28 Year Old No Kids Bbl and Tummy Tuck no muscle repair - Beverly Hills, CA

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Didn't take me to long to choose a doctor after...

Didn't take me to long to choose a doctor after going through reviews on real self . The doctor I decided to go with is dr Kenneth Hughes . My first consultation was extremely fast and on time . I went in talked to Lorena she's a total sweetheart talked a little about what procedures I'm looking to get . Once done with a few questions she left the room and de Hughes entered . He was a very kind confident gentleman asked me what procedures I desired . I told him I wanted the bbl I stood up he checked out my midsection and me I don't have too much fat so he might have to also remove some from my inner thighs . I told him I wanted a flat tight Tummy after the work was done and he was very honest and told me that bc I had loose skin from previous weight lost only way to achieve that was through a tummy tuck but I should probably wait until after having children . We talked about it a little more and we came to the conclusion that even if I wanted a tiight small waiste it was the only way and even though a lot of woman wait until child birth he said if I want it done I should do it and I should be fine even if I decided to have children down the line . Only negative part about my first consultation was he never looked at my butt to exam it at all . he just asked if I wanted a significant amount of fat transferred and I said yes . Might be normal but I'm sure he knows what he's doing . I decided to do it the tummy tuck and bbl payed everything and booked my surgery date . My date was for the 19th of oct. my second appointment was my Preop which I only spoke and met with Lorena I signed all the paper and was given my prescription and my instructions . A week later my surgery date is Monday the 19th the only sucky part was that I ended up gettin real sick with the flu so they are pushing it back to the 26th today I should get a confirmation from Lorena . so that's where I'm at today . The staff was very kind he shared a office at miko plastic surgery in Beverly Hills . Place wasn't bad the receptionist very kind . Responded to all my calls and emails quickly .

My date is this Friday the 23rd!

Very excited my doctor called me yesterday and told me that Friday is my day . I was kind of worries about having both procedures at same time and emailed dr Hughes . He emailed me back immediately and let me know not to worry he does them weekly . I'm in good hands ! I'm preparing myself my taking my multi vitamins and I also ordered pillows bed sheets and sheet guards . I heard the first few days could be a little messy . Tomorrow i will be buying the extra things that I will need after surgery which i will be posting a list and pics tomorrow . I'm so anxious and nervous I can't wait !

My measurements before op

So I wanted to post about my current size and what I'm hoping for after . I'm 5'3 158lbs might of gained a little more since I beer eating what I want lol my measurements are 34dd waist 33" and butt 42 " I know I just realized after measuring how big it already is so now I'm thinking should I even do it lol but really u just want a lift and a little more fullness . Ideally I would love to be a 27 waist and 44 behind but now I'm scared it might look way too big once my waist gets smaller yikes ! Lol I wouldn't want to be bigger than a 45" behind for sure. Here's a few more pics of my before....

Wish pics

Her sizes are 27 waist 43 butt . Even tho my bass is already 43 kinda scary to think it will be bigger than that so I will make sure to not go over 45 anyways I do plan to do a lot of working out after .

New op date

I guess my dates got a little confused . My surgery will be Monday the 26th . Which is a good thing since that time of the month just started like yesterday would of been horrible to be freshly out the op and going through cramps as well . So I went to the store today bought few things baby wipes , peroxide, cotton swabs, anti itch cream, antibacterial soap , cocoa butter body oil . Doctor should give me my garmets for stomach butt and legs so so far I basically got everything I need .

Tomorrow is the day !

Tomorrow is my big day. I'm so nervous . So many questions I have still I'm kind of mad at myself I waited until last minute . Do I even need a tt ? Dr said yes if I wanted the smallest waist I can get with no loose skin at all after . Do I even need a Brazilian after a tt ? I think yes bc it would make my butt look more round . I'm starting to think I should cancel the Brazilian and just do the tt but than I start thinking why not add a little to my butt might as well !?!? Right ?!? My goal is to be able to show my stomach with no worries about rolls or jiggling and to have a perfectly round butt . Maybe I'm just over thinking it . I'm leaving it up to the doctor I'm sure he knows what's best for me to reach my best results and I'm hope he's right !! Wish me luck !

Done !

So I had my surgery this morning . The staff was awesome . They were so gentle and caring . Dr Hughes is so cool he made me laugh a few times and made me feel so comfortable kept a smile on his face throughout the preop talk . No complaints . The worse pain would have to be when I woke up the sudden rush of pain but not really my butt but my Tt incision stung a lot but I was okay it was manageable . I didn't need to get my muscles tightened thank god ! So I'm guessing that why my pain ain't as bad . I guess all those years of playing sports and working out kept those babies together ! I'm home now in bed tired in a sideways position switching off every few hours. When I move it hurts but once I sit still I feel very good . In pain but nothing crazy . The drive home was hell lol my mother lives two hours away and she will be taking care of me so happy that was hell . That's it for now pain killers kicking in and I'm falling asleep . Talk to all of u later and thanks for the prayers meant a lot to me . Gnight

3 day update

Had my first shower today and I feel so much better . Also had a bm which was also awesome I drank piƱalaza bought it at Walgreens so that helped with that just had one cup before bedtime lastnight and this morning it did the work . All natural ingredients . My pain is not bad at all I get up and try to walk around every two hours. I wasn't sure about gettin a tt bc I didn't have a lot of loose skin but I did want a really small and flat tummy after so I went for it . My incision is very very low which I like hoping for it to go a little higher just bc I think bikini looks sexier a little higher but I'd be happy either way . I'm still very swollen but I can see my shape coming in . Here are some pics . I'm so excited for the future and to see what it's all going to look like . Once again thanks everyone for the support . I'm feeling good so far I'll make sure to continue to keep everyone updated .

5 days post op pics

Feeling good still gettin pains every now and than and bloating . My butt is still extremely hard can't wait to have it soften . I'm loving my waist u can kinda see my muscle definition , My left side is way more swollen than right I point out in pic is more bruised so I'm guessing that why it's more projected and swollen . My figure is coming in I'm feeling good . My third night was so tough sleeping on my sides was gettin to me I was gettin pains from my hips shooting down to my legs didn't sleep more than a hour at a time . I woke up day 4 so bloated and in pain so much gas but than god I was able to walk around a bit kind of massaged my stomach and was able to release the gas and felt so much better . Can't wait to continue to recover . I'll continue to update everyone . Once again thanks for the suppor .

Forgot one pic

Loving my low incision and belly button

How the heck did I sleep !?!? Lol

So sleep was pretty tough at first but u get the hang of it . First important thing is to keep u with meds so your not suffering from unnecessary pains . First couple nights I slept on my sides just made sure I had pillows for my hips and switched off every couple hours . I also made sure to buy sheet protecting pads for any blood and fluid leakage which came in handy big time on Amazon the packets are pretty cheap . The last couple nights my hips were just in too much pain which shot down to my legs I couldn't really handle laying sideways all day so I bout a pool chair my dad made a small hole where my butt can sink in. The edges hurt a bit so make sure u stuff pillows in there so your butt sinks in between the pillows as well . U need a lot of pillows so buy a pack of 4 on Amazon it's worth it position them until u find your comfortable position . Another way I layed was on my tummy with lots of pillow under my stomach and head I'll also show a picture of that . That's came out to be the most comfortable position . Drink your pain meds !! Very important to drink ontime . If I missed anything pls feel free to ask !!

One week pre op pic

Hey ladies so I decided to write a one week post on how I'm feeling and looking . Day six wasn't too bad a lot of gas and swelling I have to start watching what I eat . It's so hard because my mom is taking care of me and she cooks so delicious it's so hard to not eat her food . Being a Latina you know chile is a drug for me !! So hard to say no to it . I suffered the consequences of my eating day 5 and 6 I was so bloated I couldn't even lay down I had to walk around the house trying to release some gas I ended up drinking a stole softener and some mineral water and thank god that worked since than I'm way more careful with what I'm eating . Sleeping has become easier because I'm use to it now I just sleep on my sides and flip over every hour in a half to two hours sometimes I can get through three hours of sleep without waking up with hip and leg pain . My sleep rotation is the same from sides to on my stomach with lots of pillows to sittin on the beach chair . I'm still taking meds for my back because it does get real tight and painful . I'm able to walk straight during the day time but slouch a bit at night or whenever I get up from laying down. My incision is fine just the ends where the drains go are a little painful but just a little. My lower abdomen still feels so tight but way better today compared to when I was full of all that heavy food . I felt a little tingling sensation right above my incision it almost feels like every time I move wrong or too much like it detaches I'm guessing that just the skin healing and attaching to my body again . Now my bbl my but feel hard but sometimes I can feel it soften its not as stiff as a rock but still hard. When I sleep on my sides I feel like I get cramps on my upper side butt and I get up and just rub on it a bit and it goes away . Other than that occasionally I love it I wish my bottom cuff was more noticeable but even before it wasn't too much bc I did a lot of working out and squats so i had muscle which lifted my butt and barely left me a cuff . I'm very swollen right now so I know once it drops I'll have it exactly how I want it dr Hughes makes sure to give u that nice cuff. I'm very happy love my shape thr tightness and flatness of my tummy n im ssoooo excited to be two weeks post op. Oh and as u can see on pics the left side of my tummy had more work done bc I carried more fat there so u can see my swollen muscle my right side is not as swollen . Thanks for support and I hope this helps anyone !!!


So today really sucked :( I been so emotional everything makes me cry I hate it . I'm also gettin these horrible migraines I just can't stand . Today I've had a migraine since 1pm and it's now 730pm . I'm almost sure it has to do with my hydrocodones I hate those meds!!! I feel like yes they relieve me of my back ache and tummy tuck pains and booty cramps but they make my head feel horrible ! I tried going to just Tylenol but that doesn't help me with my side pains . Honestly I think I'm just suffering the depression part now of the whole surgery and it's really beating me up . I just need to try my best to stay positive and not let it all get to me . I'm so sick and tired of laying down im such an active person in my everyday life this just sucks I want to heal already !!! I want this incision to stop hurting I want to be able to sleep however the heck I want !! Ugh!! Besides all that I just have to keep in mind that this is all part of that hard road and keep my head up soon enough I will be showing these curves off with the rest of my sx ladies. :) no pain no glory . If anyone out there is also experiencing this horrible depressed mood lets just remember it will all get better in due time . Oh ya one more thing I have my first preop appointment tomorrow hopefully I'll get one of my drains removed considering nothing is draining out of it anymore I hate those things so annoying and they are staring to irritate my incision .well time to go to bed gnit ladies and best wishes to all !

7 day post op appointment

Went in today for my post op appointment . Got there way early but thank god they they weren't too busy so they had time to see me . I walked to the back nurse helped me take clothes off and change into gown . When she took a look at me wit it clothes she was like nice he's going to like your results and was happy just as happy as I was. Than doctor Hughes was on his way with his camera . He entered with a big smile and we greeted each other like we were long time friends I took off my robe and he was like impressed said it doesn't get any better than that you look great . I told him I love it and thanks so much I'm so happy . He looked at my incision and said it was healing perfect and my belly button was healing perfectly right along with it . I do love my belly button even tho it's not all healed it looks so natural . I was so happy and sure he felt my vibe and I'm sure he should be proud of his work I have zero complaints I can't believe my waist is this tiny . He also told me my waist would get even smaller ?!?!? Omg how exciting smaller tighter really?!? I'm so happy I have no words to explain it . Dr Hughes snapped a few pics of me I said thank u so much once again and he said no problem and left the room . The nurse than said that one of my drains was ready bc it wasn't draining anymore but the other still needs time . She cut the stitches than told me to take a deep breath and bam it was out I didn't feel a thing I was so surprised . She than told me to make an appointment when my other drain was under 20ml every 24 hours and she would remove it . I than got dressed and out the door . Great experience great staff . I feel healthy no pain or very minimal.

New pics with panties

Decided to take some recent pics feel real good today from tummy not too much swelling so I decide to take some pics and hide the truth scar . I do plan on getting a tattoo over my scar so I put up some ideas also I'm excited about once I'm healed . I'm still very swollen booty still high swollen and hard so I know it will go down a bit . I'm a 46" booty right now I use to be 43" so I'm sure it will go down some . I asked for lots of projection and it's exactly what he gave me . Considering my job I needed to go pretty big since I'm around huge booties all day lol loving my results so far still hoping for some drop but I'm content . Pain is zero not taking any meds anymore and I started taking the post op vitamins zule_ahumada posted on her page since she been healing nicely figured it will help me as well . Only thing I'm feeling now is tightness on my tummy my booty still cramps up at night when I sleep too long on one side but that's about it .

Tattoo ideas

4 week update !!!

Today I am 4 weeks and I'm feeling really good :) !!! My booty is still a little swollen but healing really nice . My tt is nice and tight no loose skin . Incision is low and thin :) can't wait for it to heal so I can get a nice tattoo over it . My stomach still gets swollen after too much activity . Today I worked out for the first time and it went really good didn't feel no pain . After I was done working out I started to clean my house and my incision got really swollen and red not too worried about it tho it's still too early and did way to much today so it's Normal . I love my body clothes fit so nice from legging to jeans . I love all my clothes now :)!!! Here are some pics I'll take better ones later today or tomorrow . These pics are just pics I had in my phone

More pics

More pics

Not sure why my pics didn't upload but here they go again . I been feeling very good lately . I still have light bruising and swelling on my butt and back but it's getting there . Started working out two days ago after working out I feel even better I'm wearing a waist trainer stopped using binder it was so annoying got it on amazon very cheap .

So happy

First of all happy thanksgiving!!! This morning when I woke up my booty felt so soft I had to take a pic . So difficult to take a pic while twisting all my back to get a full shot but here it is . Loving my shape . I'm 5 weeks I feel awesome ! I'm so happy I went through with it all .

Close to 2 months pre op feeling amazing

Close to my two month mark feeling amazing still a little swollen from tummy but I'm getting there
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Punctual kind and confident . I have zero complaints . I love my body and I'm only one week post op so far . My waist is tiny and tight and still gettin smaller . My booty is perfectly round and to my body . God bless his hands he worked magic . Thank you dr Hughes !!

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