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So, I had a baby by C-section and despite my daily...

So, I had a baby by C-section and despite my daily clean diet and consistent exercise, my C-section pouch wouldn't go away. I decided that I owed it to myself to get this done. I had pain ever since day 1 (day 1 being the day that I had the procedure done). The pain that I had then was similar to the pain that I had after my c-section. Around day 4/5, the nerve pain kicked it and boy was it horrible!! Day 7 was the worst and I hope I'm not prematurely saying this but so far, day 8 has been pretty wonderful in comparison. Yay! I'll update as the days go on...


I probably should not have written my review at the height of my pain, but I suppose my high pain inspired me to do so. Plus, I was in bed, not doing anything else which is rare. I wanted to add that from the beginning of this process, the PA that did my procedure as well as the staff had been really supportive and super concerned about my comfort. We talked (me and someone at office) for the next few days after my procedure and I was given pain medication due to my excruciating pain however it certainly wasn't their first resort. We are thinking that my previous surgeries may have left scar tissue that made this a bit more painful for me.

Pain update- yesterday, was not as bad as the infamous day 7, but I did still have the nerve pain as well as the site pain. I'd say it felt like a pretty even balance of both. I'm glad I didn't know about this pain ahead of time because I really wanted to get this done. I'm already thinking of the sites I'd like to have done next if this works... humph. Pretty hurts. Haha!

By the way, I will add before and after photos once I have after photos.

One week later...

...the pain is about as annoying as minor menstrual cramps now. Yay! I think I've made it through the worst of the worst. Not sure if I'd do same part of body again as it was super painful and debilitating BUT I am thinking about doing other parts of my body already. :)

Now I'm just waiting for results!!

Annoying but better...

Pain was annoying like miserable cramp pain and in one spot, piercing. I was able to rub the spot and calm it down a bit. I think things are getting better. I'm still swollen but I've read that's okay and actually a good thing. I never imagined this process would've been so painful and couldn't have went back to work afterwards. I'm hoping other places on the body do not hurt like this. I have a high tolerance to pain too! :(

Still annoying......

...but doable. I am one week and two days in. I have about one piercing nerve left dancing near my belly button. It's pretty annoying and I wanna put on sweats but at least I feel I'm making it to the finish line. I'm taking Tylenol now to help with pain and using Arnica gel. I'm not sure if either are working. I'm still interested in getting more parts done even if this is painful as long as this works so that should say something about the process.

I finally feel normal!

Well, not 100% normal but like a part of society. I could have gone out and enjoyed myself today. Thank you. Although the time after sucks, I can do this again knowing there's an end to the pain. I also feel my swelling is going down and I'm getting feeling back. Yay! I hope to start sharing after pictures in about a week and a half.

I feel normal again!!

So, 3 days back, I started feeling pretty good. I could've gone out into the world like a regular citizen. Haha. 2 days back, I was feeling pretty awesome. Both of those days, however, I did have tenderness only. Yesterday and today, I feel normal. In fact, I exercised for first time 2 days ago and ran a lot of errands yesterday. Today, I only have slight tenderness if my toddler jumps on my belly. The swelling has also gone down complexly I believe and after being severely swollen so long, it feels like I'm seeing a difference but I'm sure it's the difference of the swelling back down to my regular size. Now, I'm just waiting for results...... :)
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Amy Waters - PA-C

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