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Hii.sooo I haven't actually done the surgery yet,...

Hii.sooo I haven't actually done the surgery yet, but I went in for my consultation and it went reallyyy well. I'm nervous. I live at home with parents still and they CANNOT know about this, so I'm worried about the first 3 days. Will I be in obvious pain? Help somebody. I need to get this done asap

Just got it done today!!!!

So I just got it done and surprisingly I feel completely ok.after the surgery I went to grab a bite to eat at chipotle.i was EXTREMELY SLEEPY after so I went home n took a nap.i just wokeup with some pain, but not tooo bad, just sore like I've been doing ab workouts lol.
My stomach is making these weird noises like I'm hungry or something so I ate a banana.i can get up n walk n go up n down stairs normally.its painful, but I can handle wearing a garmet with some foam and maxi pads under for draining.i love my garmet it makes me feel skinny, I was scared it'll be uncomfortable, but I don't mind wearing it for 6 wks.ill keep you guys posted on tomorow! Oh n I'll show pics of my before :]

Oh ya forgot to mention

I forgot to tell you guys what I had done haha oops.i got my stomach and waist done.i attached a before :]


so while I was changing the pads, I looked in the mirror and my stomach was already flat !!!!!!!


In a little pain, but not too bad.i notice im in a lot more pain when laying down, so I've been walking a lot more.

Post opppp 2 days

So far obsesssed with my results.i've never had a flat stomach, till now


How do I change the "not sure" to "worth it" at the top of my profile? I've been trying to figure it out for daaays now

Day 4

I'm nauseous and I want to cry.

Is this normal

I'm swelling in the pelvic area lol gross.i read that it's normal, but I'm really paranoid because it looks nasty.anyways I'm still nauseous.and I bruised up a lot since yesterday because I bumped into a corner of the wall while walking :( funny, but not cool lol

Daaay 5

I feel goood.i stopped taking the painkiller pills, they were making me nauseous.i do have a little pain, but not that moving around at work, and everything is going far my results are ok, I'm still super swollen. I'm just glad I'm not in a massive amount of pain, and nobody can tell :} I go in for my post op on Monday, I'll post pics thenn

Day 6

Can't wait to wear a tight shirt lol

Went in for my 1 wk post op appointment

It went awessome.the dr said I'm doing great and that my body's healing perfectly.he was surprised I wasn't in too much pain, he even asked if I was taking too many painkillers hahah.he gave me a smaller it's suuuuperrrr tight! I can't wait till 5 more weeks! So excited!!

2 weeks down, 4 more to go

Can't wait to take this garmet off! The doctor said even if I'm doing really well, I should wait 6 weeks to work out because if I work out before that it'll cause me to swell.soo I'm listening to directions but I'm getting so ancy I just want my body to be perfect already

3 weeks in

So far so good


OKAAAY GUYS IM BACK.soooo, I'm not sure how many weeks it's been, I think it's been about 3 months from now, but my results look so happy seriously.when I'm standings stomach looks flat my waist looks tiny, but only problem is, when I sit down I have this my upper stomach rolls over my lower stomach? And I feel like I have this little fat right on top of my belly can't tell when I'm standing, but when I sit I look like a fat girl.has anyone had this problem?

Pics of what I'm talking about

It goes from perfection to defection.what do I do guys


I didn't get my butt done, buut I guess since my waist is smaller my ass looks collosaaaaal!!! It looks really round and bubbly lol it looks nice too when I wear fitted dresses


My stomach is flat and I'm happy. I've been trying to eat healthy but I have not been working out! The little fat above my belly button is still there but I'll tell the dr about it next time I go in to see what we can do.but my results look amazing I'm satisfied!

3 and a half months innn BUUUT

I loveeee love love my results but that little pouch above my belly is still bothering me. I thought it was me that just noticed it, but my sister noticed it and said something about it the other day can't really tell from the front, but when I'm standing to the side you can def tell I'm still a fat girl on going to post a picture, but it looks a lot more noticeable in person.tell me what I should do guys

Perfect bod

3 months in and obsessed

1:38am and taking pics for u guys lol

Sorry if I'm posting too many pictures.i don't get on here much, so just wana show results lol see, the pouch is not noticeable at alllllll, just from the side
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. And his staff are so friendly, I knew the moment I stepped foot in his office, he was the one I trusted! He answered mostly all my questions before I even asked them. I wasn't in any pain during the surgery, and to be quite honest, I was barelyy in any pain after. Thank god. Now I have the flat stomach I've been dying to have my whole life!

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