28, No Kids, 80 Lb Weight Loss, BBL, Chin Lipo, and Breast Aug - Beverly Hills, CA

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I have been stalking this website since July and...

I have been stalking this website since July and finally felt comfortable enough to post. I had originally scheduled with Dr. Fisher in Miami for November 27 but decided i did not want to be that far from home. I scheduled with Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills for November 2nd. I lost 80 lbs and decided to treat myself. My breast augmentation I am thinking 500-600cc. I am currently a B but have always liked the large look. For the BBL they will remove 5000cc of fat and i would like 1400cc or more reinjected to each cheek. Go big or go home! I am also having some fat removed from my double chin.

Yesterday I received the list of things I will need after surgery and what to expect from his office. I have been in contact with Gary and Nayley and they have both been very patient and understanding. I have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck as well but currently my fiancée and I don't have kids so I am considering doing it after we have the one baby we do want. I have read about people getting the tummy tuck before a baby and having a decently easy time when they get pregnant.

Anyways now I am just rambling.. 12 days and counting! Booked with Airbnb. Fly out early on November 1st to make my 12 consult with dr Hazani. Fly home November 6 in first class so I have extra room to stretch out. The flight home is quick and I return to work on the 9th but I will bring my booty pillow and have a lot of freedom to walk around when I want.

Excited to see my new body in holiday photos!!!

After surgery dress - before photo

I bought this dress and one in blue and white to wear for the first few days after surgery. I cannot wait to see the before and after. Hopefully my new boobs fit!!


So I changed from wanting 650cc silicone to 800cc silicone which is the biggest silicone they sell in the US. I am almost 5 foot 10 and built like a linebacker so they should like good. I bought these little bralettes in target because they have no underwire. I don't know what's worse.. my fat sides and back bulging or the lack of boob. I've been so used to wearing double push-up bras from Victoria secret that I didn't even know what my bra size was. I am excited for my bbl but since I can remember I wanted a boob job. I am most excited for my new boobs and lipo in my giant double chin. No matter how much weight I lose my double chin never shrunk. Thank you family trait!

I have an insane amount of before photos. I am not a photo taker at all but I am so excited to see the changes in my body!!

Pre op day

Just got to Hazani's office for my pre-op. I was so nervous excited when he walked into the office. Can't wait to see my results tomorrow!!!

Day of surgery

We leave in one hour to go to the surgery center. My surgery is at 7 but California traffic is insane so we are leaving extra early. I barely slept last night. I looked at the clock every 2 hours or so. Kept having dreams that I was eating or drinking and I would wake up freaked out I couldn't have surgery. I'm his only surgery for the day and it should be about 5 hours. Chin lipo, bbl and 800cc SMX silicone implants. After my pre op we decided he's going to mainly focus on my back and sides for a shape. I will come back in the future and have inner thigh and stomach lipo. Just took these photos. Will take more tomorrow or Friday when I'm feeling up to it.

Unbelievable!! 7 hours post op!

Hazani actually works miracles. Besides being a stand up guy, he is an amazing and caring doctor. After my surgery we got back to the hotel and I fell asleep for 2 hours because of the immense breast augmentation pain in my sternum area. When I woke up to walk around I got really light headed and almost fainted. Blue lips, no color in my face, and immensely dilated pupils. My best friend called Hazani and he was extremely attentive. He is so amazing. I was so scared. He had my old phone number and was calling everyone to try to get ahold of me after we forgot to give him our number. My fiancée is even flying in on a red eye tonight because I was so scared. Hazani told me exactly what to do. I stupidly hadn't drank anything because I fell asleep and my body was out of electrolytes. I feel dumb now but he was genuinely concerned. Also, a tip for girls... drink electrolytes after surgery!! Don't be like me.

I absolutely loved Pam my nurse, Adrianne my anesthesiologist, and the other nurse. They were all so excited for me so Hazani did a bit extra so I could have the most amazing results. Even swollen my stomach is flatter than it's ever been. My biggest problem area was my back but he focused on everything. Everything looks so amazing. My chin has no turkey neck, my stomach is flat (but swollen now), my back and flanks are amazing. I am going to wait to look at my 800cc silicone implants until Friday when I have my post op. I will let him unveil them.

I had originally scheduled in Miami and decided I didn't want to be so far from home so I decided to pay more money and see dr. Hazani. He was about $4000 more expensive than Miami but I also got chin lipo and $1000 off my implants. I cannot say enough amazing things about him. He goes above and beyond to make sure patients are comfortable and safe. I would pay $10,000 more just to have him as my doctor. He is very upfront and realistic about your results. If he does not think your idea is so great he will nicely explain why it would look not so ideal on your body. He is very kind about it and will paint you a photo of what he thinks you should do. I still am in shock at how amazing I look. I thought I would still have a lot of fat in my stomach. He literally worked magic on my body. I have a large frame so he recommended the perfect implants for me and sucked my front and back fat dry. He gave me massive amazing hips I wanted and a large butt. The photos are not the greatest because of my stupidity earlier we loosened my cincher so I need to tighten it again. I did sit and lay on my butt for a short time just because my health is more important than a large butt.

I am very swollen from having a BA and BbL so when it subsides I will post more photos. I was in an extreme amount of pain (100% from the boob job) it felt like I had down 1 million chest reps at the gym. I am also a sissy and do not like pain (which you probably can't tell from all the tattoos) the only time my bbl hurts is when I move then the little holes they poke in front and back burn. It is really nothing at all.

The reason I did my bbl and ba together is Because of convenience and anesthesia. Sleeping on my side really isn't that bad. Can't wait for my post op Friday!!!

Feeling better every second

After yesterday's scary moment I am literally getting better every second. I can pee alone. I can get up by myself and move around. My body is not as swollen. Continually amazed.

Photos without cincher


800cc silicone. Sorry they look lopsided. Hard to hold my cell phone

Home and back to normal life

I do really well walking around and going to the store. I tried to shower alone and got super dizzy then had to lay down. I told my work I need more time off. My body looks amazing. I do have one area I need aspirated from liquid because my holes closed the day of surgery. Friday before we left town Hazani aspirated a few spots but again I got dizzy and had to lay down. I've found the perfect way to sleep on my butt with no pressure. I slept on my stomach for an hour last night and held myself off my boobs. The chin strap for my chin lipo cuts off my throat and I can't breath when I sleep. I couldn't be happier with my body. My boobs hurt and the area I have liquid hurts other than that I am better. Photos before my shower. My body is still super bloated but I got my first poop in.

How I sleep

My butt falls into the boppy pillow

Swelling going down and energy still low

After about 2-3 hours of activity whether it be in the car or walking or both I am very tired and need a nap. Having a hard time getting food and water down. Never hungry or thirsty. Off pain meds so I wasn't a zombie anymore. Mostly soreness no real pain. Sleeping isn't easy but I have perfected a sleeping position for both sides and front and back protecting my boobs and butt. Lots of attention... lots and lots. Mother in law may end up in prison soon. She likes to chase people away bless her heart. Fiancées family likes to call me the lost kardashian. Fiancée is counting the seconds until sex. Unfortunately, I am too and it's become very apparent the next 5 weeks may go very slow. Excited to get back to work but I have such low energy that I took more time off. Photos just showing bruising and you can see how my stomach has shrunk. Have an appointment Thursday with a plastic surgeon here to have a bit of fluid aspirated. Nayely was so fast getting the other surgeon my notes for surgery I was so impressed. Another photo is my butt in my faja and shorts that my mother in law had to put me in. She's become quite the sewing fiend and is determined to see where my butt fits. My best friend is enjoying all the new clothes and I'm enjoying shopping for my new body! Love walking around in only my faja and surgical bra but don't want my father in law to have a heart attack so I slip on a dress or pants and a wife beater. Clothes suck when you look so good

Still swollen but loving my results

I literally could not be happier. My right boob is bigger but it was bigger before my surgery and I wanted silicone so I don't mind at all. In the photo it looks even bigger because I used my left hand to take the photo. I love my Butt and hips. Hazani is the best doctor in the world. I would not change anything

Can't stop posting photos

I love Dr. Hazani!

2 weeks and 1 day out

Life is back to normal. Been at work since Monday. Driving with my boppy pillow. Started massages. My stomach is still bloated but the massages will help. Bought a size smaller leonisa faja so that I can stop using the cincher. Boobs are perfect. Fiancée can't keep his paws off of me. We didn't wait the 6 weeks to have sex. We waited a week but we've been super careful.

First go at jeans

I went from a size 12 to a size 18 because of my butt ????????

More photos

Sorry to spam everyone's feed with photos but I could not be prouder of how I look after 2.5 weeks. My stomach, back, and sides still have a lot of fluid built up so they will continue to shrink. Massages work miracles. My boobs are my favorite part

Random photos and right boob dropped so now uneven

Don't mind my snapchat filters. I love my shape! The massages are amazing! My right boob dropped so the left sits higher but everything is coming together beautifully!

In and out of clothes- massages work miracles

Booooooooobs- 38B/C to 38DDD

Just to recap I got 800cc of silicone (the max)- they are one step down from the highest profile (doctor recommended). They are under the muscle and incision was under the breast. Posted a before and after

Not sure if it's booty breed

On thanksgiving my ass looked massive in and out of clothes. Now out of clothes it sort of looks the same as before my surgery just a round shape. In clothes it looks pretty good. Not sure what happened over the last few days but it seems like my Butt deflated. I've read reviews where girls say they had the same situation and as time went on it fluffed out. Because of my boobs I slept on my sides the whole time and a few times on my butt with a pillow fort and I've been driving since week 2 with the pillow fort. If it doesn't fluff back out I will definitely have the procedure again and only sleep on my stomach. The hard part is not driving because of work. The massages are amazing my stomach is almost free of hard fluid

Loving my results

Had some booth euphoria and was missing my massive butt but I am so happy it's more natural. In a year or two after we have a baby I will go for round two with Hazani or Sej Patel. Had my period twice in a month so I ate like shit but I'm getting back on it because I'm getting married next month and wanna make sure my stomach looks as good as possible! Ready to get to the gym but waiting a bit longer because of my implants.

Haven't posted in a while

I love my butt and boobs. I would do them together all over again. Unfortunately I've been eating like shit due to my mom passing away but my lipo is holding up for the most part. My chin is amazing too. Hazani is the best!!


I final found a good faja at a Colombian store near me and I've been addicted to body suits with jeans

Loving everything!

I haven't posted in a while so here's some photos from between New Years to march :)

Butt photo

My last post was mostly boobs so here's a butt photo. My stomach is fat which is my fault the depression from my mom passing made me eat uncontrollably but I'll get ahold of it.... hopefully sooner than later ????

Butt and the best jeans ever

Fashionnova.com is the best for our surgery butts! I love my boobs so much. Definitely going for round 2 in a few years after I have a kid but I am so happy with round 1!

Bathing suit

Haven't worn a bathing suit in a while so I bought one. I'm working out and trying to get my food under control. My only complaint is my back but that's my fault for eating everything I wanted plus whatever everyone else was eating. And then the gray is pajamas my husband loves
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

My surgery is in 12 days but I had a phone consult with dr Hazani and he was very realistic about what my outcome will be like based on my current body shape. Gary and Nayley in the awesome have been awesome and super helpful with my emails.

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