45yr Old with 3kids Heading to Kuala Lumpur for Mummy Makeover

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Well I'm now 3 weeks out till my surgery date at...

Well I'm now 3 weeks out till my surgery date at Beverley Wilshire & feeling quite confident so far. Have been looking at this site for months with everyone's results & tips. Could not afford the dr's here in Australia, so took the plunge to book with Gorgeous Getaways to look after me during my stay in Kuala Lumpur. Husband staying home to look after the kids, so glad I have my own personal helper over there. Having a full TT with muscle tightening and might as well fill up those deflated boobs at the same time. I know I'm in for a roller coaster ride but hoping for lots of support from you all out there. Have just got my supply of Make Me Heal pre & post op tabs which will start on Monday. Have been training to keep fit but a head cold set me back last week, now to stay healthy.

One week to go

Ok 7 days to go, have cooked so many casseroles for the family lol. Think I have most things organized & just want to get this pain over and done with & get to the flat side. Winter here in Australia and everyone around me is suffering headcold's /manflu & want them all to keep away from me. Do not want to get sick prior.

Leaving Sydney

Well here I am at Sydney airport, was really hard saying goodbye to family. Read or not here I come Kaula Lumpur ??

Day 2 post op

I've finally made it out the other side, yesterday was a tough day so wasn't up to posting. So I had a full 360 TT with muscle repair and 450cc boobies. I've had 3kg of flabby skin removed & 30 stitches to bring my muscles back in. For me this is the most painful of all of it, boobs just feel like you have mastitis & rock hard but actual TT is not painful at all (yet). Muscles went into spasms yesterday which brought me to tears but staff hear at Beverley Whilshire are straight onto it, such caring people. Thank goodness for drugs hey.
My caretaker Kumari has been to see me everyday and Dr Jalil has done a super job, his incision is very smooth & clean. I had a bit of reaction to the tape so a few blisters but all good. I'm usually not much of a writer but hope I'm giving some of you an idea of surgery here in Kuala Lumpur. Couldn't sit up yet for good pic's

Feeling washed out

Feeling very washed out today, had my shower & passed out. Thank goodness I hVe nurses here and not doing this at home as some of you have. Have some flem on my chest & boy it hurts to cough. Just going to keep sleeping, drinking lots of fluids and my body will catch up to feel good.

Catheter removed ????

So glad to have catheter removed but was glad to not to worry about going to toilet, will now just have to plan 5 mins prior. Think I will be discharged back to hotel tomorrow. Taken pic but bit hard on your own to do so. So happy with my flat stomach!!

Out of hospital

Day 6 and ive had my drains out which did not hurt to remove ???? had my compression garments put on, feeling quite secure. Standing up a little straighter each day but feeling good.
Now back at the Pullman hotel to keep recovering & walk , walk , walk and maybe try the shopping

10 day PO

Feeling better & stronger each day, had my check up with dr this morning all good. Slight bit of fluid but will check again on Wednesday. Hardly any bruising & slept part of the night on my side- was so good!
So happy I have made this journey to Malaysia & have been walking around the city feeling safe. The more walking you do the quicker you feel more normal. Looking forward to seeing my family in one week's time

2 weeks gone

Just had my last consult with Dr Jalil & passed with flying colors. He is such a sweet man, gave me a hug goodbye. I can now wear a sports bra or normal bra & I know I'm still settling but got measured as a F !! F for fantastic.
Still numb around my belly but knew this can take sometime to re connect all the nerves etc.
Haven't had to use my nurse Kumari as I'm doing well on my own but she still checks in with me each day. She is taking me out for farewell lunch tomorrow.
Have been doing lots of walking but today I'm making the most of the hot weather before I head back to cold Sydney and I'm hitting the pool. I may only walk up & down the pool but it will be a refreshing change.
Last 3 days to enjoy some peace n quiet, read my book & have someone else cook my meals but REALLY looking forward to seeing the family. Husband has done a great job cooking meals and even ironing, it's amazing what they can do when they have to ????
Dr Jalil

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