33 Years, 8 Years Old Implants, Before 32 A-AA Tuberous, Removal and Mastopexy - Besancon, France

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First of all, I would like to thank all the brave...

First of all, I would like to thank all the brave women on realself for sharing their stories. It helped me a lot. So it's my turn to share mine.

So here is my story :
8 years ago, after my second child birth I was left with small, deflated and slightly tuberous breast (huge areolas, constricted breast, assymetry...)
First set of implant were put in 2006. PIP - too big and uncomfortable. I don't remember the size and I don't have any pictures. I hated them from day 1, and my husband didn't like them as well. I tried to hide them. I just wanted to feel normal, and I looked like a porn star, with huge boobies (for my frame).

After PIP scandal, I changed them for smaller implants in 2012 - Cereplast 200cc.
Much better, more natural compared to the previous one. But I had lost all my sensations in the nipple, and they were just not me. Too round, too fake. I have been thinking about explant for years, but I didn't dare in 2012, so I put smaller implants. In 2013 I had my third baby, breastfed for 3.5 months, and I started to consider removal since January 2015. Of course, I was super scared about the result, but I couldn't live with these plastic bags inside me anymore. Moreover, I could see and feel the rippling on the side of the boobs, and it was very uncomfortable to exercise, because the right one was squeaking along my ribs (it might sounds weird, but I cannot describe this strange feeling).

They went out on July 2015. I also asked for a mastopexy, because I couldn't go back to original design ! I had general anesthesia, and I went back home 5-6 hours after surgery. I didn't have drains, but a compressive bandage for 3 days.

I'm happy to be implant free, but it is sometimes hard to be flat as a board again (after all, my implants have been a part of myself for 8 years). My husband didn't see them, and won't see them before 2 months postop, because he is working far away from me. I hope he will like me with my super small frankenstein boobies ! Because I'm smaller than before BA ! And I don't expect any fluff. Honestly, I thought I would have more beautiful breasts, such as some women here, but there was so little breast tissue left... He did his best with what I had.

After 3 weeks, the scars are still red and tender, and I don't like the shape of the areolas (sad looking and maybe still too big). I can't wear any bra for now because of the scar (and all bras are too big for me). Do you think the shape of the areolas (especially the right one, the bigger one) could be/should be improved ? The lower part of my breasts (along the vertical scar) is still hard. It might be an oedema. I will keep you up dated.

One month update

Hello ! I am now implant free since one month ! I feel very good ! It's so good not to have foreign objects inside me !

I realize now that what was bothering me with my breasts was not the size, but the shape. Of course they are very very small now (smaller than before because of the lift, and because I breastfed my third baby). They are also a little bit uneven. Sometimes I feel a little bit self conscious, but most of the time I'm happy. My husband has not seen them yet, because he is in Africa for job. I hope he will find me attractive !

The only things that bothers me are the scars. They are still red, and I can't wait for them to fade ! And also I have a scab under the left breast that doesn't want to heal. They other day, the scab fell and I could see some thread (it was supposed to be resorbable, but it took longer that usual to dissolve).

I saw the surgeon this morning, and it told me that it was a local necrosis that would heal by itself. I forgot to ask him when I would be able to do sport again (I love swimming, but I won't go to the swimming until my scab is completely healed). When did you start to exercise again ?

I asked to my surgeon this morning about fat transfer (I would like to have a more rounded shape, about 50cc more), and he told me that I don't have a lot of fat. He could harvest maybe 300cc max from my love handles and tights. And put around 200cc in the breasts. He could do that under local, so that would be great. Maybe I will think about that for next year. But I want to give time to my breasts to heal first. And I like my little love handles, so...

Eight months up date - Do NOT put corticoid cream on scars !!!

Here is my eight months update. I'm feeling down. I won't lie. I hate my breasts, but I love being implants free. After my first month review I went to my dermatologist for a mole checkup, and I showed her my scars. She found them a little hard an swollen, and told me to put corticoid cream for 21 days. That was supposed to help flatten the scars. BUT, one of the side effect is that if it actually flatten the scars, it enlarges them.

So now I have very large scars, uneven breasts, oblong nipples, and I feel depressed. I absolutely do not want to reimplant, and my husband is not supportive. I tried to talk to him about fat transfer, but he doesn't want to hear from my breasts problems anymore. He says that I had bothered him too much with that.

And I must confess that I am a little bit scared about fat transfer (lumps, fat necrosis, fat disappearance...). And I don't have the money for doing that now. I don't mind being small at all, but I hate the shape of my breasts. The left has some kind of small folds along the scar, and is almost non existent.

Fortunately, my kids keep my mind busy !

Quick update 10 months postop

Hi ladies, next week will be my 10 months post op mark !
While I am still happy I explanted, my scars and the shape of my areolas still bother me.
I wish I never had followed the advice of my dermatologist when I was one month post op ! Thanks to her, I have huge and wide scars.
Now I need a scar revision to make the scars thinner.

Do you know when it is better to do a scar revision ? The sooner, the better ? Or no ? And also what is the best method when you have hypertrophic scars ? Dissolvable stiches or regular ones ? I started yesterday to put some castor oil on my scars, following the advises of a real friend ! I hope it will help !

My implants were put in twice through armpit (same incision twice) and are barely noticable. So I know that it is because this damned cream recommended by the dermatologist ! I will see an other dermatologist this summer, to have a second opinion. I hope that it won't be too expensive because one my client has difficulties to oay me for a job done two years ago, and I was relying on that money to perform the scar revision.

I know that my scars won't become thinner, but I am taking any advises to make them fade !

And also, do you know /practise any exercises that can improve the shape of the breasts ?

Thank you for your support lovely ladies !
Dr Dominique Garnier

He performed my first BA, the revision and then the explant. Did not try to convince me that I would be unhappy with explant.

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