Extra Petite -4'11/36kg/34y.o/Silicone L-215cc/R-180cc/No Child- Berlin, Germany

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Hi, this site has been a great source of info for...

Hi, this site has been a great source of info for all of us contemplating/undergoing operation like Breast Augmentation so the least I can do to give back to the community is share my experience.

First of all, I like myself and how I am and I even am ok with my tiny totally asymmetric breasts for a long time. But I would always use silicone padding for my left breast so it would even out on the right breast and fit my 32A bras. However at some point, I just realised, I had enough of it and wanted it fixed once and for all. I only want a relative symmetry and not at all aiming for big breasts. So as agreed with my Surgeon, he placed 180cc on my smaller left breast and 215cc on my bigger right breast.

I thought a lot of women has gone through it and it's almost a common procedure nowadays. What I wasn't prepared for was the pain. Oh the pain…

It's my second day post-operation today and apart from the pain, I am also concerned that maybe there are a lot of serotoma fluid coming out of me that I should be worried about.

Before and after

2 hours after operation

When I woke up from operation I was a little disoriented and even told the nurse to pinch me again so I'm sure I'm really awake ????

6hours After Operation.

Pain starting to really kick in and they were swelling and expanding like crazy.

16 Hours After Operation

They look terrible and I feel like my breast just want to break free and walk out! They swell gradually from Operation time till the evening. And they hurt like hell.

27 hours After OP

Still very weak to Walk and do anything. I feel like whenever I am standing, the would would Break Open. The swellness reduced a bit though.

I stayed 2 Nights in the clinic because my serotoma fluid was just way too much and I was weak all the time.

Today the Doctor took out the drain tube on my right breast because there's not much fluid coming from there. But on my left breast, there's still a lot. Although I think I displaced the tube inside my breast that it's causing me a lot of discomfort and pain so the doctor decided to just take it out as well.

3Days/ 73hours after Operation.

Last night for the first time I felt that slicing unbearable pain on my left breast. I cant help but cry and that worsened the pain as even breathing causes that cutting sensation to my left breast. I was in panic because I am just alone at home. I waited a while and tried all my might to get to the ref to get icepack and popped a pain killer. I was so scared and waited till this morning to call the doctor. When he called me back I was in unbearable pain again I couldn't really explain myself and was just crying. He said it's normal pain. But oh goodness I feel I'll pass out. Right now it has calmed down. I'm just afraid when it comes again and I am alone at home, I'll really pass out. Is this a normal kind of pain really? Like some tiny person inside my breast just gone mad and started slicing everything inside kind of pain. :(

As for how my breast look, I think they look normal, swollen but nothing else abnormal I guess.

4th day/ 102hrs post operation.

Occasional pain, mainly in the left breast. Specially when I got up this morning. Sometimes pain is even so unbearable. I thought it might be because of the band, but even removing the band, I still feel that strong pain on the side of my left breast. Right breast doesn't really hurt.

Size wise, I think the right breast is still larger than the left. Doctor placed 180cc in the right breast and only 215cc in the left, although we agreed/discussed that he will place 220cc in the left. I hope the symmetry will still improve.

4th day/ 102hrs post operation.

Here's a photo to accompany the update above. I can seem to edit or add anything to each post. ????

5th and 6th day photos

Left breast has that weird shape and bump on the upper middle. Hopefully it will get in better form? Left looks so fake...

Other than that, I feel I am healing normally. Not as fast like others as I read from some reviews in here but definitely getting better each day. Left breast under armpit still hurts from time to time. Arm movements and reaching out for stuff are better. I can already carefully reach for things from cupboards and shower without fuss.

I tried that swimwear today. Breast are still stiff and no cleavage. *Sad. But I don't really have high hopes for cleavage as my original breasts are too flat.

Expectations vs Reality

The thing about healing a breast augmentation is that you get obsessed of how your breasts are going to really look like when they finally settle. So I continue to scour this website to see how others are healing and continue to watch out for any anomalies on mine.

Jessica Alba's breasts are my wishboobs! Very moderate and not too much to ask I hope!

Result after 1 month

So after 1 month, swelling has subsided. My breasts have dropped in a better form. Left breast is still slightly higher than the right. I'm happy with the size, just right for my frame. I am aiming for a decent and looking quite natural look. No more pain, except for my nipples still always feeling tender and very perky.

I can feel some rippling on the side and it bothers me whenever I touch my breats. However it doesn't really show, I can just feel it. Along the incision, I can feel it's quite hard. Is this normal?

I am also worried about how I will make the scars look barely noticeable.

All in all I am pretty satisfied.
Dr. Niklas Noack

I am so very happy with my choice of Surgeon. His fees are on a high side but he knows exactly his stuff and he takes time to really be there for his patient from consultation through procedure and PO consultations. All in all I have a peace of mind knowing I have such a competent doctor. I also really really appreciate the nurses at Schlosspark-Klinik who looked after me very well. They are very professional, competent and genuinely caring.

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