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I was so nervous and so glad surgery date is...

I was so nervous and so glad surgery date is almost over. As long as I keep pain managed with pain pump, hc, and muscle relaxers I feel fine. Sitting in recliner all day and sleeping here tonight.first time I got up and walked was awful, almost barfed, sweat terrible. Second time was a breeze and felt good to get up. I also came home with a catheter which is a blessing.

Day 2 po

Today was much better. I removed catheter and was able to go to the bathroom with no pain or burning. My husband helped me shower my legs and personal areas :) which made a huge difference. Of course Mother Nature had to visit the same week of surgery.

Dr Friedman called my husband last night at 10pm to check on me. This made me feel relieved knowing he cares about his patients enough to call so late.

In addition during my surgery I walked into the or and was calm until I laid down and started crying. He came beside my and held my hand until I was sedated. Amazing. A doctor who cares and is empathetic for their patients. This solidified my thoughts that I knew I chose the right doctor.

Today I have tried to return to a paleo diet with the exception of a few saltines with medications. I have had no nasea today.

I'm thankful that I put in physical work at crossfit over the past 8 months. Arm, leg, and butt strength have allowed to me move with little assistance and stand up putting weight on my heels.

I'm happy with my decision and progress so far!!

Less meds today....

Last night I woke up to empty my drain and forgot to squeeze bulb to create suction. So when I woke up this am the top of my underwear was wet and there was nothing in the bulb. Once I created suction fluid started draining immediately. Whoops!!
Today was better, pain leve was much better and did not take any muscle relaxers and only 3 vicodins today. Not really hungry but I juiced today so I got lots of veggies that way. Trying to stay paleo. I'm also super appreciative of my crossfit skills, leg and arm strength has made getting up much easier!! I'm also thankful that I've prepped a bunch of food for the family. They are able to eat here and not order out.
Hoping tomorrow is even easier. Planning to see Dr Friedman for first post op tomorrow (how dedicated is he coming in to see me on a Sunday).
My only question is when am I going to have my first bm?? ;)

Feeling amazing!!

Last night I woke up at about 4am and noticed the level in my drain had not changed much. There were clots in it so I you tubed how to "milk" it and woke my loving husband up for help! He has slept right beside me through this entire process. We went back to sleep and I slept great.
This morning he helped me shower. I washed my own hair and he helped shave my legs and wash my body. Ahhhhmazing! The warm water felt great and we were careful not to get my tubes or dressings wet. I was able to get myself dressed, hair brushed!! It's the little things right now ;)
Today I ate a vegan protein shake, apples, and bacon. Yes I know why vegan shake and bacon but it's so yummy!! Now I am waiting on my surgeon to call about a follow up appointment this afternoon.

I am tired from doing more this am but it feels good to feel normal. I have not had the amount of problems or pain I expected. Having twins via c section was just as bad. At least I don't have to feed anyone ;)

More before pics

From 8/19/13- crossfit, running, eating paleo - but that does not get rid of skin! You can only do so many ghd sit ups!!


Just left my first post op. I knew I shouldn't have looked. I knew it. I cried and cried the whole way home. I knew I would be swollen. I was not mentally prepared for how I would look. Bruised and swollen and awful. I think I would take physical pain over this mental anguish. This is ridiculous to feel this way. I can't stop crying. I told my husband I look the same. Of course he says I'm crazy. So here we sit on the couch, instead of a glass of wine I will drink a coconut water and pretend I'm on the beach in a bathing suit not this crazy compression thing. I think they gave me the wrong size.
I am however thankful that Dr Friedman saw me on a Sunday night for a post op. I am thankful for his caring words as I'm bawling my eyes out and his assurance that this is not the end result and everyone feels this way.
It's time to watch duck dynasty with my love and read The Hungry Games as my daughter calls it ;)

Goodbye drain!!

Soooo excited to have my drain removed today! The feeling was a little creepy but I'm so happy to have it out. 6 days of having it in was enough!

5 days post op today and I can say I'm doing better. I haven't had any pain meds since Sunday, only Tylenol. I've returned to all my preop vitamins and supplements.
I got the green light to go walking and at a fast pace. I'm going to have to use my brakes to not run. I will start slow. I will start slow.....

I noticed that swelling has gone down since Sunday. The feeling of unzipping the cg or whatever this thing is, was not as euphoric as I thought. And I actually prefer it on now. Showering this am by myself was interesting and not quick by any means. The twins were at preschool and by the time I was done, my mom was getting ready to get them and I was exhausted.

I am thankful for my mom who has been my support team through this entire process. In the beginning she wasn't supportive but then she saw the hard work I was putting into crossfit and my diet and understood my frustration for not getting into the shape I want to be in. She has been here to help with the kids and cook and clean and keep our house running smoothly.

Glad to see everyone else is healing nicely! Best wishes for everyone's recovery!

What a difference a day makes....

Hubby worked all night so it was just me and kids today, I tried to let him sleep. Got my oldest off to school, made muffins for twins, drank some tea and read books with them. We cuddled on the sofa with my husband and watched netflix. I read hunger games like it was my job today. Made lunch, read, took a nap. Hubby went to work. Started dinner, read some more. Had dinner, my daughter helped the twins shower and get ready for bed. Once everyone was in bed I got ready to shower, but realized the the hole where my drain was hasn't completely closed. They said 24 hours. So my question to those of you who have had their drains removed how long did the hole take to close?

I decided not to shower and wait until the am for more healing time. I did take advantage of the cg being off to take pictures. Here is another side view and wow, is it just me or is there a noticeable difference in swelling?? I hope it's not just me, and to think I was freaking out just a few days ago.

I'm going to keep having days like today until I have finished the series. But now a short break to watch the crossfit games on Espn ;)


Forgot photo

Better at 30!!

My goal for the last year has been better at 30 than I was at 20. At 20 I was making not so good choices so it won't be too hard! My husband says we aren't doing anything for my 30th which is in 12 days, since I just got the present if a lifetime but I think he's hiding something ;)
Today I got a little curious and tried on the dress I've been saving for my 30th. I think it looks pretty good! It feels so good to put clothes on and not worry about, will my fat be hanging out, or sticking out. I also had a lot of extra skin that I had to tuck into my pants which even though I was wearing a size 4 it was uncomfortable. I can't wait to wear my jeans and have them fit better and everything be all smooth. I always felt like everyone was looking at my flab and not me.
A little swollen today, I know I've been doing a little too much but I miss cooking. My twins helped bake chocolate chip cookies today. With this crazy rain were having they are so bored and going crazy.

Slept in my bed the past two nights, it feels like heaven!!

Hope everyone is recovering well! Love reading everyone's updates!!

More work...

Well it's true what they say, abs are made in the kitchen... And maybe with help in an or ;)
Did wayyyy too much this weekend but it felt good to get out and about. Took progress photos this am. Finally seeing a little definition on sides from some swelling going down but belly button is awful. My ps said this will go away over time and spread out so I have a more regular looking bb.
The first ps I visited said I should have a fleur de Lis style tummy tuck due to damage from being preg man with twins which causes laxity through center. But that would have left me with a long vertical scar. He recommended against it though due to my age.
I know once I get back to crossfit I will see even more improvement. And I need to rest more.
I am super happy though, this pair of underwear would not go over my flap before!
Anyone have any recommendations on a stretch mark cream? Not a huge concern just secondary ;)

2 weeks po

It's a few days past 2 weeks po but I'm feeling better and better everyday. It feels much longer than 2 weeks. Soon I can remove my tape and start scar massage. What does everyone use for scar massage? Aloe, vitamin e, cocoa butter?
Keep doing a little more than I should and swelling more but it's all good! My husband said to me the other day that my stomach was starting to look much better. ;). Which is so good to hear.

Hope everyone is healing well!!

3 weeks past feels like forever ago!!

Sooo I can't believe it's been over 3 weeks po. It feels like forever ago! I feel amazing today. I slept with out my cg last night and will again tonight. It didn't feel right at first but now it feels good! I can feel my stomach getting stronger again and can finally blow my nose, and almost sneeze. I'm able to hold my babies - who are 30#- and not feel any twinges of oops I shouldn't have done that.

I am thankful for this experience. Thankful to be halfway through recovery. Tomorrow I am going out with friends for my 30th birthday party and can't wait to go out and feel confident. Now I feel I can do anything!

3 weeks po pics

4 weeks post op

Having the blues a little bit. Still not sure if I'm completely happy with my procedure. Just need to hold out through the healing process. I know I miss the good endorphins from working out. Maybe that's why I'm feeling the blues. I figured it would be gone by now. Oh well.

Mom always said eat your carrots

Or in my case juice them.
Yesterday was a rough day emotionally and physically so I knew today had to be better. The only person who's going to make it better? Me!! Juiced 10 carrots, a lime, and a green pepper. My trainer once said to me "if the first thing you put in your body is good the rest if the day will go well"! He is absolutely right.
This week has been long. With Halloween, my twins being sick, me getting sick, getting my period... All of these are normal things which somehow become ridiculous when all combined. My dr warned me that surgery can affect your first cycle afterwards and he was right. And this cold my boys so lovingly passed on to me has had me down. Shew I can't find any energy.

Will post some pics after this swelling and bloating goes down. For now it's my juice!

What a difference a month makes

So patience has paid off and I feel like I'm finally seeing positive results from surgery. I'm feeling better and stronger. Very ready to get back to crossfit so I can get back in shape. Or better shape. Life is a constant journey all about bettering ourselves everyday. I don't regret anything but why didn't i do this a long time ago??
I have my six week appointment Tuesday. The twins will have to come with me but I imagine that with the iPad they will be good. I am ready for the green light to return to running and at minimum body weight exercises. Pull ups, push ups, air squats.... I know there is a longer period for direct ab exercises, I wonder how long that is?
Happy healing to all!!

Ready to move on

So it has been over 6 weeks since my surgery and I am soooo ready to get back to normal life. I am so done wearing this cg. But not wearing it feels weird!
Yesterday I went to crossfit, and ran 2 miles with one of the girls there. Holy moly does it feel amazing. Two miles is nothing and my legs feel a little sore today but my body is ready for sore. Tomorrow is my 6 week post op, a little late but that's ok. I'm just hoping for clearance to return to working out. Maybe just body weight stuff but I am ok with that. I just feel like I need to move. And now that my front looks better it's time to work on my butt. I know other improvements I want to make to myself I can do by diet and exercise or accepting myself the way I am.
Happy healing everyone! (Everytime I type or read this I hear in my head "happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor") smiles!!

Back to life....

Back to reality! ;) so I returned to crossfit last thurs. And here was the wod:
A)20 min amrap 5 hspu, 10 toes to bar, 15 med ball cleans with 14# med ball B) 15min amrap 5 push ups, 10 sit ups, 15 air squats. Most exercises were modified. Omg I was dying the next day. My incision was hurting not too bad, but my quads, butt, and pecs more. Taking almost seven weeks off was killer! I enjoy the pain from working out bc I know I'm doing something good for my body. I was able to return Saturday. Twice the first weekend is all I will do. I took pics this am and I can say I'm still not fully happy with the way my torso looks. Part of me wishes I had done the lipo to flanks or had him to extended Tt to pull more skin from sides and back. In my mind I still don't look smooth. I just need to be patient, wait out the full six months then decide from there. Did anyone else have this feeling afterwards? I just don't feel like I look finishes. My sides still stick out. Urgh. Maybe today is just a down day. My mirror is dirty bc my 3yo sprayed it with tide stain remover. Thanks buddy for the help!!

7 months post op

Oh my goodness I can't believe it has been seven months. It feels like it has been years.
I returned for my 6 month post op, and had to bring my twins. Not a good idea bc I still had some concerns which I wasn't able to fully address while they were behaving like ninjas.
Is there a one year post op?
So here is an updated pic of me in a bikini. Do you think I can pull it off? I am still so self conscious and have body image issues, so I don't think that surgery corrected those. We are our own worst critics.
I still think the surgery was worth it. Definitely.

Headed back for part 2`

Oh good grief! I really thought I was only going to have one procedure and be finished. However, as life is always about progress, as I continued to work out these past two years, I have started to have more loose skin. On the sides, flanks. Returning in one month to have complete circumfrential w/ some lipo. Also part of my scar revised.
I look back at my pictures I posted and I was so so skinny, with no butt. After squatting almost everyday for the past two years my body has changed. I have a butt now. Hoping this is the last time I visit Dr Friedman. I am ok with some imperfections but these ones- not so much. Will post pictures soon!
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Amazing bedside manner. I felt more comfortable with him from the moment I met him. Care and concern for my well being are his first priority.

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