33 Years Old 5'5" 113lbs bwd 13.1

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My goal is to look natural. I am from a pretty...

My goal is to look natural. I am from a pretty conservative area and I definitely don't want to stand out. I just want to feel confident with how I look. I was happy with my B cup before I had kids but now I am at an A cup and I am just not happy with the way I look. I hope to be a full C borderline D.

Surgery date set! Deposit down!!

Well yesterday my husband and I dropped $500 on my deposit! It's pretty exciting, I can't wait to have it done. This will probably be the longest month of my life! Jan 28th is the big day at 7:30am!

Mama's getting new boobies!

I've had three children all breastfed and under the age of five. They have completely shrunk and I am an A cup coming from a full B normally. When I breastfed I was a full C/D depending on the bra and I loved my size. Hoping to get to that size again!

Date set

What do I need to do to get prepared for surgery in a month? Any advice?

33 Years Old 5'5" 113 lbs (Natrelle Inspira Moderate 345) Three kids all breastfed.

Now Im scared, I have a one year old. I will have a few days off but can I really not pick him up for weeks? I remember asking and they said I should use my arms but I will be ok.

Trying on sizers at home

Just trying on sizers at home both the 350 and 375 are so similar that I personally would probably go with the 375 if someone put a gun to my head and made me decide now lol but in so many pictures 375 tends to look too big to me. Personally. With clothes and a sweater on it looks fine.
I just asked a question to the dr.'s but I thought I would throw it out there to you ladies and you might have an answer for me since Im sure many of you have asked your doctor this exact question.
My BWD is 13.1
Natrelle Inspira 345 diameter is 12.50
And 375 is 13.00
Which one would you choose?
Please dont tell me go with the bigger one bc bigger is better I just want to know in comparison to my 13.1 size which one do most people get?
Ohh and I go to my pre-op appointment next week so I'll ask again but just so curious!

Pre-op appointment done!

I went to my pre-op appointment last week and all went well. I had the doctor re-measure me just to be on the safe side and I am 13.1 bwd. I chose Natrelle Inspira SRM moderate profile 360. I am really excited but getting a little nervous as this is a selfish surgery. I am praying that all goes well and I will be more confident with myself in the end. Send me a prayer!

Had my surgery

Everything went really well. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes! I am so tired, waiting for my husband to bring me up some food. I just keep sleeping but no nausea!

More photos from first day

I am high and it feels very tight like I am engorged and need to pump immediately. I have been sleeping all day and my throat hurts a little from the tube.

Day 5 post op

Still high and painful but in love

3 weeks post op

I've pretty much completely recovered. They don't hurt at all and at the three week mark I was able to sleep on my stomach again. One breast my left breast has not completely dropped yet but we are going to give it some time to let it drop. If it doesn't drop in the next few months my dr is going to re-open the incision and see if it is attached to any fibers but I don't think that will be necessary as it has been dropping a little more in the past week or two. I am so happy with them and I feel so confident naked now! I was measured at Victoria's Secret as a 32 DD and I tried a 32C bra on at target and it fit well but that was two weeks ago. I love them! Very happy!

Not happy 7 months post surgery

My left breast looks great to me but my left breast looks so high and abnormal to me. What the heck happened? They were looking great for awhile and now this?! I went back to the dr and showed him. He said that my left breast did not hold onto the tissue well so it dropped. What should I do Dr.'s??? I need help, guidance please!
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