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I went to Dr. Taban because for years, I was...

I went to Dr. Taban because for years, I was bothered by an excess of skin in the inner corner of my eye. I never knew what it was - I am Caucasian on both sides of my family - until I researched it. It constantly makes me look more angry and tired and I can't apply eyeliner properly on the inside.
Dr Taban and his staff were excellent. I have never met such a meticulous and "down to earth" (if that makes sense) Doctor. I forgot to cancel my first appointment due to food poisoning and was rescheduled without a problem. Dr Taban took so much time explaining what the procedure would be like, studying my eyes and face with care and making sure I knew everything there was to know. I am getting rhinoplasty around the same time and he made sure to figure out a way to combine the two in my trip. I feel absolutely comfortable and safe placing my eyes in his hand and can't wait for the 16th to come. Phenomenal Doctor!

Would love to do this procedure but don't have the money at the moment.

I have been saving for a rhinoplasty for all my teenage years (and lip lift) and would love to get my epicanthal folds removed, but after looking through all my savings I'm unable to pay for it at the moment. That said, I will work as hard as I can to afford the procedure in the future and I'll be back at Dr. Taban's office for sure!!
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So far so good!

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