snug but comfy enough to wear all day I will post a pic of it ..
That's all for now I will update again soon ...
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr. Ron Hazani is a very patient and honest plastic surgeon, he took his time with me even with me asking a bunch of questions. And was not rushing me and made me feel very comfortable.

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