38 Year Old, 144 Lbs 5'5" Tummy Tuck with Flank Lips - Bethesda, MD

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Very excited, that's about all I can say!!!!! I'm...

Very excited, that's about all I can say!!!!! I'm nervous for the procedure and the days that follow but I know if I can get through that, I'll be good to go. I've been waiting for this for a very very long time. My midsection is the one part of my body that makes me so self conscious and it has affected my sec life with my hubby, and self confidence.

I did it!

So today is day 6. I am sorry I didn't post more often but between the pain meds, my 4 kids, 2 dogs and wonderful hubby, I was really trying to get some peace and quiet anytime I could.

So let's start with the office visit. His whole team was wonderful. They were caring, compassionate, funny when appropriate (lifted my spirits) and overall a great group. Dr T came in and spoke with my husband - who, by the way, had not yet met him - and even my hubby liked him. I was nervous as hell but they kept me busy the whole time and calmed my nerves. Next thing I knew I was waking up with my husband by my side. I wouldn't let him take any photos (sorry!) off to the house we went.

Some pics from the last few days

Getting better by the day

With each passing day I am so happy I did this. Ok. That being said. I tried to go without pain pills today and that was a mistake. Not a huge one, but I did need a half dose to get out of bed. With no one here to help it was really difficult to get up and around. Still no shower. Yep. Since last Tuesday. My Girl Scout camping skills kicked in and I feel pretty good about my cleansing habits. I just called about the incision tape having fallen off and they said tit was fine And not to out anything on it until he has looked at it. Evetything looks pretty good to me so that works! (Even though I am WELL prepared with the scar therapy, cocoa butter, coconut oil, you name it.) but not until he give me the green light. Oh and the belly button tape fell off and it's so cute!!!!!! Pics don't do it justice. I am just over try moon happy with this procedure and Dr Tattelbaums staff has been wonderful wonderful wonderful. Can't want to post more pictures!

Day 7

I was just looking at the pre op pics of myself and I can't believe I did this!! So happy!! My stings have feels really tight but not painful. The drain is irritating in that if it hits something it stings a little but nothing crazy. I go in tomato for my first post op appointment and am excited to see what he has to say. I will tell you that sleeping comport ably was an issue last night.... I had been using a wedge pillow system which I HIGHLY recommend. I took it off thinking I would try laying on my side but nooooooooope. That didn't work. Went right back to my pillow. Here it is if you're interested.

2 weeks PO

Let me first start by saying I LOVE my tummy tuck. Like many others here, I wish I had someone it sooner. That said I have had some trouble with the pain meds - Vicodin makes me feel wired plus no pain so o end up feeling WORSE when it wears off. Tylenol isn't helping either. I go back to Dr T tomorrow so I'll see if I can get something else. Yesterday the skin on my belly started to burn. I guess it's the sensation coming back because it WAS numb. Not it hurts so bad!! But oh my gosh I look in the mirror every day and am SO SO SO happy!!! He did such an excellent job and his staff has been super supportive and helpful. Yay!! I know it will all be worth it.


Also I'm down 6 lbs even with all the swelling. Back in the 130's finally! Whoop whoop!!

Still a little bent over, but who cares! :-)

Had my 2 week check up yesterday. Last week I went back to work (probably a little too early) but I had a couple days where the swelling and sharp, sudden pains were brutal. Can't take pain meds because of work and because they make me feel superhuman so I end up doing too much and alas, the end of each day is worse than the one before. So I had stopped taking pain meds except right before bed, which suited me much better. Now I know my limits at least and will back off on the activity if I'm starting to feel worse. Dr T says everything I'm feeling is normal, and might get worse before it gets better. Ladies don't go back to work too early. Take the time for YOU. I wish now I had taken 3 weeks off. The world will not end with you not there. It is so worth it and helps in the long run! At any rate, I ended up putting the Vicodin away for a really bad day and now have Tylenol 3. Took 2 yesterday and it was like the perfect balance. Didn't make me feel drowsy or wired, yet took the edge off the pain. Today I feel great. I'm still pretty bent, especially at night, but look at these pics!! Love my new self. I'm still
Pretty swollen too so every day there's an improvement (and a new pain here and there but I can deal.) happy healing!! It's so worth it!!!

Long overdue update!

So I am now almost 16 weeks PO and I feel great. Hubby, kids and I just took a much needed vacay to Hawaii and I felt confident enough to post a bathing suit pic! Woo hoo! For those of you planning this procedure, or thinking about it, absolutely GO FOR IT! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I honestly thought the recovery took forever but looking back it wasn't bad at all!
So A few things I wish I would have known before surgery.
1. The swelling is rough. It didn't look so bad as it felt. Very tight. There was one day that I thought I was going to pop. It has SO much to do with diet. Everyone is different of course, but for me that was the longest lasting irritation. I still swell if I have too much sodium (even movie popcorn makes me miserable.)
2. My clothes wouldn't fit. And not in a good way. So due to the hip swelling, my clothes would feel tight and actually hurt, especially the ones that didn't "give." I did not gain any weight. In fact, the first month I was 10 lbs lighter than I was pre-op, but I know a lot of that was because I really didn't feel all that great and didn't
Go out to eat as much as I usually do. I'm now 7 lbs lighter than pre-op and have been that way since around week 6 I think. So pretty steady. My general rule was if it didn't fit in the morning with the binder ON, I wouldn't Chance wearing it and being miserable later when I would swell.
3. Invest in a comfortable wedge pillow for your bed. I used this through the 5th week and it was super helpful. Otherwise I felt really stretched and tight. Not comfortable while sleeping.
I attached some pics to show how things are going. Love my flat belly!!!!!
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