Mommy Makeover Mini Tummy Tuck + 250 CC Implants 34 Year Old 5'0" 96 Pounds - Bethesda, MD

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Procedures: 1. Hernia Repair (Repair of umbilical...

1. Hernia Repair (Repair of umbilical hernia)
2. Mini Abdominoplasty (Reduction and removal of excess skin and fat from lower ab)
3. Bilateral Silicone Subpectoral Augmentation (250 cc) with Sientra moderate profile

I gained over 50 pounds during my pregnancy and had an emergency c-section in 9/2012. My pre-pregnancy weight was 102. I have lost all the weight and more by July 2013, my pre-op weight is 96 pounds. My fat percentage was 18% last checked a month ago. I wear a 32A bra pre-op and size 26 jeans or size 0-2, size 4 European. I have loose skin, a sad looking belly button, large c section scar, and lost of breast tissue and volume.

10/13/2013 Sunday - Surgery is tomorrow at 7 AM but pre-op tasks start at 6 AM. I'm very nervous about the pain however I hear that it is not severe like a C-Section. However coupled with breast implants it might be similar in discomfort. I'm very nervous but ready to resolve all issues that could not be fixed by diet or exercise.

Afternoon aftermath

Everybody was so nice and explained everything again. I sat in this amazing massage chair beforehand and it got my sore back muscles from working out. IV easy, on table chit chatting, then I'm awake! Whoa. Felt like a Mack truck hit me, medium pain 5-6/10, only felt it on ab incision, like a sting. Got my dosage of medication, pain pump, catheter, on the way home. Getting in and out of seats was like the c-section
However by time I got home, I have two mini flight stairs from car to sofa, pain was more than previously, 8/10. Went to sleep ate bread.

Took first dosage of Percocet and pain was high, 8-9 level. I forced myself to stand and walk around the living room. Slept again and I feel eons better, will try walking around again next. Drinking Adkins vanilla shake for nutrients (endure has tons of sugar), taste great. No nauseous feelings yet. Don't forget stool softener.

Third day - pain pump removal

The last two days were rough. I slept all day on the couch every time I took medication or cried while walking around in pain. I did not increase my painkillers and stuck through it. Third day I felt much better. I went for my post op check up and they removed my pain pump which was pretty easy. They unwrapped me and inspected the stomach and saw there was significant swelling still. My stomach feels numb and swollen so I didn't take too much of what I saw as the end result. The drainage tube was still left in and I could even feel it inside my stomach, which is bizarre. Also, my labia is super swollen, almost twice the size as normal, similar to after childbirth. Nurses say that is very normal and would subside on its own.

My breasts however are doing great. No bruising at all and they don't hurt one bit. I can brush my hair and teeth and pull open doors (you are not supposed to). Either the pain from the stomach overcame my chest, or it was a very seamless surgery. They look a bit "perkier" but figured they need time to settle. I may wear a camisole in the meantime.

Right now the drain is the most inconvenient part, it oozes and doesn't sit well with any undergarment. I can take showers now but I may stick to sponge or using adult wipes leftover from my c-section days since it takes another person to help dress me. More updates after everything is removed for good.

Breasts look better than I hoped

I feel no pain in my breasts and have no problems opening doors or brushing teeth and hair. I think they look great. My stomach still has a drain in it and have significant swelling so I won't post those until next week.
My pain is much better today - it's turning around for me and I even skipped a perc because I was feeling OK. I am still taking valium on time due to the muscle relaxing element. Things are looking up. I repeat, stool softener is your friend.

4th day Post Op Tummy Tuck

I feel tight, I don't feel hungry, and I feel like an overstuffed swollen sausage. After the pain pump was removed I was put into this sadistic bondage wrap (not really, it's a Marena girdle with no leg coverage) that had to be folded at the top because I'm so short. I'm surprised that though I am a pre-op size zero this girdle was a size medium. In case you want to buy one, it would be hard to know what your post-op tubby size would be.

I can feel the drainage tube against my skin that runs up my ab. It's weird and creepy. It probably doesn't like being squooshed by my bondage wraps. After the drain is removed I can't wait to move into my C-section girdle which is easier to put on.

Almost 2 weeks post op

I had my drainage tubes removed 7 days after post op and that did not hurt at all. The nurse told me to breath deeply and pop it was out. I just put neosporin on the strange hole under my incision and it will close up in a couple of days. I don't notice it anymore. I also had my clear stitches trimmed and tape changed. The tape stays on until this Friday (close to three weeks) and I can remove them and begin scar massage. It will take up to a year for it to fully be gone. I was shown breast massage exercises and I now I enjoy doing them everywhere, in bed, in the car, at work sitting at my desk. Wherever!
Pain management - I asked for a refill of Percocet but did not ask for valium. I only have one pill left and am saving it for a rainy day. I am now on one percocet a day (mid morning 3-6 am) or either at night. I tried today to go all day without and rely on tylenol but I didn't make it and had to take one tonight. I'm trying to ration my percocet, I am not sure if they would give me another bottle without reporting me to the authorities! I think I have, if I take one a day, about two weeks worth. I regret not asking for more valium as now I feel more pain/soreness/tightness in my chest and arms and ribs now than I did two weeks ago. The nurse said this was normal as I might be doing more movement and or my pain from my abs is now less noticeable. The pain in my chest feels sore, as if I worked out. I still scream when I cough, but not as loudly, so that is improvement from two weeks ago. I have to hold in my belly when laughing and don't like to stand up straight fully due to the tightness, so I just slouch a lot. I walk very slowly.

Almost 2 week post OP II

Oops, I forgot my photo update. I'm still swollen, I don't see any improvement, in fact I feel like my bondage wrap is tighter. You can see how red my ribs get from it. One nurse told me to wear the wrap for 4 weeks but another nurse was less stringent and said I could wear c section pants/spanx. I rather do the more stringent route so I will wear this 23 hours out of the day. This really limits my outfit selection for work since it bulges under my clothes. You can also see adhesive still from the previous tape, it's really hard to scrub those off. The two random tapes by the belly button are to keep some wrinkling in check - I am finding some skin is creeping over from the right, trying to cuddle my button but I am taping it away for now. After the swelling goes down I hope this resolves itself.

18 days post op - Removed tape

Stopped Percocet 16 post op and tylenol 17 days post op and now on no drugs. I asked for a refill on Valium on Tuesday because I needed it this past Monday but now I don't find myself tight anymore (did experience 1-3 spasms then). Removed the tape and inspected the incisions. Began scar massage with Bella Bee, massaging cream into scars and putting pressure on with my finger. Will need to do this until scar fades, about a year. I'm pretty happy at how they look.
My swelling has improved slightly but nothing substantial that shows in pictures. I'm still wearing the torture girdle which in combination with my tight abs, I am having difficulty eating a full meal. I get cramps in the morning from not being able to take full breaths. This has caused me to drop a couple more pounds. Tonight I will sleep in the looser velcro wrap while I am washing the other one to see if it is an improvement.

20 days post op - Scars and vertical lines

My scars are a lot less red today and I began my scar massage. I am not sure how frequently or long to perform them and will follow up at my next visit.
I also noticed these vertical lines when I lift up my arms straight up over my head. They only appear on my left breast and look like strings are underneath. They do not hurt at all, they just look creepy. I looked around on realself and they appear to be Mondor's cord which will resolve itself over time. Whew, now I'm less worried.

Coughing non-stop

I am sick this week and have serious coughs. I had a stash of cough medicine with codeine but I'm just taking half dosage more frequently, when I'm not at work. Honey with hot water helps. I'm afraid that I'm coughing myself into another hernia, but I figured that 4 weeks in my abs are pretty strong?
Boobs feel great, abs getting more sore as I cough and began picking up my 22 pound toddler couple of days ago. Abs still swollen and numb, and I still wear the wrap 23/24 hours out of the day.

10 Weeks Post Op - Scarring getting worse

The nurses say that my recovery is looking great but I am still swollen in my lower abs. I also notice that my skin is still loose and belly button is still looking not quite 100%. I may have to adjust my expectations that my skin just won't be as taut as before pregnancy. It is just two months out and I have 4 more for complete swelling to go down, so I just have to be patient. I am working out again and abs hurt afterwards to the point that coughing is painful. I tried running today and I am very slow and out of shape.
Scarring - The nurses warned me that my scarring would be at its worst now, puffy and red. I have been using the Skin Medica Scar Recovery gel that somebody else recommended on this site 1-2 times a day on both breast and ab scars. I did not tell the nurse I am taking this, and she said that that my breast scars look a lot less red than she expected, so I think it's working. I admit I don't use it as much on my stomach scar because it's less visible and the gel gets on my clothes. The scar is getting harder and thicker and I'm afraid it will go back to the thickness of my c-section scar. I have to keep rubbing it (am I not rubbing it hard enough?) and hope it goes away in a year.
Mondor's cord - They are practically gone now and the nurse couldn't even feel them.
First waxing since surgery - OUCH! I didn't unravel my incision. I consider this a success.
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