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Two days from procedure, having a combination...

Two days from procedure, having a combination lower facelift and laser liposuction to abs and flanks. Went in looking for facelift and once I decided to use general anesthesia decided to add liposuction as well. Until I turned around 40 I was always thin (5'7", size 8 to 10). Over the last ten years, however, my body composition has changed dramatically. I gained a lot of weight (40-50 pounds) during a short marriage (1996-2011 -- I call it my bad marriage weight). I've lost 30 pounds and would like to lose 20 more (gone from size 16/18 to 12 and 20 more would put me back in a 10/12).

My primary issue is that none of the weight is coming off of my midsection. My boobs and butt are smaller (boo) but am not losing fat off my belly. I wear super firm shape wear everyday, even on the weekends because I feel so self conscious about my belly. I don't go out much so haven't been on many dates - but I would like to feel good about having someone see my body.

I'll update here with body photos and will also have a review on my facelift as well.

Day 3 post op

Took a shower yesterday but forgot to take photos. Here is three days post op in compression garment. Planning a shower tomorrow and will take photos. Super swollen and have foam in my garment butI can already see my new shape easily.

Swelling bruising numbness 4 days post

Slept through the night - I'm a stomach sleeper so sleeping on my back using a wedge pillow has been a challenge. I found it helps to put a pillow under one side
Drainage stopped after about 36 hours. Woke up this morning feeling not as tight. Bruising as expected. Soreness is primarily in my low back but I still have a lot of numbness.
Luckily from this site I know that it can take weeks for swelling to go down and skin to tighten. Dr said he removed 3 liters of fat just from abs and flanks

One week post - lots of swelling

My doctors goal was to make sure he left enough fat for me to look natural and womanly. At one week I was worried about the size of my hips versus my waist. I didn't really appreciate how much swelling I still had. A lot of swelling in my back as well.

Pain felt like a sunburn - in that if I sat still for a while, I'd forget and then I'd move and it would hurt. I've been using arnica gel twice a day on the bruising.

Two weeks post swelling down

I understand that it can take 6 weeks to three months or longer to finally see lipo results. If that is the case, then already at two weeks I can tell that I am going to be a happy happy camper.

My biggest hangup was not having any waist. I wear a 12 but probably had a size 16 waist - I wore spanx or equivalent every day even on the weekends to try to look decent even in t shirts. I've lost some weight to get where I am now and the midsection wasn't budging. I'm currently going through menopause and I blame hormones for this. Anyway, I tried on some summer dresses that I could wear with spanx but still tight around the middle - wearable but not cute. They look great already - waist fits and the dress hangs properly in the front. Very excited to see where I end up.

Maybe need a TT? Dr. Shlomo Widder?

I know it's been a while since I posted - I decided to let my body heal for a year and a half before I decided what to do about it. I look fine in clothes and my boyfriend is cool with how I look, but my waist is bigger than my size - if that makes sense - I wear a 12 but unless the dress is stretchy (and I mostly wear dresses these days) I can't zip it around my waist. So my goal was basically to get my waist size down to a size 12 dress, I feel comfortable at 50 wearing a size 12. My previous PS, Dr. Jabs is awesome and I cannot recommend his facial PS skills enough - worth every penny.

I just had a consult for a revision liposuction to remove the rolls on my stomach/reduce flanks (Dr. Widder in VA) and he advised me that I needed a tummy tuck rather than liposuction. I consulted with him because his posted results are amazing - and the only negative reviews on RealSelf are related to interaction with his staff - which is very personal.

(An aside - when I went into my consult today, I did get a comment from Dr. Widder that I looked good for 50. I gave Dr. Jabs credit and Dr. Widder then proceeded to point out one area in which my procedure could have been improved... probably not necessary since I was there to talk about my stomach, so hello hit to self esteem - but isn't that what visits to PS's are for?)

But Dr. Jabs is admittedly conservative re: lipo so I thought I would consult with a different PS. (Note at this point, I had Dr. Jabs lipo my abs and flanks while I was out for my facelift (a different post) and then had separate round of lipo to saddlebags, inner thighs and "bingo wings" about six months later.

So Dr. Widder takes a look at me and says I need a TT - and if the TT doesn't address my issues, then he would do a lipo procedure. I get what he's saying. His website is all about the perfectly flat stomach and that doesn't happen if you just lipo over a loose stomach. (Plus he talked about the difficulty of lipo with loose skin - best I could understand it's like trying to clean off the inside of a deflated balloon, too much movement so you don't get smooth results.)

Made a lot of sense, and I'm on board. However, he quoted me $11,700 for general anesthesia and 4 1/2 of surgery - which is crazy high. Would like any input you have on Dr. Widder (he's got 5 stars on RS but not a lot of people who have posted photos, so I wonder if he is paying on reviewers? Not to be cynical but 29 years in practice?) and the price. The posted prices in 2015 were $7,500 for a TT, there are a couple of reviews with $9K and $10K prices and I am trying to figure out what my particular disfigurement is that I am getting a $11,700 quote?

So RS'ers - help me out here. Are Dr. Widder's reviews real (and I've sent PMs to everyone who posted a review for a TT) and what should I expect as far as pricing?

So now I'm thinking
Dr. A. Dean Jabs

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