22 Year Old Ready for BBL. Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi real self sisters I am so excited to be getting...

Hi real self sisters I am so excited to be getting a bbl with dr hazani, as you can see I'm already curvy but I'm holding too much fat on the handles and have a bunch of dents that need to be popped out! I opted to have my arms and inner thighs lipoed as well because I am a thin about 5'11 and 156 pounds ! I'd love to be able to put on a bunch of weight but unfortunately 160 is the highest weight I will go because I hold so much fat in my face and it looks awful ! I may have surgery to help with that as well! All I need to now is medical clearance from my doctor because I have hashimotos disease! Wish me luck girls !

So excited

finally got medical clearance from my endocrinologist yesterday so it's basically offcial! I can't wait next is medical clearance from my physician which should be fine I also moved my surgery up almost 2 weeks away and I can't wait

Day 2

Got my surgery yesterday been feeling terrible I can barely walk without passing out thank god for pain meds ???? I couldn't believe dr hazani was able to get in almost 1300 ccs my skin is super tight and I was also shocked to hear he took out almost the legal limit 5 liters of fat!

4 days post op

Finally got up for a shower today


My but arms and legs. Really don't bother me that much 5 days post op but my mid section and lower back still kill me how did everyone heal ?

Day 5

Been feeling so much better but have been having a weird pressure in my chest throat and behind my ears today anyone else get this


Any bbl vets did you guys cut the Butt area out of your compression garment ?

Day 8

Cutting the hips out of my garment

After some research and just what I thought made sense I decided to cut out the area where fat was transferred to my hips I did this because I figured it was common sense that the garment would which does not have soft mesh for the hip area would effect my fat grafts and my new shape is my favorite part along with the booty obviously I did not consult with dr hazani because he said he barely sees his patients after their first post op so how can he asses how the garment effects his work which by the way I think is weird I do think he should be have some sort of monthly check in with patients for progress or what not! I just hope that the several days I've worn this garment constricting my hips has not done damage

Swelling and lumpiness

I'm finally two weeks but I noticed today a lot of random swelling on my hips and some hard lumps under my skin when I press down my lower abdominal area is super hard as well is this normal ? The soonest I was able to get an appointment for massages is next Tuesday

Dr hazani raises prices ?

Did all you other dolls notice that Doctor Hazanis bbl price went up to 7900 and now it says 15k ??! What is that a joke or a mess up ?

New Garment

Hi guys I'm almost 4 weeks post op woohooooo I decided to buy my own garment this garment is expensive 200$ but it is extremely good quality ! These are the garments dr sej Patel uses on his bbl patients and if you've seen his work you know he can be trusted haha

4 weeks post op !

Hi all finally a month ! I have lost what to me seems like a lot of volume but I'm sure most of it was swelling and obviously some fat re absorption but the shape of self still looks really good I still have a lot of swelling on my waist Lower and upper back so I know my but will look even bigger once that goes down ! The biggest swelling problem is my inner thighs which feel rock hard anyone else with this ?

Photos from DR Hazani

I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow ! Things are looking good I'm just waiting for more swelling to go down and my butt to soften more before sharing new pictures I I'll probably be sharing pictures at 12 weeks!

New pics

I'd say these were about 2 months !

2.5 months

With about 5 pounds weight gain almost 4 months

3 months

New pics I'm about 5 months

I love my results and I'd reccomend dr hazani to anyone! I still plan on doing a round 2 touch up on my hips and the outter back sides of my butt to round things out some more

Does anyone have Debbie's email ?

Hi guys I'm looking to email Debbie does anyone have her email ?
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