29 Yrs. Young & Wanting a BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

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Ok so I had my consult March 06, 2015 with Dr....

Ok so I had my consult March 06, 2015 with Dr. Hazani. The office was nice, clean and Debbie & Nayely were very nice and helpful. I met with Dr. Hazani in his office where he did my consult and took a look at me and said I neede to gain 10-15 lbs which of course didn't make me ecstatic since I was hoping I didn't have to gain weight. I am 4'11 and I went in weighing 116 lbs (I was 110 prior to breast augmentation procedure with another DR. And gained a few lbs after that SX) he did also mention that he would need to lipo my thighs in order to get me good results. He was very nice and mellow and didn't pressure me to book right away. He actually told me to think about it before I book since he knew I didn't really want to gain weight. For his work and the price he charges ( he includes labs, bbl pillow, garment, & a binder) you can't find any better Dr. I'm really excited for this new butt transformation since after having my 2 kids and with weight loss (since I had gained so much in my pregnancies) my body changed a lot and not for the better haha. Can't wait to finally have a butt!

Less than a month away

So I'm less than a month away from surgery and just did my blood work today. Now I just need help on what I REALLY am going to need for post surgery as I haven't really been told. So all you ladies who've had the surgery please let me know what you REALLY needed and what you COULDNT live without so I know what I will need to purchase, thanks!

Day of sx

So I finally had my SX today around 10 am but had to arrive at 8:30am. I had to take all my medications with me and was told to wear really loose clothing so decided to wear a maxi dress. I recommend wearing your least favorite one incase you get it stained with blood which I did (lots of it) leaving the SX center. I had gained a total of 8 lbs which wasn't easy for me (don't like seeing myself big) but I believe it was worth it otherwise he probably wouldnt have been able to get as much far out. He injected 1080 cc's in each cheek and so far I think my results are gonna look phenomenal as I already love how he shaped me & he did add hips as well

12 days post op & feeling MUCH better again!

Ok so I've been MIA since my surgery due to me not feeling good and also because I'm a mom and had so much things I needed to get done with my kiddos. So I will say this surgery is no joke. I've read so many reviews before I had my surgery about how it was not easy and how the RS girls were in so much discomfort and I truly thought it would be easier than it was.... Let me say ITS NOT!!! I had a BA and that was a piece of cake compared to this. Not only are you swollen, bruised up, and in so much discomfort from being on your stomach but a lot of things change that you don't really think about until AFTER surgery. Like I have to stand up to eat with my family at the dinner table (which sucks because I want to sit with them), if I go anywhere I have to stand and after a while my lower back starts to hurt and my feet hurt so quickly now so I feel like I can't even enjoy my outings yet, I also have to consider not getting my eyelash fills for a while (I get eyelash extensions) because I can't lay on my butt which really sucks because I LOVE my eyelash extensions haha... It's just a lot of stuff that I guess I didn't really think about prior to my surgery but I DEFINITELY don't regret my surgery at all... I only used the norco's until day 1 postop and then just took Tylenol extra strength afterwards because I hate taking narcotics since it makes me so constipated and it made me really dizzy and nauseous even with taking the anti nausea meds. I only took the Tylenol when I was in a lot of discomfort but definitely before going to bed so that I could sleep better. I pretty much slept 4-6 hours after day 2 postop at night with pretty much only getting up to use the restroom. I'm lucky that I only drained the day of surgery and nothing afterwards. I can say I didn't really feel like myself till day 8 postop, that's when I wasnt in as much discomfort. Girls definitely get up to walk as much as you can because it helps so much with lower back pain and any discomfort you feel from laying down so much. Everyone experiences different pains in different locations after surgery... With me my butt definitely wasn't sore and didn't hurt and still doesn't since surgery. It was my abdomen that was the worst! My thighs still hurt because they are still swollen and bruised but the discomfort is SO much better that it's tolerable. I stopped taking Tylenol about 3 days ago. And let me say when you first get the Leonisa garment and try taking it off OMG it is so painful. But with time everything gets better. I just can't wait for my final results and for all the bruising and swelling to go away, and hopefully i don't lose too much fat in the bootay.

Before & After

So here is my before & after ( after was taken 2 days ago when I went shopping) and I just wanted to show the difference with the same EXACT leggings worn in both pics. It's so unbelievable how Dr. Hazani transformed my body and shaped me up with some curves! I even had a little pooch on my lower abdomen (can see in before pic) from my previous 2 pregnancies and I no longer have which I'm extremely happy about. I am forever grateful for Dr.Hazani and would recommend him to anyone and everyone because he really does amazing work!!!

Finally at 3 week mark

So I finally hit 3 weeks yesterday and so far loving my results. I haven't noticed much volume loss since about 10 days PO so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that most of this bootay will stay. I had my 2 week PO appt with Hazani on Tuesday (2 days ago) and he said everything looks great. So happy I didn't have any seromas which means no draining (woohoo!) He also said I'm pretty much done with swelling in my butt so most of my volume should stay (hope so.) I'm no longer wearing my abdominal binder and I stopped the day of my PO appt which Hazani recommended me not too since it's too big on me. I already ordered a waist trainer which I'll be receiving today and can't wait because I do feel my stomach has some swelling and the binder really helped with that which now I hope waist trainer will do the same. So I didn't take preop measurements (I should have) but I did take my measurements at 2 1/2 weeks and also today and so far they are the same... My waist is measuring at 27.25 & my hips/butt is measuring at 40.75! I haven't really sat on my bbl pillow yet only when i need to drop my kids off at school which is about 15 mins two way and other than that I either lie on my stomach or stand. I still get lower back soreness and soreness on thighs when I stand for too long or early in the morning when I first get up but it does end up going away after a few mins. Overall I'm almost back to being 100% normal
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Such a nice DR who gives phenomenal results!!!

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