Better the Second Time

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When I was 20 I just wanted to even out my...

When I was 20 I just wanted to even out my appearance. Being 5'8 and 145lbs I always hated being bigger in my hips than my chest. I went to a doc in the Baltimore area and got what I thought were saline breast implants above the muscle.

At the time, silicone implants were still getting a bad rap and I wanted to take no chances. I was only looking for a little cleavage & went from an A to a B. Less than a year after my surgery I was blessed with my first child. I gained a ton of weight and went from a B to a D. As I lost the baby pounds I moved back to a big B usually a C.

I had the doc re-check my implants since I had gained so much weight and he advised me that although I caused a little stretching of my scars, the implants were fine. Fast forward 15years. 3 more pregnancies breastfeeding all, I finally lost all the weight. I soon realized my implants were like softballs. Hidden behind the baby fat, I had developed a severe case of capsular contracture. Not knowing this was common side effect, I did some homework then found a local plastic surgeon. He took 1 look at me and said I had stage 4 capsular contracture.

My options were to remove or remove & replace but under the muscle. I decided to go bigger since I had never had cleavage and decided to go with silicone since its known to be more natural. I obtained a copy of my old records, 150cc saline implants over the muscle? Could that be right?

I was looking at 650cc silicone implants and they were only wider not really higher than my current softballs. I figured why not and went ahead with the replacement last week. The scary thing is both my old implants had ruptured and were actually silicone...discovered during surgery. (yes the med records were wrong, obviously I was lied to)

This time the recovery was simple and unbelievably less painful then I remembered from years ago. I woke up to cleavage that I only dreamed about. I was a C and probably am a full D now. I am 1 week post op with beautifully natural feeling breasts.

My husband who has NEVER been a fan of implants especially since mine were so hard, is amazed and very happy with the results. I couldnt ask for anything better than I have and wish I had had them redone a while ago.

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