Lazy Droopy Eye After Botox on the Side of Eyebrow Incl. Haematoma - Berlin, Germany

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What a nightmare. I had Botox don once before to...

What a nightmare. I had Botox don once before to lift my eyebrows a little. I had no problems so I went back to the same center, but another doctor. When he injected in the left temple area near the eyebrow he obviously hit a vessel and a haematoma started spreading like eye shadow below the eyebrow. How can you even hit a blood vessel in the thin-skinned fatfree area? You can see themunder the skin. Maybe he injected too deep. But I knew haematomas happen and they fade after 1-2 weeks and there is make-up, so wasn't too worried. 5 days later my left eye is half closed. I can feel that the levator muscle is moving much more feebly than in the other eye. It's horrible, I don't remember anyone ever told me Botox can migrate! A lazy eye is my worst nightmare! I had ptosis surgery 3 years ago which was an ordeal, too, because of overcorrection and a collapsing "good" eye, that had eventually be operated, too. (latent ptosis of the dominant eye). And know I'm going again through this hell and I didn't see it coming! People at work notice it and look at me funny, but I can't bring myself to explain it, because I'm embarressed to admit to Botox. I saw an opthamologist because I wanted eye drops, but he refused. I'm in France, btw, but Apraclonidine should be available here as well. Tomorrow I'll see an esthetic physician and I hope he will give me a prescription for eye drops. I want at least to tr something!!! I hope the effect starts wearing off soon. will never go to this physiscian again - this shouldn't have happened. Botox is not like hyaluronic acid. It's a powerful toxine and cannot be reversed. If your doctor is incompetent or maybe just doesn't give a damn it's playing Russian roulette!

after 2 weeks - no improvement

I'm cursed with the droopy eye for 2 weeks now. Even though my eyes have accomodated a bit to the situation and I try to make it look less crazy with make up and glue - all together it's still horrible. At work I told everybody I had an allergic reaction to some insect that flew into my eye. No idea if they believe it, but I'm not admitting to Botox. I contacted the beauty center where this doctor (who looked like a janitor) mess up my face. I was asked to send an email to a generic customer service adress. No response. I want my money back because no one explained this risk to me. I'm doing nothing besides going to work and spend the weekends at home. My life is on hold. The most optimistic estimates for the dropy eye to disappear are 3-4 weeks. I wish that will be true and I have only 1 or 2 weeks more to suffer. I hope for the 1st of April - no joke! What an ordeal.

after 3 weeks - almost no improvement

No it's been 3 weeks and the paralysis hasn't improved. The only little improvement is due to the eyes trying to adapt to the situation. I'm soooo angry. It's the weekend and I cannot do anything but stay at home and cry and scream and throw fits. This "doctor" treated me with no care whatsoever. This could have been avoided - he could have stopped the hematoma from spreading all over my lid. I was promised my money back after several emails and calls. This is at least something. Once I have the money I will demand an apology by this incompetent blunderer. He messes around for a few seconds and takes weeks of my life away. Who knows how long I will have to wait to get rid of this Quasimodo eye. Maybe 3 months. It's unbelievable. I cannot believe how unlucky I am. This is unreal. It's almost as if life is a bad joke and it's not worth it to give a shit. I'm sure there are people who killed themselves after having this happening to them. Which I won't do. But one has to realize what it means for someone who cares enough about his or her appearance to spend hundreds of euros or dollars and such a procedure and then comes out with a dysfunctional face. It's like expecting a hug and get punched on the nose instead. It really is a major blow.

after 4 weeks - some improvement

So even though noone seems to care about my review I'll still add another update today. Now after 4 weeks have passed since my left eye lid collapsed the situation has improved so far that it looks like a run of the mill lazy eye and not like something happened. It's still annoying and the left lid is hanging 2mm lower but with make up it can be made look fairly okay. Also when I'm out on the street and look around I don't get this "omg, my eye is squinty" feeling. So, let me say this - for me after 4 weeks the worst is over. I feel like I look rather normal. i still cannot wait for my eye to get back to the normal shape. Eyes are the most important facial feature and if somethings wrong with them it will significantly affect how you feel and how you interact with people. So f*ck this loser who messed me up within a few seconds. I did what I could to defend my rights, wrote complaints, demanded a refund (which was approved of but I haven't receibed any money yet). Good luck to anyone who reads this review and is going through this hell. Stay positive and take care of yourself!
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